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  1. I use the large plastic parts storage boxes from Harbor Freight. Fits in my range bag, and you can see how many moons you have loaded / used. Pull out the side dividers and I think over 40 moons into it (don't have it handy).
  2. Guess it depends on how many you are doing. I was told to plan for at least 7,000 cases per end mill. The end mill was under $10.00 (got it from PM Industrial Sup., no connection, Barry (owner) treated me very well), and since the edges are still like new when it is dull in the center, I can use it in my mill. If I was processing a large quantity all the time, probably would have gone your route.
  3. Try a YG 17055 3/8 HSS 2 flute, High Helix. The High Helix pulls the chips away faster. Was told to get the High Helix by Honey Badger.
  4. hmg1


    I will take the "Barrel 3 (in Sleeve) - I am 95% sure this is a Satern barrel but I don't have the 100% ID on it.  I think it is 1/8.  $60 shipped" if you still have it.





  5. It is hit and miss. Some items they show in stock are not and others are. I have waited a few weeks for some orders, and others come within a week. I have also had them cancel orders even though they say it is in stock. As others have said, they were better years ago.
  6. Edit: Anyone know of a gadget that makes powder die height adjustment not a pain in the ass on a 1050? Want to be able to switch back and forth between loading 0.356 for my bottom feeders and 0.358 for my "9mm" 929. I have 2 powder dies with Hornady Sure-LOC Lock Rings on them. Just swap them out. Guess you could get a 2nd powder funnel and cut it down for the .356"
  7. On the FCD, the crimp insert for revolvers will give you a roll crimp, for auto's, a tapper crimp. The inserts are interchangeable. So, if I am loading a 160 for my revolver, and it will not take a roll crimp, I use the insert for my 9mm. I also got rid of the knob that came with it and replaced it with a bolt and nut. This way I can lock the bolt in place and not worry about it moving. If you are going to be using different inserts, use 2 nuts and lock them together, so you can go back to the exact crimp you had before.
  8. The load I used in ICORE is 2.7 Clays, 1.218" OAL. Be sure to check your drop, some have had problems under 3.0 with Clays.
  9. How can I go pull the handle on my 1050 after seeing that....
  10. lube makes it so much easier, try some with and without, and this is with carbide.
  11. it is .net ... https://mojoprecision.net/
  12. Jerry did not have a comp, 3 large popple holes when I saw him.
  13. $10 bucks for some Pokemon cards, Xsmall gloves and let the kids at it.
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