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  1. if i did the level of inspection in that video I'd never get to shoot
  2. I used the Harbor Freight one, it walks across the floor with a ton of brass in it. Way more crazy than the smaller ones do.
  3. put a 5 gallon bucket on a big tumbler, put trays in bucket, turn on tumbler, works pretty damn good for the setup.
  4. slavex

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    Yes I've checked all the things with trigger bar and spring, including taking one and adding more tension. It looks like the disco has a weird angle to the face that connects to the trigger bar. No work was done to the disco, so for some reason this one has worn strange. Never had that happen before. The backup/practice gun which has twice the round count doesn't do this and the disco looks fine. None of the 7 previous match guns had this happen either all going well over hundred thousand rounds each. In 12 years and 10 guns from CZ this is a first.
  5. slavex

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    my normal routine is laundry detergent and lemishine. I found that better than the FART juice
  6. slavex

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    the only thing changed with the coolfire kit is the barrel and recoil spring. so I think it was just coincidence that I noticed the problem at the same time.
  7. slavex

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    Hahaha, cleaning hahahahaha I've compared the trigger springs to my other 7 Shadows and Shadow 2s, and then swapped in a new spring, even though it appeared to be the same resistance. Playing with the gun this morning it did it again. I'm thinking maybe something has worn funny on the trigger bar or disco. Gonna try swapping them out and seeing what's what.
  8. slavex

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    Lol, I meant, I wonder what Brass Juice is made of. I'm guessing it's likely an existing product simply rebranded and repackaged. Also, I was informed by my friend up a few threads, that you can reuse the solution a couple times, just wondering who does that? How many times can you do it?
  9. slavex

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    there is good spring pressure. All parts are factory parts, upgrades, installed at the factory. No springs have been tweaked to be weaker either. Well, other than lighter recoil and hammer springs replaced by lighter factory ones. It's very strange, and of course now, in the last day or so it's not happening. I spent an hour trying to get video of it. Sigh.
  10. slavex

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    I wish we had a "like" button on here
  11. slavex

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    thanks dude! will give it a try this week along with the spiffy new dryer!
  12. slavex

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    I wonder what Brass Juice is.
  13. slavex

    Brass Dryers

    you may encounter a problem decapping if they sit for too long after wet tumbling them. The primers can corrode and stick, resulting in either pull backs or ringers. It's best to dry them in an oven, in hot sun, or in a dehydrator.
  14. slavex

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    yeah sorry, slipping off early, if pulled fast with a bit of side pressure on the trigger. Trigger bar springs are good, screw is tight. It's happening soon enough that it doesn't catch on half cock, hammer drops all the way, but not hard enough to set off a round, or the coolfire
  15. slavex

    Shadow 2 new thing happening

    I recently received a coolfire kit for Shadow 2s and I installed it in my match gun to play with at home. In playing around, I discovered if I pulled the trigger just right in DA, the disco slips off the trigger bar. Any idea why? I threw the regular barrel back in and it still does it. This is a new bug to me, couldn't find that issue in searching the forum, but might not have used the right keywords, any ideas?