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  1. We now have 4 spots open for the class. This is a great way to learn the sport better and best of all, help your local club at matches. If you work a major match, you will get a FREE match usually.
  2. Hello USPSA Shooters Central Arkansas Shooters Association (CASA) is putting together an Level I Range Officer class for March 1 and 2, 2014. This is a two day class. Saturday will be classroom and Sunday you will be shooting an USPSA match at CASA. The class and shooting range are near Little Rock, AR. Bring all your shooting gear and dress for the weather. We currently have 10 slots open in the class. To hold your spot in the class, please send a check for $40 written to CASA and mail it to: Ron Johnston 17824 Burlingame Road Little Rock, AR 72223 501-804-4726 cell Fill out this application below and mail it along with your check. 20131111-NROI Application-BOL.pdf
  3. I've done a search and couln't find an answer, so i'll ask. I have a Dillon 550B and when i size/decap a spent round, the spent primers seem to go everywhere. The little hinged tray is loose and not locked in any one position. Anyone know how to fix this??????? Ron
  4. I just got a look at some of the stages for the match. Really fun stages. After they are approved by the SC and Amidon, we'll post them here....
  5. No pictures needed. That's a common problem created on the 550 for many a user. That makes me feel better. I broke the crank many years back. My gunsmith said "I was putting too much ass behind it".
  6. Everyone's ideas are valid, i've had to check/do all of them over the last 10 years. I found a new problem though. I was loading tonight and was having a lot of problems with the sliding bar, it was not moving freely, even after i cleaned it and polished it. i found after looking VERY closely at it that i must have been tightening the two hold down screws too much. I have buldged the housing and the slider doesn't move throught it smoothly. I will call Dillon on Monday and order another one. I am afraid its too bad to be filed down. I would attach a picture of it, but its too small of an area to photograph. You might check yours. When i get the new one, i'll make sure i don't put too much torque on it.
  7. The plaques finally came in. I can distribute about half of them here to a couple of clubs locally. But the other half I would like to mail as many to just one address if at all possible. Look over the plaque list above again and let me know if you can do this. I have several names already who already PM'd me with their info and their buddies too. If you shoot at Old Fort Gun Club in Fort Smith or Tulsa, OK, let me know that too. I can send a big box to OFGC and when the shooters come down from Tulsa, they could carry it back and distribute it. Thanks guys and gals Let me know asap. Ron
  8. Someone told me that we had 50 new shooters to CASA this match, that is great news.
  9. During the award ceremony yesterday, there were a couple of errors made by mistake. Here is what we believe to be the correct plaque and catagory list. A couple people were awarded plaques that didn't think the were getting one and I removed one man that thought he was getting a plaque. We appoligize for this snafoo, things get crazy and busy at the end of a large match. The plaques should be finished in a week or two. When they are, I would like to put as many in one box as possible to mail it. If you look at the list and know that you will see 6 of the shooters pretty soon, then please PM me with their names and address to mail the box too please. I have everyone's entry form, but some are somewhat readable at best in regards to getting the correct address. I would hate to mail your plaque to the wrong address and it get thrown away. (my neighbors would do that) 2012 AR Section Handgun Championship Plaques.pdf 2012 AR Section Handgun Championship Plaques catagories.pdf
  10. Good job Ron. It was a well run match with great stages, excellent ROs, and a great group of people to be around. If I may make one suggestion - don't combine the Ms and the GMs into one class. This is pretty unusual to say the least, there was no notice that it would happen before the match, and it fails to recognize the hard work of the M's who win their class. I can see not awarding a plaque if only one M shows up, but in Production division you had three Ms, three As, and four Us. You recognized high Unclassified and high A, but chose not to recognize the high M. I think it's really strange, and I think you ought to reconsider this policy for next year (and send Billy Smith a "High Master" plaque while you're at it). Just my opinion. Thanks for the suggestion.
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