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  1. It looks like the dust cover is the standard length that's on the Limited gun, and then they notched out the comp to fit that frame. Maybe they felt the gun shot a little flatter with the extra weight on the frame, who knows. If people don't like the extra weight, they can remove some of that dust cover.
  2. If there is nothing wrong with the gun, another possibility is that she could be catching bullet fragments from people shooting on the other side of the range. I've shot indoor matches where I've been hit by ricochet pieces of lead that have stuck in me, which sucked. What color was the piece that stuck in her jacket ? Thanks,
  3. It almost looks like little particles of the ceiling falling down from the concussion of the barrel ports. Not saying that's what it is, but this is what would happen to me when I shot my open gun at an indoor range. I blew out a few light bulbs too. As others have said take a look at the entire gun from brass to baffles, and we hope you find the answer.
  4. gunnit

    Cracked comp

    If you decide to cut it back and keep using it, Don't cut the side ports in it. It still might weaken the metal between the side ports and the top port, and you might get another crack to form. JMHO.
  5. ksf141 : between the 9 and 38 Tanfoglio open guns, 9 major can sometimes can be a bit finicky to get it to run with 100 % reliability. Some guys have no problems with 9, others manually throw their bullets at the targets to get their hits. 38 Super/Supercomp guns run much better, yes a bit louder, but I have been around other ported guns that were pretty harsh too. As mentioned by the others above, there are a lot of things to consider when throwing down some serious hard earned cash. Always if possible, find someone in your area who will let you shoot theirs. You really do need to find out if this is going to feel good in your hands, or even if your going to enjoy shooting it at all.
  6. I think the 171mm magazine only comes in 38 SUP . eaacorp.com part # 101954. As stated above it has been a long time since they got these back in stock.
  7. As mentioned above, usually you see that in the open guns 9 / 38 because of the major power factor, but nowhere near that severe. Every Tanfoglio open shooter Iv'e talked to has a slight peen to there top lugs, and most would still get 50 + thousand rounds out of them. However in those pictures, there is definitely more than normal wear, which I don't hear to much out of a 9minor Tanfo. I spoke to one other Tanfo open gun builder a few years back about severely peened top lugs. He said that usually there is something really out of alignment or timing to cause the lugs to get that bad. You can try to gently remove those massive burrs and clean it up a little, but unfortunately there may or may not come a day where the slide and barrel will lock together, about quarter to a half inch out of battery. At that point you'll take a rubber mallet, and beat the slide forward until you can get the take down pin out, and slide the top end off. You can try a new barrel and hope that the last one was not machined correctly, but as mentioned above there may be something else wrong with the gun. Possibly with the machining of the slide or maybe the position of the slide stop pin, (who knows, just my own speculation,) in which case you might just chew up another barrel. Might be best to just buy a new gun, JMHO. As already said unfortunately these are still pretty much off the shelf guns and the QC is not always top of the line. All that being said, for the money these are still nice guns to play with in competition, and I like them a lot.
  8. I appreciate the response, glad to hear that your happy with the gun. A buddy was thinking about looking into an Atlas build also, and he's comparing it to a few other builders he's also checking out. It's completely understandable being hesitant on doing some dremel or sanding work on a very expensive new build. Just wait until you feel comfortable doing it. For now shoot the bejeezes out of it and enjoy yourself. Good luck with your matches this year, and thanks again for your comments.
  9. Shmella: You mentioned it was your EVO grip , are you doing this to your Atlas built open gun ? And If so, how do you like shooting the gun in general ? Hows it running for you ? It is a great looking gun by the way.
  10. I understand that, I'm just trying not to rule any possibilities out.
  11. Your probably correct on the extractor possibly being the culprit. It does appear to be loose in the short video when you slowly pull the slide open and the round just falls out.. Remove the extractor and take a look for any chips in it, and if you want you can try an extra power wolff spring. Install the wolff spring first, and if there is no movement with the extractor, than only cut a 1/2 a coil off at a time, and keep checking until you get the desired result from the extractor. Also take a look at the tip of the ejector to make sure it is still all there. Possibly look at the underneath of the slide at the bottom of the breech face and see if there is a sharp edge there. Sometimes that might need a very slight contour to it, to help with feeding issues, I don't think after 5000 rounds this would contribute to your problems, but after playing with the extractor it might be something else to look at if your still having issues. Some guys are having a few problems with there new Tanfoglio MBX mags and others are fine, it might need to be tuned a little but I'm not sure. I would have suggested going to an RN bullet but you have 5000 rounds of JHP with no problems till now, and the pic with the empty case jammed in the slide may suggest that you are probably correct about it being an extractor issue.
  12. The Tanfoglio Gold Team does not come with any sights, ( ie no red dot or mount ), but they are available. It may come with 2 barrels a few springs possibly 2 mags and maybe cleaning kit.
  13. No problem. I needed to have a few extra myself.
  14. ELMateo487, you can find them at benstoegerproshop.com EAA/Tanfoglio Witness magazine catch spring ( 6.8 ) Recommend also getting the Magazine Catch Plunger too ( 6.7 ) Verify with them before ordering.
  15. Also maybe send an email to Eric Grauffel. He used it for his Open gun, and I believe he won a few matches with it too. With his experience, he should be able to help answer any questions you may have about it.
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