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  1. Where is the Fraternal Order of Police shooting range, is that the one near Ancient City? What does it cost to become a member, and do you need to be a LEO?
  2. Thanks, I have heard great things about the place; unfortunately I like to keep the drive under two hours. That seems to be about 3.5 hours each way from where I live
  3. I too just moved to the area (St Johns County near Rt13 and Roberts Road) and am looking for USPSA and IDPA matches. Have seen they all appear to be on Saturdays. Are there any that are on Sundays and weekdays? Also looking for a home range to shoot at. What else besides Ancient City is there? While that looks like a nice facility, memberships seem to be quite pricey given that I probably won't go there to just shoot that often when not shooting matches. Thanks for any feedback.
  4. Unfortunately buying your own gauge is not a perfect solution as these mag gauges all have their own tolerances. Passing in your basement does not mean you will pass at the match with the gauge they are using. That is one of the reasons I let George Jones test mine ahead of time. He was the match official for the Mid Atlantic Sectionals and brought the official match gauge to three or four local matches the month before and offered to check anyone's mags with the gauge that would be used at the match.
  5. Said just about the same thing to them, and explained that too many people already look at IDPA as an old person's game and this will drive more young people away from the sport. This rule will actually only impact a few people that are in the middle. The top shooters will still be the top shooters and the bottom shooters will still be the bottom shooters. It's a fix searching for a problem.
  6. Are you who I think? If so you did an amazing job with the stages, some of the best I have even seen. Stage design is both art and science and George Jones drilled into my head much of the technical stuff when I became and RO.
  7. I agree, but I bet that was not the intention when they designed the surfboard. I know I have shot other matches where the WSB explicitly said you could not touched the "attached" rails.
  8. The doors are mounted to the wall which is in contact with the fault lines and are considered within the boundary. Don't have the WSB handy but the matchbook can be found on the area 8 webpage. I was more surprised by stage 14 where you could hold the rails or stand on the support rather than the flat board.
  9. Thought I would share this video of the Area 8 match I just shot. https://youtu.be/C3ZxxIkR4_o Yea I know I made lots of mistakes. Any constructive comments would be much appreciated.
  10. I had some special glasses made that I use for USPSA and IDPA shooting. I have my right eye (dominant eye) optimized for the distance to my front sight. The left eye is set for normal distance. Took me a while to get used to wearing these for many hours at a time without getting dizzy, but after a few months my brain has adapted and they work great. I can see the front sight crystal clear and can also see the targets perfectly. I actually took a gun, well I am in New Jermany so I took my SIRT pistol, to the eye doctor and he fitted me with the old fashioned drop in lens glasses that you wear and we set up targets while he changed the lenses to get it just right.
  11. I have both, but only use the LASR program. I actually like shootoff better, but my 3-4 year old i5 powered computer can't run it! It's based on java and the computer just lags like a sob, only getting 7-8 frames per second, so it misses 2/3 of the shots. If you have a new fast computer, give it a go as it has some cool features.coolest is the projection of moving targets. You need a projector plus camera, but it then can (supposedly I never tried) put out an image and see if you hit it. The lasr program is more basic, but useful. However! You must really get your mental game on to avoid looking at the target to see where you hit. That red dot is seductive! If you can afford the IR option that would stop you from looking as the dot is invisible except to the camera. The other issue is it promotes trigger slap habits (speaking personally) as every shot is da eith the long long trigger pull. I vary things with da first shot, then (no dot) short stroke sa simulation, transition to a different target shoot da again, sa simulation, repeat across an array. Split time that way is then an aggregate. Other days, I do da every shot which helps on trigger control and gives shot to shot splits. I have improved a lot, and had fun doing it. Much less boring than par time beeps and IMO, better for accuracy as you can verify a hit from a miss. Important as I'm still learning to shot call. Sorry to be so long! Thanks for the comparison. That sucks that it needs a lot of computer power, I was hoping to use an old Netbook PC and guess I will have to rethink that. What camera do you use with it, and does camera quality matter? Do you use a "real" gun with a laser cartridge in it or a SIRT trainer? I have a SIRT but think it would be more worthwhile using a real gun, the only problem is I would have to use something like one of my CZ's that will reset to double action each time without the slide racking. I guess I could not use a Glock or PPQ for this as there would be nothing to activate the laser on the follow-up shots.
  12. How does this software compare to http://phrack.github.io/ShootOFF/ which is free?
  13. kirbinster

    40 to 9mm

    I do believe a g22 and a g17 use the same spring.I vote for KKM. [emoji13] Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk They do in Gen3 but NOT in Gen4.
  14. Just curious why you want to shoot .40 cal in SSP or production? Are you going to be loading to minor PF? If so I guess it makes sense.
  15. kirbinster

    40 to 9mm

    I've got a KKM for my Gen 4 G22 and it works great. One thing to keep in mind for Gen4 is that you will likely want to use a G17 recoil spring rather than the stock G22 spring. I was having lots of failures with the stock spring but when I switched to the G17 spring it has been 100% reliable with 9mm.
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