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  1. I used to shoot for CQB Solutions, Now SpecterGear, and can testify to the quality of their stuff- I sold it for a while before I spoke to them about sponsorship. The CST series is the most versatile of the family, and I recommend getting one with an ERB (emergency release buckle) "just in case." If you want a combination of speed and support, you might want to check out the MOUT system. It's usually employed in conjunction with a reciever adapter, but the pigtail that comes with the sling can be wrapped around the wrist of an M1 carbine or M1A- it's been succesfully done on both. Check out the site at www.spectergear.com. I promise you won't be dissapointed.
  2. Preach it! Just make sure when you gather up your marbles you find a big enough bag- i had to chase mine all over the place before I left .
  3. When you say"bottom half of the extractor," do you mean the back end or the hook end? Sometimes when the claw breaks (and I've seen this happen on 1911s, XDs and M9s) the fault lies in steel case ammunition. If you've been shooting any, I wouldn't try it with the new extractor. Put the new one in and see what happens. Oh, by the way- if there's any extractor left in the channel, pry it out with the solid hooked end of a 1911 sear spring. All the "extractor tool" that comes in the armorer's kit is is a sear spring JB-welded into a piece of round stock.
  4. Really? I had no idea that breaking the pelvic girdle causes the body to collapse under its own weight, hence causing a cesation of mobility. I thought the drill was used just 'cause it hade a neat name. Of course, I should have known better than to listen to the instructors, because being cops they wouldn't have known that any human being can take several 230s to the "groonies" and still be a pain-free fightin' machine (albeit and immobile one), despite bleeding out and suffering from intestinal injuries that release digestive fluids into the lower abdominus. That's what cops get for listening to doctors! You should write a book setting them all straight!
  5. On the subject of steering... I once shot a local shotgun side match in which a "trained" IDPA SO (or RO, or RN, or whatever they chose to call themselves) decided I wasn't shooting the stage in the order he deemed proper. I had not broken 180, I had neutralized everything I was exposed to, but he didn't feel that I was shooting the stage how it ought to be shot- so he tried to pull me toward him WHILE I WAS SHOOTING by my STRONG SIDE BICEP! Fortunately I was cycling the side while he was acting like a complete idiot so the incident did not result in an AD. I shook him off of me and he threw up his hands to say "I'm sorry," but I was still on the clock- and wound up losing the match by .02. I didn't get a reshoot because the MD claimed the "SO"s action was OK. I never shot a stage that this particular guy SO'd ever again, but I heard from others that he has this tendency. You can't open the door to this kind of behavior, and a rule that comes close to allowing this shouldn't be acceptable. The problem with IDPA SOs seems to be an issue of consistency- I've had quite a few friendly, personable, capable SOs in the time I've been involved with IDPA, but I've also encountered quite a number of small men who seem to relish in having any sort of authority at all, and for them the opportunity to fulfill any role with "officer" in the title allows them to fully indulge some sort of Napoleonic Complex... WHEW!! That was a truly fantastic rant! I feel SOOOO mmuch better.....
  6. Forgive me, but I've got to put on my "tactical tool" hat for a minute... there we go. OK, so, in this most "real-world" of all shooting sports, you get a FTN penalty for 2 -3s. I'd buy that in the periphreal areas of the target, but what about that big, thick -3 portion right below the -1 area? Even Ayoob's advocated the pelvic shot as being a viable one shot stopper, if not more of one than the Mozambique because of the difficulty in landing the head shot. And if I recall right, the zipper drill is taught these days as much in law enforcement as the Mozambique is. 'Course, these folk have to be about as practical as it gets..... WHEW! I got that hat pulled off just in time. I almost had a sudden urge to go buy a matching 5.11 ensemble. Forget that ever happened...
  7. I'm not a member of USPSA yet (pending funds from Berryville), but if you guys adopt this division it's where I'll start. From the sounds of it I can use my freshly disavowed Blade-Tech, my hoffner's carriers, and go on my merry way. I can't speak for other freshly-disaffected CDP shooters (I know I can't be the only one) but this class might be the hot ticket to get more of us to come over. On another topic, here's something you folk may not have thought about. One reason that USPSA might not have grown is because nobody's out there "gathering in the sheep." I was up at my old home club for last weekend and everybody was up in arms about the rule changes. Lots of people were ready to give production or L-10 a try (except for the commandos, of course) but it just wasn't feasible for most- the closest USPSA club is over 100 miles away. This is a club that supports regular season IDPA matches of 30-50 shooters ( a nuber that seems to have decreased in recent years), a large portion of which shoot SSP and CDP- classes that would dovetail with this new provisional class and Production. Get out there and spread the gamer gospel, folks! Not all of us IDPA shooters are gun-shop commandos- you'd get more cross-overs than you might think!
  8. That's true- you could get your membership pulled for having fun and protecting your knees. What's wrong with you, man? Where's your dedication? Aren't you willing to risk an intensely painful surgery because of some knee injury for the sake of the "spirit of the game"?
  9. I just checked with IDPA HQ about Safariland CD-2 SL carriers. They say that since the design is intended for competition only (one can assume they may have checked with Safariland about this) it is illegal. Since several designs of SL or moon clip carriers follow the same lines, one can assume they're illegal as well. They did say, however, that the other revolver rules were going to be worked on and changed soon- which probably means before the S&W Winter Nats. Doesn't matter for me though- the CD-2 prohibition knocks out my last full legal rig. What's Ironic is that I've never used anything but CD-2's for concealed carry. Oh well, no IDPA for me for awhile.
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