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  1. when I clean I detail strip usually these days, lots of lube for thousands of rounds then detail strip, clean, assemble and test before a match. I don't bother with field strip cleaning anymore.
  2. One thing I try to avoid is taking a newly cleaned gun into a match. I always want to make sure it's been to the range and well tested before hand, and not the morning of at a practice bay either. Preferably before leaving for the match if traveling, so that if there is anything I've done wrong, or a part is broken that I haven't noticed, I can discover that before the first beep of the timer and have time to fix and move on.
  3. @jdillon there are numerous replies directly above you from people who got ones that work just fine. Mine works just fine. well over a quarter million primers run through it since I got it, cleaned it a few times now due to Winchester primers that I ran through it for a buddy, which meant I had to reapply Pledge, that's it. Those that couldn't get them to work are in the very small minority. Was it annoying that some tinkering was required to work with some primers? Yes, did Saul address that? Yup, he did and he worked with people to solve their issues too.
  4. The Mk7 comes on a nice aluminum plate that will remove any movement from affecting the running of things.
  5. slavex


    I have Shadow 2 Orange, Shadow 2 OR, 2 Arcore Shadow 2s (matched pair with consecutive serial numbers and custom fitting by the factory) and a spare Shadow 2 frame, 3 Canadian Shadowmates (special editions that are basically Oranges) and 3 regular Shadows that have been worked over at the factory for me, a Shadow 2 Kadet kit and Shadow Kadet kit (slide and barrel assembly), 1 P10F and I had a P10C (one of the few guns I sold, hated it). The GF has 4 Canadian Shadowmates , 2 Shadow 2s, a Tactical Sport Orange and a Czechmate I do not like the Czechmate, the TSO is meh, not a fan of
  6. yeah you should be checking and adjusting the primer arm clamp regularly
  7. Does anyone make a bushing to hold the swage rod for the Mk7 swage sense in place so it doesn't wobble back and forth on it's initial move up? Every now and then it's catching and triggering the swage, just before the main bushing lines it up to go into the case
  8. @spideysteve dude, where did you find that video? I can't believe they'd bother automating the Hornady. As for primer collators on "hobby" machines, Mark 7 does one and has another in the pipeline that will be around $500 for their Evolution machines. There is absolutely a market for it as their machines are selling very well.
  9. yeah the grip tape stretches out for the 2 no problem. If she hadn't used up her last grips before tracing them I'd just use that, but the grip tape is so mangled now that it can't be used to trace
  10. This isn't for me, this is for my girlfriend, she doesn't like the Lol grips, neither do I actually, she has small hands and runs thin aluminum on both her Shadoww and Shadow 2s with extremely aggressive Vicious skateboard tape. I used to have a template someone posted before, for Shadows and it worked great but I lost it when my computer crashed. Given that the tape is quite stretchy when heated up for application it works across all different grip sizes and even the slight frame differences on the Shadow and the 2. Just can't remember where I got it.
  11. Looking for a pdf or jpeg template for cutting grip tape that wraps around the entire gun including the back and front strap. Anyone got one?
  12. slavex

    Shadow 2 extractor

    just pop it out now and then while keeping track of your round count, and see how it looks under it. Different powders leave different amounts of filth
  13. slavex

    Shadow 2 extractor

    it's a tapered hole so try to insert the pin back in the same orientation if you can.
  14. there is a new collator coming for the Evo, there are some pics of it around somewhere
  15. yeah the older Henning ones work great with the a mag well on a Shadow 2 whereas the new ones don't, but the new ones of course work perfect on a regular Shadow 2's mags (I run both sets in my various guns)
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