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  1. Difficult choice but I would rather be "that guy" and have someone or everyone mad at me as to know that I could have done something at someone got hurt. I always thought I was a careful shooter (after all I've been doing it for 60 years) then I got DQed for a 180 that was completely stupid. Clint Eastwood said it best "A man has to know his own limitations" or something like that.
  2. This might be a case were a Forbidden Action with advancement would apply better than a procedural. If I thought I could gain a significant time advantage to offset 1 procedural then I would jump off and run like hell to the other end. This is like saying "after the start signal pick up the ammo can (10-20#) and place it on the table at the end of the shooting area, failure to do so is 1 procedural penalty." At a club match 9 out of 10 of our A & above shooters did not bother with the can and took the penalty. In my case per shot fired would have stopped that. In the original case a wider plank or railings might have been appropriate. But the thing this forum is most guilty of is that hindsight is 20/20 and foresight sucks and 2 people can read the same rule and come up with 2 different interpretations. An armed society should be a polite society.
  3. I got an email back from Lone Wolf and you're right they wanted a picture which is on its way back to them. The thought that they might be coming from China is disturbing. Time to see if Jager has them back in stock.
  4. My Bushie must be the 1 in 1000000 as I have never had a bit of trouble with it. It is an early ban Disipator with a pinned AK74 comp/muzzle brake. I don't count rounds through it but at one point it went about 1000 rounds between cleanings. Hopefully the RRA A3 20" upper will be as reliable.
  5. Corey, that's a little harsh, wouldn't it have been easier to just call him a gamer. Hopefully he did as well on the reshoot.
  6. Charlie Vanek is now selling the trigger mechanism (what I consider the ejector block) drilled for pre and over travel. Easier than dremeling parts.
  7. With Production it is not as much a matter of gaining a significant or any other kind of advantage as it is a violation of the purist value of rules. I lost all respect for the intent or what ever they want to call it when I heard it was a violation of the rules to paint the inside of the magwell. Perhaps one of the most inane things to call that a significant advantage. The horse/cow is long gone out of the barn. And anything else I say about it is going to turn this into a rant which is why I only show up every other week or so.
  8. Looks like I came back to the forum at the right time as the striker I just took out of a G22 looks exactly like the one in the picture at the start of this post. Only bought it because the one I wanted was on back order. Time to send an email.
  9. According to the armorers manual, small frame gen3 strikers are the same. To hazard a guess I would say your friend is using an aftermarket striker. I am using a Jager. I was using another brand with holes drilled through it but it broke. If I can identify the brand I will send it back.
  10. Murphy's Law says there is always 10% who don't get the word or know what they are talking about. Personally when I screw up I always thank Murphy for enlightening me. If the call would take me out of the match, I think I would have to try an arb as there would only be more money at stake.
  11. The OP said stickers (PLURAL) but did not mention if they were both on the same side. I would consider 1 on each side to be changing the slide finish to provide better grip. After all Production rules are based on the premise of -- if it is nor specificallly authorixed then it is illegal. No one forces a shooter to shoot Production but if you do then learn to play by ALL the rules. In other sports they are called referees or umpires but their job is the same as ours and it is to know and enforce rules. My vote a trip to Open.
  12. Having done none of the requisite reading about these 2 I happened to be in a store that had a PST that was going on sale for 15% off. Well there is nothing that gets my motor running faster than to put something on sale. I have been known to buy/over buy something that goes on sale. So now that I have it should I get a standard or raised mount (they didn't have a 30mm left in stock)?
  13. I use 2 different Glock 24's and I have found that using an EGW die that I wasted money buying a Lee Bulge Buster. If I have had a piece of brass fail a check die it was from a burr on the rim.
  14. If you're saying that if someone went to great lengths to see the Rulebook upheld that you wouldn't be able to be impartial as an RO, I'd ask the NROI to reconsider whether you can fulfill your duties as an RO. That's my job as a fellow RO. That is not what I said, I just wouldn't RO them a second time! There is nothing in the RO Creed that requires me to RO someone that I consider is a flaming Ahole. When you go up the food chain as far as you can go and are told to forget it but you need that last little step and spit in someones face trying to get your own way then that is not fulfilling your job. The proper way to have handled it would have been to shoot it as directed and then written NROI about the RM/MD circumventing the rules for ease of setup. Don't get me started on fulfilling my duties as I did that for 23 years and I got in trouble several times because I thought someone was telling me to do something that I thought was an unlawful order. My instructions were to do as I was told then complain about it later. Oh, I got busted because I didn't follow a drunk supervisors order to GI the latrine floor with my toothbrush at 2AM in the morning.
  15. I stand corrected. However when all shots are fired only in one direction, isn't this a form of controlled by design shooting. I guess I am spoiled by being able to shoot under the "Big Sky".
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