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  1. As an avid trash talker the best thing you can do is do it back, but don’t get mad...men talk sh&$ constantly! It’s not meant to be hurtful, it’s just a trash talking...if you are the type of guy who doesn’t understand male behavior and only takes offense to it as a personal attack...then you probably shouldn’t have a gun bench
  2. I got the gun in a trade and really enjoy it. I haven't reloaded in years and don't want to spend money on the gun if I cant do major...I am planning on reloading agin soon though. the bench
  3. I have a glock 22 with extensive work done to it. full weight/size magwell flat faced 2.5lb trigger everything is stippled with the finger grooves removed and "hump reduced" slide is lightened with glock 34 style cut on the top with a kkm barrel ported through the previously mentioned slide cut.. it is still a 40 s&w and I am not changing that...anybody know if it will still make major power factor reliably? the barrel is stock length it has pretty much the same recoil as my current braked open gun...thinking about getting my delta point milled in and giving it a shot the bench
  4. or was it exactly what he needed to hear? too many "mommies special little angels" these days...tough love is often required
  5. steel load? sounds painful! totally a sign of massive dehydration
  6. have you considered the technique I refer to as "being a man"? it requires you to focus and get the job done instead of being violently shaking and nervous like a virgin on her wedding night....highly recommend you try it
  7. yes, because uspsa has become the biggest damn special snowflake challenge...which is why they now allow women...heard the sorry bastards were sponsoring Hilary for 2020 too! its all a big damn joke anymore...im out
  8. why buy a whole new slide? carver and a bunch of other companies will mill your current slide and re-coat it for $150 the bench
  9. haha understatement of the year! but I agree with all of this the bench
  10. If for precision only I would recommend the SSA-E or national match...I would never recommend a single stage for absolute precision.. single stage are great for fast and accurate...but not absolute precision in an AR setup... the bench
  11. Anyone have any heavy use experience with this optic? I got one in a trade and mounted it to my mk18...I like it a lot, but only put about 100 rounds through it. the bench
  12. so, someone wishes violence against me for a non-violent post and I respond....yet, I am the one with attitude? very objective of you... the bench
  13. Free speech shouldn't be allowed? This is why I don't associate with lesser states..if you can't respect other people's constitutional rights, then I have nothing for you. i choose Texas because it's one of the last few saving bastions in the union that hasn't been neutered by liberal bleeding heart special snowflake types such as yourself, who are hell bent on taking other people's constitutional rights for special interests. the bench
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