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  1. Awesome! I appreciate the information, I figured you guys would know it cold, and I was right! Unfortunately I wasnt able to work out a trade deal with the seller, so my first cz will have to wait a bit longer! Thanks again to everyone for their help!
  2. Hi, I'm looking to pick up a nice 625 JM that's had some incredible trigger work done. It will come with about 40 moon clips, demooner, etc. What is it realistically worth in today's market? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, forgive my newness, but I have a few questions about a CZ pistol I might be able to buy. It's a Shadow 1, looks like some type of mag extensions and has a trigger job. I've dealt with the seller before, hes always been straight up and has very nice stuff so I have no doubt this one is in excellent condition as well. My first question is if course, what's it worth? Fair retail price please, I'm trying to establish a true value. Secondly, I see the shadow 2's all the time, do they still make the 1's? What made them different from a normal cz75? Your help and opinion is greatly appreciat
  4. I'm in central iowa so thankfully I can have 21s. But if youd like to PM me your price I could use the legion basepads....thanks!
  5. Lol, I sent off an email to Troy, I'll post when he responds...thanks for your help guys!
  6. Uhhhh, guys? This was a question about a part for an x5....not a single stack question! Does anyone know how to get ahold of Troy to ask my question directly? Thx
  7. How does one go about asking "Troy"? I'm new to uspsa! All your help is much appreciated!
  8. But it wont be a magwell, no flaring.
  9. I'd like to have a "non magwell" made for my x5 which I use in CO. It would restore the factory length (I have big hands) and part of the factory weight (I'm guessing it will be aluminum) but no more. And the opening would be identical to the factory polymer part of the grip, not exceeding 1/4" beyond the mag width. Would this be legal? Thanks for your opinion!
  10. I have a new to me x5 legion. I understand the magwell has to be removed for uspsa CO and production class. But I have big hands and I like the length! Does anyone make an extension that replaces the magwell but is within the "1/4" larger than the mag" limit? Thanks!
  11. Found one this weekend, traded my 10-22 competition gun for it. Now I need mags....a red dot....holster.....grip tape....ugh!
  12. Did some more research, seems there is a legitimate problem w the bigger triangles washing out. So guess I'll keep on looking!
  13. 12.9 moa triangle that you can zero to put your rounds on the top point, self illuminating (going on a carry optics gun so used during the day) so no batteries, no electronics to fail....seems like a great choice. But I seldomly see them. Am I missing something??? Clue me in? Thx!
  14. That sounds like a good buy. I've been watching ads, no luck yet!
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