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  1. Yes, the GM205MAR have a thicker, harder cup than the 205s. As others have said, save the GM205MAR for other guns or rifles. You shouldn't have any trouble trading them either to someone who needs them for an AR. I've used plenty of regular SRP in handguns and they work fine.
  2. Just started reading "Mental Training In Shooting" by Anne Grethe Jeppesen and Anne Marte Pensgaard. https://www.creedmoorsports.com/product/mental-training-in-shooting/Books
  3. N320 is a great powder and very close to TG and even cleaner burning. Just much more expensive and harder to find. Adam
  4. I have been re-listening to a bunch of the podcasts from Brian Litz and Emil Praslick and if I remember correctly, the biggest thing they said to concentrate on, as it brings the biggest changes to velocity etc, is the powder charge.
  5. If you were closer, I would happily trade you for some other SPP
  6. I've used N320 very successfully. Its just way more expensive, but cleaner
  7. I spoke with Volquartsen a while ago about mounting one of the comps they make for their uppers for Ruger 22's on my smith 41 and was told it would work. The reason i was looking at those is they designed the comp to be able to be cleaned easily and make a tool for it. I'm still waiting for a response back about having the part adapted, but that might also be worth a look. Adam
  8. Good evening, I'm hopeful that everyone might be able to identify this magazine. I know its for a 45 and its a S&W factory mag. I think its for a 4506, but dont know. Thanks for the help. Adam https://imgur.com/Q8dmKZz https://imgur.com/LOl4RMR https://imgur.com/lilM8qw https://imgur.com/05mlqhN
  9. Single action only is perfectly fine in limited. In fact, it would be my guess more than 80% of the guns you would see in limited are 2011s and therefor single action only.
  10. What Guy said was my understanding too
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