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  1. jw3378

    CZ 75 red dot

    The screws were all good. I took the dot off to see if the slide had been milled because it'd replace my beretta for production. With the recovered money I'd pick up a new rear sight and fiber front
  2. jw3378

    CZ 75 red dot

    Yeah! That's the one. You think the package is a good value? Don't know how hard it'd be to sell that or if I just keep it and have the necessitis for Carry optics
  3. jw3378

    CZ 75 red dot

    Went into a local gun shop and in the used section there was a 75B with a CZ branded red dot on it. The mount was merely a dovetail mount and the base of the sight fit the contour of the slide perfectly. Is this sight a discontinued item from CZ rhat I'm not aware of? The price for the package and 3 mags was 550 with a pretry low round count. Is it worth the cash and how hard would it be to sell that red dot? TIA, Jakob W.
  4. is there a muzzle support system offered for the Alpha X?
  5. No opinions or other suggestions?
  6. Looking to move to a legitimate race holster for my limited rig. Based on the title it's clear which of the two I'm considering at this point. Would live to hear some opinions and other recommendations. The only requirement I have is that there is a muzzle support system. Thank you, Jakob
  7. Chip McCormick mags are popular and as well as the Wilson Combat 47T's. If you're looking for some let me know. I have a few Wilson's to part with.
  8. Not a direct replacement to the trek-lock, just a mounting hardware collectively that is constructed out of metal
  9. Are there any products on the market that are just the mounting hardware that I could replace a tek-lock with that are a metal construction?
  10. I came across a deal on a BOSS that I couldn't pass. I now have the question, for single stack, is there a metal holster mount that offers the 2" offset with no drop? I'm really not a fan of plastic mounting hardware.
  11. Have only heard great things about the BOSS other than how it runs down the lug. Just saw the Springer precision hanger and it looks to be exceptionally nice as well. Has anyone had any experience between the two? Merry Christmas and God bless
  12. It had a green DP fiber optic front that was very thin, i did quite like it. It did show some moderate to heavy holster-ware, but other than that, the lock up was very nice and extremely smooth, the slide fit was not unbelievably good but more then acceptable, the machining on the front strap was very nicely done, and the trigger was very crisp at 3.5#. If anything I think this gun could hold me over long enough for me to decide if I'd want to solely commit to single stack and move to the top of the quality ladder. At that point it would make a wonderful back up for not a lot of coin
  13. I know it's not the Trojan, but went to a local shop today and stumbled upon a STI Spartan used by the owner (who I know very well) for $625 with one Tripp mag and the front strap checkeeing. Would this be reasonable option as well? Seems like a very good deal to me. Thanks gents
  14. I'm leaning towards the ROO due to the added weight of the front rail
  15. I really like the Dawson CRO RO but it only comes in 9mm
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