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  1. appears so, 5lb for DA/SA and 3lb for constant triggers like striker fired guns
  2. Yeah Fritz was pushing hard for the weight limit due to the so called exclusion of Glock and others from the podium. Apparently we now can expect the money to start flowing into our sport in never before seen volumes.....
  3. actually the push for the PO light came from Germany first
  4. at the IPSC General Assembly in Thailand it was voted to approve both divisions put forth, Production Optics and Production Optics Light, with light having a requirement of 1kg weight with optic and empty mag inserted. Still waiting on more info on other rule changes but so far I believe the change to Production trigger weights has also been approved, DA/SA guns will stay at 5lbs for first shot, but striker fired guns will be 3lbs for all shots.
  5. slavex

    Mark7 Evolution

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. slavex

    Bullet Pullers

    you need the split O'ring collet and the shim kit (well the shim kit is debatable, but he says it makes the collet last longer due to less flexing). He'll send you a new cap, collet and the shim plate and it should thread onto your Dillon hammer. Or you can just run the collet and shim plate with the original cap
  7. slavex

    Bullet Pullers

    ugg, his videos need to be updated for sure. I do not need to remove the cap or the collet from the Quinetics puller when using it on pistol or even some rifle cartridges. His O'ring is crimped into place around the collet, and then cut in one spot. This allows the collet to self open/loosen when you undo the cap a half turn (maybe slightly more depending on the case in it), then dump out the contents, insert the new one and tighten again. I got the shim fit combo for my inertia pullers, I have one a Quinetics brand one, a Dillon, and an RCBS one (I bought a 3 pack when I replaced a broken puller a couple years ago).
  8. slavex

    Bullet Pullers

    I've got 2 collet pullers, RCBS and Hornady, and the Quinetics, they aren't even close to the speed I can smack them out with the inertial puller. Due to the Quinetics one having a split O'ring it's only a half turn to dump out the case and pulled bullet, insert new round and tighten again with a half turn and then smack. I had to pull just over 1500 rounds once due to a buddy not noticing the measure ran out of powder took me about 45 minutes at a nice easy pace. A little spilled powder from the odd case I had to hit twice on the floor, but not much.
  9. slavex

    Bullet Pullers

    The Quinetics bullet puller is the shiznit when it comes to having to pull a lot of bullets, fastest way to do it.
  10. will take one when I get home
  11. I use a zap strap to sort out anything longer than 9mm on my presses, wrap it around the top of the case feed structure, and anything taller than a 9mm won't feed out into the shell plate. I don't worry about 380 or anything like that, never see that up here
  12. slavex

    Mark7 Evolution

    My buddy got his from Australia, not sure where mine will come from when I order it.
  13. slavex

    Mark7 Evolution

    if anyone is looking for a top notch roll sizer check out the ones coming from Australia now, Kevin Whitehead makes a wicked machine. I've loaded around 100,000 rounds on my Revo now and haven't had a single upside down case (9mm) yet. I've had a couple mangled ones that spat out sideways, one of which broke a MA pin, and the spring on the case feed arm, but that's it.
  14. slavex

    Started Wet Tumbling

    I haven't used pins in ages, the only time I might is with my match rifle ammo to clean the primer pockets, maybe. Totally not needed at all.