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  1. MMC makes a set that's technically a ghost ring, but feels strangely like a set of Garand irons. I love mine to death. You can even get them with tritium inserts! Woo-hoo, Tactical! Seriously, MMC's ghost ring in a pretty sturdy set of sights- fast, too. My only caveat would be to get a solder-on front sight instead of a banded one. i but the banded one with the big blade guards on my 590, and love the way it looks sooooo much like an M1 front sight- until I got Kroil under it and it got a shad loose. I think they may be on MMC's website, but I got mine through Brownells, so yu might want to check them out there.
  2. So Kath, I take it you're not a fan of my bright, sunny South? Where is "civilization"?
  3. If you decided you don't like that RRA two-stage trigger, let me know and we might work something out! Most of them I've seen are pretty fair triggers and I wouldn't mind giving one a go on my DCM rifle. As for the carbine itself, if you're going to be shooting inside of 200 I'd say go for it. I built an M4 for that exact reason. If, however, you're intent on going on towards Fort Mudge, I'd agree with the other posters and build myself something that's going to do you right on down the road. Consider things such as gas system length, bbl. length and twist. You could always get started with this RRA and then work up!
  4. I'm not sure that IDPA has any structures for recourse, insofar as protests are concerned, beyond the MD.
  5. I like to win. I like to see good folk win. I don't mind when they win. I despise it when a$$holes that gloat about their "titles" win. And beating them is why I practice.
  6. I've never had a lick of trouble out of mine, but by and far I use 47Ds. In dry firing I noticed I had this problem with a Bureaucrat and finally discovered that when the mag hit the ground post-reload, it was bouncing the first round forward. You might also want to look at your mag draw and see if you're not sweeping the mag back a bit as you clear the carrier. You might be pushing the case head forward and out if you sweep to far and to violently to the rear during your reload.
  7. Congrats! I finally gave up on mine!
  8. I know if there's anybody around here that chafes at some of the restrictions here, especially on things political, at BEnos it's me. Despite that, I hang around here because we tend to be the friendliest, best mannered shooting forum around- period. After all, I think we all realize that it's only logical that armed folks be nice to each other! (At least most of the time!)
  9. Hells yeah! Hells yeah, AGAIN!!!!
  10. pisgahrifle


    I've never read Capstick but wound up with a copy of his Safari: The Last Adventure somehow, and I've really been meaning to read it. I've also been through Gun Notes I&II as well as Hell, I Was There a time or three, but they stay on the shelf for reference these days. Which reminds me- I borrowedHell, I Was There from a guy I was in grad school with a while back and probably need to get it back to him. Forgive my ignorance, BTW, but who'se Russell Anabel? What did he write?
  11. I don't know if there's a way to maybe position the stage in the bay to correct this, but I think you might break 180 to engage the second target you'd see through the split in the right wall of the hallway. You'd have to shoot back towards the plate rack at a pretty hard angle to get at him, and that looks like it might be almost directly downrange. I might be looking at it the wrong way, but that's certainly how it seems. Outside of that, I may steal this for a hella-carbine-side-match one day.
  12. pisgahrifle


    Dajarrel, I'm impressed. Alas Babylon has been a secret favorite of mine for years, ever since I found it on a back shelf in my honor's English teacher's bookshelf in high school. Here's a few others that I've worn the covers off of: Catch-22- Joe Heller Last of the Breed- Louis L'Amour Jubal Sackett- L'Amour Sackett's Land- L'Amour The Walking Drum- L'Amour A People's History of the United States- Howard Zinn To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth- Col. Jeff Cooper The Revolt of the Elites- Christopher Lasch On Liberty- John Stuart Mill God Knows- Joe Heller Good Omens- Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett The Third World War General Sir John Hackett Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee- Dee Brown The Great Shark Hunt- Hunter S. Thompson Night Comes to the Cumberlands- Harry Caudill The Snows of Kilimanjaro, A Farewell to Arms, The Old Man and the Sea, The Nick Adams Stories- Ernest Hemingway Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams And a hardbound Shakespeare anthology I found years ago. I've got a more complete one that's softbound, but this one's survuved better and has remained a shad more tolerant of travel. And no, you're not the only one that reads several books at a time. Right now I'm going back through some of my Civil War stuff- being in NV there's no reason not to- and a local history of a Maryland family. The downside of this approach is that I don't think one actually gets as much reading done as when one reads one book in several long sittings. Perhaps not, but it seems so to me. OH CRAP! I just remembered a book I saw a while back that I read a week or two ago and lost, but I'll have another copy! I can't remember the author, but it was called "Fire at the Gates, or something along those lines. Historical fiction is sort of anathema to me, but I enjoyed this book thoroughly. It was a historic fiction piece (of course) on the defense of Thermopolyae as told from the viewpoint of a Spartan servant-cum-trooper that was mortally wounded on the battlefield, captured and questioned before dying. I don't know if this might be pertinent , by I think he was a Thessalian. Anyway, if you see it (be warned- it looks pulpish) don't turn it down. Even for serious historians it's an involving an enjoyable read.
  13. Wait a minute- that should say "wife's" brothers. I am not from Utah!!!
  14. BOTH of my wives brothers are Eagles. Me, I made it just into BSA after I finished Webelos, and then made the choice between CW reenacting, shooting, AJROTC and CAP or BSA. I'm still shooting and made FO, anyway. The irony of all this is that both of her brothers are borderline anti- and viciously anti-, repectively.
  15. At first ours didn't want to burn a disk, then it cranked right up. Satan en ex machina, I guess. I need to ask my wife if we've got Apple Care on this temperamental bastard. Having done her grad and undergrad work in media and communications, she's reasonably handy with Mac. Whenever anything's gone a little screwy with it that she can't handle though, my CS friend's eyes glaze over as they say, "Mac? Huh? I dunno." I really like this little thing, and it's the first new computer I've ever had, but sometimes I just want to ventilate the hell out of it. If all else fails, do what I do- wait till you're wife's about to come home, than as she comes in the door cuss at it like a sailor and threaten it with something big, heavy and sharp. She'll usually make a concerted effort to find what's wrong. Your results may vary.
  16. Since I'm conceptually a modernist, I thought it was damned funny- I've threatened to send a few "colleagues" of mine a copy. But then again, irony's my thing.
  17. My stepfather swears by a 250 gr. Keith-type bullet cast 10-1 for .429. Not being a big .44 fan, I've hung with a .45 Colt for hunting and haven't been anything but pleased with it. Right now I'm actually using Cor-Bon's 300 gr. factory loads, and I think they're doing 1300-ish out of a 7 1/2" bbl. She's a kicker, but I'm finally getting used to it. It does rattle the estucheon srew loose every once and a while, though.
  18. Wow, for a moment I thought we were participating in the same kind of "friendly" discussion that happens on other forums, but never here. Jeez.
  19. Just keep well in mind that you'll be limited to 8 rnds shooting major. No extended mags, and 10 is only kosher if you're shooting minor. Also, if I recall right, you might seriously want to consider that Belt-Fed because I believe it'll have to be carried behind the centerline.
  20. Virginiascout- I just looked this back over and have NO IDEA why I thought you mentioned the G-20. I guess I've had 10mm's on the brain lately! I had also assumed that both of these are being used as a normal CC arm and not a hunting gun per se. I don't know how they do it in VA but neither would be legal in NC on account of barrel length, but both would be fine finishers (with whatever load) if needs be. On either account the chest rig might still be a good choice because it will still hide under a parka or hunting jacket, yet at the same time stay out of the way of your pack straps.
  21. If I recall right, the 20 is in 10mm, isn't it? Damn fine choice for a hunting auto. I'd check out El Paso Saddlery's miltary 1942 chest rig. It'll hang on the upper left hand portion of your chest, theoretically out of the way of the rest of your rig. They might even make one for your wheelgun, but I know they'll make them for your Glock. They're pricey, but worth it. You can even get it lined to protect your plastic! Check them out on www.epsaddlery.com .
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