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  1. Auto forward is totally normal, it's physics. Insert mag hard enough to move gun, gun moves compresses recoil spring, slide tries to stay in place (physics) spring is compressed enough that slide stop can release, then spring sends slide forward. Can happen on almost any gun
  2. @Chills1994 no, haven't run rifle cases, I was going to set it up for 223 but our recent gun ban killed that plan. I suspect I'd have to run it slower for loading.
  3. @Cruz I'm actually working on doing just that for some people, just gotta figure out what to chsrge
  4. the first one I got was an issue, due to it having the larger cavity for rifle loads. I got it swapped for the newer pistol one and have loved it since.
  5. yeah processing brass before loading, even if hand cranking, is the way to go in my opinion. I wash, dry, roll, decap/size, swage, and fill a few buckets, then from those buckets I load. Nothing ruins a good loading session more than crap in a case and having to pull the case under the powder measure and all that. Once the brass is processed I know I can load with zero issues after that. so much nicer.
  6. Well, technically 3135 RPH with the Index at 2. Got her dialed in nicely now, CCI primers, cases are rollsized and processed beforehand. Running 3.22gr of Tightgroup, CCI SPP, mixed range brass, 147gr CamPro bullet.
  7. @N7VY so I never ended up replacing the needle bearings in the above offset bearing. I got the info from Dillon what needles to order, ordered them through a local supplier, aaaaand they were too short. In the meantime I got a near new RL1050 from a buddy, tore it down to clean it and lube it and measured the needle bearings in it, and they were identical. I did replace the mainshaft pivot pin back then though as it was horribly worn from the previous owner, he'd loaded at least a million and a half rounds (commercial reloader). It's done about the same in my hands since I first posted this. The last few years before I got my Revolution I was loading up to 200,000 a year for myself and some friends (it's been motorized for ages). The mainshaft pin is needing replacement again as are the two bearing sets for the crankshaft. The other RL1050 is setup for 223 processing and is still rock solid, but it's had a much easier life than this machine.
  8. More pics! And super cool dude.
  9. Like the video I clean very seldom, but lube regularly. My match gun (Shadow 2 Orange) I clean more than my practice gun, maybe 2500 rounds or so vs 5000+. My practice gun and previous match gun were both Arcore frames (Nitride) with no polycoat, and cleaning them is super easy, a cloth and some mild cleaner was all that was needed. The polycoat frames need a bit more work though. If it's been raining and the gun got wet I'll soak with wd40 and wipe down, then relube.
  10. My Euro load was 3.2gr of 320 with a 145gr bullet. Super soft, super clean
  11. bringing back to the top again, got that same machine torn down right now. looks like I might need another 13258 Mainshaft Pivot Pin, does anyone know what the diameter of that pin should be? I replaced it back in 2007 when I tore it all apart, and while not as bad as the old pin (which I kept) it definitely has a bunch if slop. in the mainshaft holes
  12. If you're worried about breaking dots due to metal on metal contact of the slide and frame, don't take out the supplied shock buff as for the serrations being removed that was a esthetics move as much as anything. the serrations on a Shadow 2 that is milled for an optic and uses the factory or similar plates, looks weird as the plate overhangs the serrations, as do the optics, they wanted the optic and slide to match up. If you made the slide wider, to allow for serrations that were proud of the optic and plate, it would be wider than the frame, again, not something they wanted.
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