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  1. The IPSC rules mandate a ratio of Long, Medium and Short courses of fire at 1:2:3 which hamstrings us. We are limited to 10 round magazines for handguns. We certainly have a strong contingent of Open Shooters
  2. We are looking at July 29 to August 4th 2019. Workers shoot 29, 30 Main match July 31, Aug 1-3 with shoot/rain date Aug 4th.
  3. Hey, Guys and gals. It looks like my club (East Elgin Sportsmen's Association) along with our neighbouring club (Crumlin Sportsmen's association is putting in a bid for the 2019 Canadian IPSC Nationals. We are looking at creating the largest match in Canadian History. The current plan is 500 competitors, 28 stages and approximately 450 rounds. I was curious as to the level (if any) of our American compatriots heading North to attend. If there is sufficient interest I would put some work into creating a guide to border crossing etc (with the help of some great Americans like Roy and Mike who do it all the time). We are located in London Ontario. 2 hours from Detroit or Buffalo.
  4. After much effort and consideration, the MGM Ironman East Match has been regrettably canceled. Specifically, in order to properly run this VERY unique match, we absolutely require a core group of senior 3Gun/Ironman experienced RO's capable of the handling the physical nature of the match. Unfortunately, several key staff had major availability conflicts, and other back up staff conflicts also became evident. Therefore, without the proper staff commitments, the integrity of the match may be compromised and therefore, we have no choice but to cancel the match. Moreover, after 6 years we've never canceled a match, but given these realities we need to do so. Of course we will offer a full $300 refund to any paid shooter or any paid shooter may opt for a $350 PNTC match Credit or Store Credit good through 2017. In order to send you your refund, we'll need to issue you a check as processing this many refunds via the "STRIPE" credit card system is not practical. PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION TO: jen@peacemakernational.com PLEASE INCLUDE: - YOUR FULL MAILING ADDRESS - STATE "REFUND" OR "CREDIT" NOTE: - If you choose "CREDIT" We will apply your credit to our master match refund document. You can redeem throughout the year when shooting PNTC matches or when shopping in the PNTC store through 2017. We will begin processing refunds on or before Sept 15th depending upon our ability to contact and receive shooter addresses. If you have any additional questions, please email me atcole@peacemakernational.com or call me at 304-229-4867 Thanks, Cole McCulloch & The PNTC Match Team
  5. I have not received any email cancellation notice. My shooting buddy did last night. I guess I will have to contact the range for my refund. Sad to see this match die. I had been looking forward to it
  6. I sure hope it is. I would like some idea as to what the stages will be like so I can plan my ammunition and belt configuration.
  7. Ok.... so team Canada was turned around at the New Your border...... looks like a drive around the lake is now in order. Well that is if Michigan let's us in. Should be arriving about 2 am now. What a screwed up morning!
  8. Psst................Team Canada seems to have been left off the squad list. I would hate to drive the 8 hours and be left crying on the sideline... I do note that not all the slots are full. I assume it can all work out.
  9. Damn...........that means I need to get ready!!! See you all there!
  10. I registered Monday evening and received confirmation ( as did my friend) but that is all we have heard. Are we in? Wait-listed? Or sitting on the side-lines sobbing in our drinks.? No option to squad etc.........
  11. In the testing that I witnessed the gun was NOT at all in the same position for the first shot, and for the second was likely in a different zip code.
  12. What a great trip! What a great match! What a great squad...........well everyone there actually. Special thanks to Dean and the RO crew for such a well run match. I was wondering if there is a full list of the match sponsors posted or if that can be done? Oh and a HUGE thank you to Bryan 45 for saving the Canadian Team an extrea 5 hour drive around the lake to return our gear. See you at Rockcastle!
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