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  1. folsoml


    Relpax works for me as well. Migraines are the worst.
  2. folsoml


    Good luck getting them to change. UPS even brags on their commercials about how you can reroute your packages after you've sent them.
  3. Imagine if she'd put her shoulder into it.
  4. This is the case in Florida as well. If she chooses to take it to court you MUST be there or it will be thrown out.
  5. folsoml

    Which one?

    Honda Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth
  6. folsoml

    Which one?

    "We were soldiers" by a mile Platoon or Full Metal Jacket? Edited
  7. folsoml

    .50cal ricochet

    What kind of steel would that bounce off of? I would've thought it would eat right through it.
  8. OOOOUCH! That will leave a scar, by the way.
  9. folsoml

    Which one?

    Dark East Coast or West?
  10. folsoml

    Which one?

    Edit: Nikon Fat or Thin Elvis?
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