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  1. for the 1050 https://reloadinginnovations.com/products/dillon-1050-press-lighting-kit
  2. This light, for the Mark 7 toolhead would be awesome and it's what I'm waiting for.
  3. sensors might not need lights, but the press sure could use em. I contacted the guy who makes that slick light for the 1050s and he said he'd be making lights for the Evo at some point.
  4. Robin's Frankengun is a TS slide and barrel not a Czechmate. I want the same thing, but I'd keep it DA first shot.
  5. my issue with the primer collator, which should be fixed when I get the new one, is that during the higher speeds the primer disc movement is so snappy it throws primers out to the edge and they roll up and jam under the black finger.
  6. I really hope I can get mine to run like that once I get my parts back. There was no way I could feed primers from my Collator at that speed. What is your powder accuracy like? Is that about a 1 dwell at the bottom?
  7. I've settled on the Henning baseplates too, absolutely love how the baseplate sits more flush to the front of the mag unlike other baseplates. I thought I wouldn't like it or notice a difference in that feature, but once I put them on, I immediately noticed it and liked it.
  8. I've been looking at sleeving mine and making a reduced size piston to go inside it
  9. yes some form of micrometer on the knob would be awesome
  10. I've had to replace the small spring that is part of the cartridge shuttle, once I was able to reuse the piece that broke off as it was long enough still. Not sure what caused the spring to break.
  11. I install 85 Combat triggers in all my Shadow and Shadow 2s
  12. happens to the best of us lol, I know I've done similar many many times
  13. also consider a regular mag catch out of a Shadow
  14. slavex

    Best magazines?

    the current mags shipping with the Shadow 2 are MecGar mags. Eventually CZ will run out of the crap original mags and do a full switch over to the MG mags. However with a regular SP01 you will need to bend the mag catch spring to stop it from being able to be depressed too far and binding up on the mags. That's because the thickness of the metal and outside dimensions is a tad bit more on the MG mags. with the Shadow 2 it's a non issue due to the improved mag catch design.
  15. Hnnn that doesn't look too bad, but I wouldn't expect it to run any different, we're talking a pretty minimal weight difference. I want them to get their crap together with the Arcore (nitride) treatment on frames and start shipping Arcore only models, even if they cost a hundred or 2 more.
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