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  1. I'm sure someone else has wondered this at some point as well. Why are they called Pepper Poppers? Why not popsicles, swollen fenceposts or something? I figure since Pat probably helped Moses make the first couple he might know!
  2. I'm very, very new to reloading, so I've been using two loads a friend of mine loads for me: Rainier 200 gr. RN- 4.2 Bullseye Valiant 200 gr. LSWC- 3.9 Bullseye. I like 'em both. Not to thread drift, but how do you know whether or not a powder burns fast or slow? Which category does Bullseye fall into? I have noticed that the 3.9 load tends to run cleaner in spite of following a lead bullet. We used to use the same lead bullet in front of 4.4 grains worth and it was dirty as homemade sin. Does that mean I'm not burning enough powder in the hotter loads and that all the fouling I'm gett
  3. Remember what I said awhile back about ignoring politics? http://www.calgunlaws.com/article-431.html I suppose this means no "unmodified" P-22s at the rimfire event at Steel Challenge? The moral of this story is that while it may be to late for CA, the rest of us need to make sure our states never get this far gone.
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    Store Wars

    That rocks soooooooo damn hard...
  5. Sorry. Him being a Brit and myself an academic, I suppose that we figured thread drift "up" (FDR) was OK. Furthermore, it was a JOKE. hence, the smiley. We were wrong. Do forgive us. This, however, is OK? "I was hoping to put some of dem' little lights on mine. Do da make dem in gold?" No wonder I couln't get friends in BSA to come shoot in college. I guess they were right about what to expect. "Please be polite. Or if not polite, at least respectful. Please – no antagonistic or quarrelsome tones. " Possesion of authority does not give one license.
  6. Chills- make sure to check out the lead exposure thread. We tend to get more thoroughly "leaded" while sorting and cleaning brass than any other time. I know this is something I thought little about when I was new to reloading.
  7. Caaaareful- weren't for that "screamin' liberal," you'd be speakin' German.
  8. I know that talking politics is frowned on here, but I think this is getting to the point where you can't hide from it anymore. If California passes this law, practical shooting in CA is dead. I mean, how many folk are going to buy "CA legal" ammo to shoot, say, Steel Challenge? Think about it- anything you reload outside of CA for the Challenge would make you a criminal as soon as you crossed the border. All CADOJ would have to do would be to put an agent at the chrono. "May i see your ammunition Mr. Jarret (or Leatham, Or Sevigny, or Enos, or Miculek, or even Brown- i do have aspiration
  9. Whoa. When I first read this, I freaked out a bit. I bought two bricks of this stuff about a month agoon a $10 a brick deal, and so far I've shot nearly a brick's worth out of my .22/45. (as a note, i've had a FTF in almost every box. Woo-hoo Remington!) I had a brick of W-W T22 down before that and haven't cleaned it since. So i figure I'm not going to be able to drop a rod down the bbl., right? Wrong. I ran a rod through and it came out just fine. Then i put a light in the breech and checked the barrel- smooth as a baby's a$$. I'm by no means advocating this stuff- Rem. rimfire's a
  10. I second the .22 brush. I do the ejector and fring pin ports at the same time, scrubbing them both after I let them soak in Kroil & #9 for a bit. Also make sure you're springs' good and clean before you put pin & spring back in the slide.
  11. Just for S&G I took my wife's little 3" GP-100 out to a club match last summer to make a second run with. I had found a box of old-school 158 JHP High-Vels and just HAD to give it a go. It was neat, but I'll never do a damn fool thing like that at an indoor match ever again!
  12. Ahhh, people stealing waste. So this is the great cosmopolitan, urbane city life they told me about?
  13. No armadillos where I'm from- to cold and high, I reckon. Isn't it true that they carry leprosy though? I didn't think you could eat them.
  14. True, true.... my RC (her mom doesn't know she's gone Anglican yet- shhhhh!) wife even laughed!
  15. Flex- I worked on that, and it does help imprint the drawstroke pretty well. Thanks. Uh, no, I'm not. I may be from the South, but I do have enough sense to come in out of the rain, thank you very much.
  16. I once shot at a club where they set up slug steels at 25-30 yards on out, and thought that folk way behind the line getting hit with splatter from shot was just an "acceptable hazard." I no longer shoot at that club. Coincedentally, they also had a reputation for setting their steel reeeeeal heavy, punishing the hell out of someone using lighter shot on shot steels inside of 15 yards. I shot one match with these folk and had two steels I just couldn't drop- both standard poppers at about 15 yards. After I finished my post-run tantrum, i noticed noone except the ROs that ran it with var-ch
  17. Divine retribution for shopping at the man- I mean- "Lowe's" stores. Buy local or build it!
  18. Forgive my ignorance and curiosity, but just who was/is gunkid and why was/is he in jail?
  19. OK, here's the deal. I'm in the process of changing from IDPa-CDP to USPSA-PSSD. I've been shooting from concealment for almost three years, and I'm realling starting to like going without. My problem, however, is thus: Even without concealment, I'm still making the concealment draw. It seems like moving my hand about three inches in front of the gun, then coming back and down on top of is the only way I can index my strong hand on the pistol just so. If I try to "scoop" the gun out of the holster, I just can't index my strong hand under the triggerguard right. I know that my current dra
  20. THREAD DRIFT!!!!!!!!!! You're insane. A buddy of mine had a '68 Triumph spitfire in high school. It was a freakin roller skate with a straight six attached! Like an early Z car, just much less safe- lighter and no real superstructure. We never maxed the hing out, yet two of us could pick up the rear end- of the whole car. Fast, scary, fun stuff that Spitfire.
  21. I hate job hunting. I hate job hunting a whole f@*ng lot, actually. I still hate Northern Virginia. I hate job hunting, too.
  22. Uh, it'd be harder to get much lower than these carriers. They sure don't need to be cut down- if you did, the mags would probably fall out! Check them out on Hoffner's website. They're wicked-damn fast, too.
  23. I think it depends on the background. I've shot rifle matches on dingy, gray steel against grassy banks, as well as black in the late evening against dark green grass. Neither turned out so good. I'd say to have a number of colors on hand (maybe black, white and orange) and make your spot decision on what you can see best (unassisted!) against your backstops. I've never shot a rifle match assisted, so I know what a pain in the a$$ it is for the RO (who has a fixed six on his flattop) say, "oh, but I could see that gray US popper in the high grass just fine at 200 yards. Grumble.
  24. Let me run it with a M4 and I'm on it. Otherwise, my wife knows exactly how much components and magazines cost, and exactly how much of both I already have...
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