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  1. There are three places in the USA that I'd send my CZ to to get worked on, CZC, CGW and Mink. there might be more, but those three I know do amazing work all the time. I've never heard a complaint from anyone who's dealt with them. But I can't send mine there as I'm in Canada so I learned how to do it myself.
  2. only one lid to deal with? I only deal with one lid on the FART, maybe I'm missing something in your answer?
  3. you don't need to remove the cap, half a turn, insert the round, half turn to tighten, smack, half turn to loosen dump out components, continue. Not having to undo the cap completely, remove it, remove the collet, remove the case from the collet, and then reverse, is where you save the time. It only takes a few seconds to pull a round and a couple to swap in the new one.
  4. Using the Quinetics kinetic puller I could pull those in less than 10 minutes. Unless we're talking big rifle magnum rounds that won't fit into the quick collet.
  5. I posted a ton of photos from the Orange back when the 2 was announced. You definitely can't fit a regular bushing in there, which as Matt1 states, would be dumb anyhow, including a CGW one.
  6. yeah outside of the bushing, it's just hand fitting and slightly different grip.
  7. i used Dykem, but still not happy with it, just can't get it like I want it.
  8. resurrecting this thread from the dead. Anyone ever replaced the front alignment pin? Somehow mine got bent, I'm assuming the toolhead fell over off it's stand or something and no one told me. I've use a brass hammer to get it back to working, but honestly wouldn't mind replacing it. It was really bent and I just don't trust my hammering.
  9. yeah massive thanks to the people for telling us we can just use the Dillon tubes with the tip removed. Man it works about 10 times better.
  10. nah CZ is the one at fault here, not Cesar. Other retailers are having the same problem. the part of the leg that engages the follower is the issue, it's too tight for the slide and needs 1/2mm removed from the inside side that rubs on the slide. The long leg that goes through the barrel lug is the right length too. I was using normal Rami ones in my practice gun for awhile, I had to remove a lot more material to get them to work though.
  11. the Rami is a 75 and it's parts, where they fit, are considered OEM parts for the other 75 guns. This new part though, is in fact made for the S2, although there are some issues with the first batches sent out, the pin is the right length but the paddle on the leg that engages the follower needs some fitting to allow the slide to move freely. There should be proper parts available soon.
  12. I load a couple different 9mm loads on my 1050 and Revolution, as such I'm taking the measure on and off regularly to adjust the measure, change powder etc. the quick detach are a huge help. I made my own, but I'm not happy with the lockup and will be ordering some instead.
  13. Even before I got my Might Armory die I had a rejection rate of maybe 1 in a thousand or more, and that's with the outside range brass at my club, which can be a mix of everything. Now I am only using once fired IVI brass from my indoor and I never have a reject.
  14. looks like the same one I got, works good
  15. for the 1050 https://reloadinginnovations.com/products/dillon-1050-press-lighting-kit
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