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  1. So as of the updated rules for production, can grind my safties flat? I don't want the single sided flat safety .
  2. Should I be concerned about these machine marks on the barrel down by the peanut? If so how should I remove them?
  3. You can wiggle the pin in my slide stop. My other slide stop pin in my other stock 2 does the same thing. I have no problems with the back up.
  4. The gun is clean, that was the first thing i did. If it was a recoil spring i think it would happen more consistently rather than a couple times on a stage. I have shot a stock 2 for 3yrs. And never had a problem with my thumb coming in contact with the slide. I just bought this gun off some one who just threw parts in the gun. I went through the gun fitted and polish everything to make is correct. The slowing down part i think is when the slide is moving to the rear of the gun. It doesn't cause any malfunctions or feeding problems. And yes this is a question if anyone has experienced this pro
  5. For the last 2 matches i have noticed the slide cycling oddly like something is hanging up or slowing it down. It only happens a couple times per stage, and have not had a chance to reproduce the problem in practice yet. Nothing in the gun looks like there is unusual markings or wear on any of the parts. It is a stock 2 with 1 piece sear, titan hammer, bolo, ex.firing pin block, henning guide rod, 8lb. Recoil spring, and the barrel is reamed. I can definitely say it is not a ammo problem.
  6. I'm running android tablets for praticscore. How do you create a master shooter list so when people sign in their name is already there. We have just been loading a previous match so the people's names come up....but im sure there is a better way
  7. Western PA Sectional JULY 13, 14, and 15 2018 Clairton Sportsmen club in Clairton Pennsylvania Match fee is $90 which includes lunch and a match shirt. It will be 9 stages plus chrono Registration is on Practiscore
  8. Yeah I do have a set of them and I do like them.
  9. How thin are the Lok gips in comparison to the scales. Do they have any palm swell or are they flat
  10. Besides the new par times, is there any new drills or info in this book? I have his last dry fire book.
  11. I use Liquid Grip it doesn't leave a lot of white residue of over your gun
  12. I like E3 a lot 3.7gr. 132pf. out of a Glock 34
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