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  1. I didn't know if I should start a new topic or not, but I am getting multiple notifications of new messages again. This time it seems to be only certain messages, but no pattern. Has only been happening since last night.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I have some of the same ideas. I live in an area with a bunch of neighbors and have had issues with people trying the security of our wireless network, so I think wired would be the way to go for me. Just curious, if you aren't using a service like Ring or such,how are you able to monitor things via the internet?
  3. First, remember that NY and NYC are two totally different worlds. I will only reference NY. FFLs in NY are allowed to receive hi caps. You can ship hi caps to NY but unless you can prove you are legally allowed to have them, ie. active leo or military, you wont be able to get them. Otherwise, thanks to the SAFE ACT, civilians can's have any hi caps, preban or not.
  4. I have also been looking at something like this. I found some good info, I guess at the security camera warehouse website. They help give you an idea of what you may want etc. BTW, I have no affiliation.
  5. IMHO, that is a bit of a non-answer answer. You asked about how to petition something and the response is how they are looking into making it easier to print our own copies? Not how to actually petition the board as you asked.
  6. galt11

    Shadow comparison

    I was finally able to find a shop somewhat local to me that had a Shadow 2 in stock. I was very impressed and this one had a great trigger from the factory. They also had one version of the 75 tactical, so I was able to do a bit on comparison between the 1 vs 2. Now I haven't been able to fire either so this is just based on handling the two, but I noticed on the 2 the wider beavertail rubbed on one of the knuckles of my thumb whereas the narrower beavertail of the 1 didn't. To those that have either fired or owned both, do you have this issue? Is it something you notice when shooting or am I just noticing it because I am not firing any rounds? I realize anatomy is different for everyone, but... Hopefully I will be able to find some versions of both the 1 and 2 Shadows this coming season to be able to live fire,but for now this will have to stoke the flame. Thanks
  7. galt11

    Zero R185

    I have used quite a number of the JHPs that look like the Noslers, in a Gen4 G30 for GSSF and never really had any feeding issues if you didnt limp wrist the gun. If you are interested, I can send you the load data we worked up.
  8. In addition to the process you described, put a line of the 290 on one side of the sight between where the bottom of the sight meets the slide in the cutout, turn the slide so that the side with the loctite is facing straight up and let it work its way under the sight, believe me it works. That way it accomplishes the same as the Dawson instructions. It works.
  9. IIRC the loctite that is included with most Dawson sights is one of the red flavors, which are high temp and stress, and are hard to remove. After a long phone call with Loctite, I started using 290, a green wicking threadlocker. Supposedly it allows you to move the sight even after it has cured and it "re-locks?" and its strength and temp range is above blue. Sorry but most of this is out of memory, feel free to double check me. That it is wicking will allow you to set the sight and then apply the locite. I have used it for many many sights, as I have a sight tool and do most of the sights for shooting friends, with great success, ie. no movement.
  10. Like pjb45 said and someone earlier made this suggestion about certified range staff either being sent a rule book or allowing them to request a printed copy and I think that idea does have some merit.
  11. The main part is an AR rear sling swivel.
  12. I did try exactly that and no matter what I did, the rust came back. The last time I sanded the outside, cleaned it before hand, handled with gloves so no oil, heated it, and brushed on the coating. Within a short time, the rust came back.
  13. At this point I would try just about anything. I liked the ionbond I had a bunch of mags done, but it would depend upon pricing and qualities of the coating.
  14. Can anyone point me in the direction of a company that does coatings on small orders, without a big surcharge? I need a couple small parts approx. the size of an AR rear sling swivel, finished as they are getting a coating of rust currently. Thanks
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