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  1. Two years lurking and now ready for my first post. I bought this 2011 edge almost two years ago and had it set up for major loads then wanted to run minor. The gunsmith I bought it from said to just change the spring and all would be good. I had some problems with the last round in the magazine not feeding properly, so I lowered the spring again on his recommendation. It now runs like a champ, but I saw this area last night when cleaning and it got me worried. I currently shoot 40 S&W 165g at about 850ft/sec and a ISMI 10lb spring. The original guide rod was removed and replaced and he put in a shock buff as well. Any help would be appreciated. The area in question is circled in red and it looks like it has been smashed compared to the right side
  2. Do you guys also change out the striker spring or just the recoil spring? I see a lot of discussions about OOB and the damages it can cause to the gun and the shooter. I have a new 34 and 35 gen 4 and had planned to just change the recoil springs and guide rods to #13 and 15 respectively. But now I am questioning having to replace other things as well. It will be strictly a competition gun. Thanks
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