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  1. A few weeks ago on December 24, I bought a P320 X5 Legion from Kentucky Gun Company for $826, no tax, no shipping charge (it was shipped to my local FFL who charged me $25, including the Florida background check). The site said they were out of stock, however, within a few hours of putting my name on the notice list, they confirmed inventory and sold me the pistol. Best of luck, Adam.
  2. Laxammo.com - sign up for the E-newsletter as they have free shipping on every holiday
  3. The tabs on my 40 M&P Pro 5 slide lock have been missing for two years - I shoot limited about 5K rounds per year. At this past weekend’s USPSA match, the slide lock fractured in the exact place yours did. I had a partial jam, did a mag change, dropping the fractured piece of metal out, and continued on the stage And finished the match. Although not a necessary piece, I will be replacing it later this week. Note that the slide lock is available for purchase - at least for Gen 1 pistols - check Brownells. Best of luck with it.
  4. Would an American competitor be required to first complete the “Black Badge” course? If so, how would that work -the day before the match start?
  5. After posting here, I posed my question to Troy McManus because I believe that the answer is very important as it has implications across many of USPSA's classifiers which use a reload between freestyle shots and one handed shots (e.g., Six Chickens, Riverdale Standards, El Strong & Weak Pres, Golden Bullet Standards) - all of these classifiers direct that freestyle is shot prior to the reload. Note that I distinguish these classifiers from the two array/reload classifiers which typically have a statement in the WSB like "You may engage targets in any order and arrays in any order." *********** Troy’s response (May 2, 2017 at 11:12:45 AM EDT): Two things to note: The stage was not legal, as it did not fit the rules for a standard exercise, and the correct number of penalties for the scenario you listed is 7, as per D in your answer selections. Regards, Troy DNROI
  6. Question on Penalties - Stage 1 at USPSA Florida Section Championship Stage 1 at USPSA Florida Section Championship was a standards type stage. The stage information is as follows: I Love Standards! Course Designer: Manny Bragg Rules: Practical Shooting Handbook, Latest Edition START POSITION: Standing in shooting area, wrists below belt. GUN READY CONDITION: Loaded and Holstered as per rulebook STAGE PROCEDURE: String 1: on signal engage T1-T7 with only one round each Freestyle, perform mandatory reload and re-engage T1-T7 with one round each Strong Hand only. String 2: on signal engage T1-T7 with only one round each Freestyle, perform a mandatory reload and re-engage T1-T7 with one round each Weak Hand only. SCORING: Virginia 28 rounds, 140 pts. TARGETS: 7 Metric SCORED HITS: Best 4 on paper. START-STOP: Audible / Last Shot PENALTIES: Per USPSA ******* Actual Scenario: Upon the start signal, the shooter draws, fires one shot at each target using a strong hand only grip, performs reload, then fires one shot at each target using a freestyle grip (both hands on gun). Second string was completed in accordance with stage procedure (e.g., one shot at each target using a freestyle grip (both hands), reload, one shot at each target using a weak hand only grip) Question: What penalty or penalties, if any, should be assessed? Options include, but are not limited to: A. No Penalty - Reasoning: No failure to comply with stage description (10.1.1) as there is an implicit ability for the competitor to choose to first shoot using a freestyle grip (both hands) or a strong hand only grip and then choose to use the other type of grip after the reload. Key is to use one type of grip before reload and one type of grip after reload. B. One Procedural Penalty under 10.2.2 – Reasoning: Competitor failed to comply with the stated procedure of using a freestyle grip (both hands) prior to reload and strong hand only grip after reload. The competitor is deemed not to have “gained a significant advantage during non-compliance” (i.e., the actions by competitor were correct, just in the wrong order) C. Seven Procedural Penalty under 10.2.2 – Reasoning: Competitor’s choice to shoot the first seven shots strong hand only is permitted as within the choice of shooting “freestyle”. The competitor is penalize for each noncomplying shot (used two handed freestyle grip rather than strong hand only grip) after the reload because the competitor “gained a significant advantage” on each such shot. D. Seven Procedural Penalty under – Reasoning: Competitor’s choice to shoot the first seven shots strong hand only is permitted as within the choice of shooting “freestyle”. The competitor is penalize for each shot after the reload because he touched the handgun during the required strong hand only grip. Referenced Rules: 10.2.2 A competitor who fails to comply with a procedure specified in the written stage briefing will incur one procedural penalty for each occurrence. However, if a competitor has gained a significant advantage during non-compliance, the competitor may be assessed one procedural penalty for each shot fired, instead of a single penalty (e.g. firing multiple shots contrary to the required position or stance). 10.2.8 If a course of fire stipulates shooting strong or weak hand only, a competitor will not be penalized for using the other hand (i.e. the other arm from the shoulder to the hand) to disengage an external safety, to reload or to correct a malfunction. However, the competitor will be issued one procedural penalty per shot fired while: Touching the handgun with the other hand while firing shots; Using the other hand to support the handgun, wrist or shooting arm while firing shots; Using the other hand on a barricade or another prop to increase stability while firing shots.
  7. Although it's not listed first, the Number 1 rule is "Unless specifically authorized above, modifications are prohibited."
  8. Although I am not sure what is involved in a grip reduction, it is very clear in the provisional rules that adding a beaver tail is prohibited - see rules at the following link: https://uspsa.org/document_library/2017/APPENDIX D7_DNROI_2117.pdf
  9. Although you may want to look at and try out various products, I believe that you can't go wrong with a CR speed belt, CR speed pouches and a CED 7000 timer. Good luck, Adam.
  10. My recommendation is to suck it up and buy a c-more. I started with an inexpensive Tasso red dot on my 22/45 and was very disappointed (lots of battery changes, small moa, hard to turn on and off). For steel challenge, I use a 8 moa. Best of luck, Adam.
  11. I recommend you contact the University of Florida shooting team – check their Facebook page. This group is only a year or two old and has likely addresses all of the issues you have described above. Best of luck, Adam.
  12. 2016 Limited Nationals Match Book is now available on the USPSA website. https://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-announcements-details.php?2016-Limited-Nationals-Match-Book-277
  13. Stages were posted on line in advance last year. A formal matchbook was handed out at registration.
  14. In the second stage of the video, how is it legal to hold the doors open with your foot? It appears from the video that the doors are outside shooting area boundaries (not touching the boundaries). Can you post the WSB for the stage?
  15. I suggest that you send you're gun to Pedro Ortiz in Savanna - he's the best with M&Ps. He did both my limited and production M&Ps - short take up, break at 2.5-2.75 lbs and little over travel. His web site is http://www.ortizcustomguns.com
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