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  1. great match despite the heat. looking forward to next year
  2. thanks guys! Even though I am in a 3rd world shithole, I was able to enjoy a cuban cigar and a little capt morgan for my birthday! Just finished them up actually since I am 9.5 hrs ahead of you guys. Steve
  3. thanks for the kudos Brian! The adhesive used to mount the bolt release was specifically recommended by 3M for the application and will hold up under rigorous use. I also wanted to make sure it was easy to install, the world is complicated enough...
  4. I agree with this point, though reluctantly. I do have to admit that the gear I shoot at one match is the same gear I shoot at every match and I have not been in violation of anyones specialized rules. I dont try to "game" the equipment, I just go out and shoot the best that I can with what I have. I do read the match rules before I get on the road and like at BRM3G, I had to scamble around and figure out how I was going to sling my long guns but it wasn't a big deal, I just had never been to a match that required slings. It was lots of fun to shoot so I was glad I did it. The bigest problem with unified rules is that unlike major USPSA matches that use the same core RO's, the multi gun matches use mostly local help. Obviously we are glad they help but they may not always have the experience that the USPSA RO's have. Scoring...i did like the Horner system. It was simple and forced more people to actually look at their sights but really i dont pay much attention to what scoring system the match of the day is using. Again, just shoot to the best of your ability and dont worry about it. But, if it were good for 3 gunning in general and would potentially draw more competition then I would be for standardizing all of it. 2 cents....
  5. cool pic...did you look for the pot of gold?
  6. what brand is that cutting board?
  7. Hmm..i heard a story about some guys who got pulled over for speeding in a non-resiprocity state carrying concealed with the back of the suv loaded to the ceiling for a 3 gun match. There may be some info left out to protect the innocent. I'm just glad i dont know who those guys are
  8. if you know how many guns you have off the top of your head then you dont have enough guns...
  9. well, back home from the midwest 3 gun. i ended up leaving early after getting dq'ed on the m249 stage. total stupidity on my part and just poor gun handling so no one to blame but me. i was having a pretty decent match till then and that is what hurt the most after my pride. the guys from FN and CMMG put on a hell of a match and i look forward to trying again next year. thanks also to all the hard working ro's especially Larry on stage 5 who had a huge amount of positive energy throughout the entire match. on a side note, I was lucky enough to find a cool irish pub in St. Louis on our way back and enjoyed a few blacksmith beers and an irish car bomb...
  10. revisiting the buy ver. reload theme of this thread. winchester AA are 7.60ish from wal-mart and 8 something everywhere else i looked. I hadnt seen this thread before but my recent purchase sent me searching the forum for info. I just ordered a new Hornady 366 today. thought I would load some spreaders and various other loads for 3 gun on it.
  11. i run a side charge on my ar and have for years. it is easier and more ergonomical imho. i also have a bolt release on the right side of the weapon which together with the LH side charge is very convenient.
  12. yes Todd, the release will be the same as the one you saw on my nelly, they work great. Stay tuned...
  13. i also picked up an FN off the prize table at BRM3g and will be using this shotgun as a test bed for new products. the first is almost ready for shipment, it is an oversize bolt release that doesnt require any modifications to the firearm at all. the next is a Ti bolt handle that is in the works already. from their we will see what else we can do but i am thinking a shell plate might be in order like the one i have made for the benelli. it doesnt require welding and tracks the shells better for easier reloads. Steve
  14. +1...This match was incredible. many thanks to Andy, Mike, Brent, Linda and the rest of the staff for putting together a great match.
  15. if you got several of each you could have the choice of using the 4 or 6 depending on the stage...
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