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  1. 8.5gr Hs-6 with PD 124gr JHP 1.230 AOL . It's 166 pf Adam said you don't need to run a high PF. I have run it all the way up to 178 PF and keep coming back down. But I only shoot club matchs. Also HS-6 varies buy lot to lot, this is all newer powder.
  2. My Chaos 38sc has two holes and shoots just fine. The only thing that I did was have Adam send a couple different recoil springs. I like the 8 1/2 pound spring a lot better then the spring that came with the gun. I received my gun in February of 2018.
  3. I think the chaos 9 major has two holes and the new 38sc have the 3 holes. I have a older Chaos 38sc got it in February 2018 and it has 2 holes and it's just fine. I though about have the other hole put in but the gun works and shoots flat, with very little dot movement. I shoot with a guy that has 4 3/16 holes in mid size slide and his load is a lot hotter to make major and his gun is much louder then mine.
  4. If you think are chaos is heavy. I know a couple people the are going to have a new open gun built with the new cheely heavy frame.
  5. I think that world be a good place to start at. And that should be a short flat.
  6. Med flat, but I had a GM tell me to try a short flat to help with trigger freeze.
  7. I'm all for atlas chaos. It's only a three month wait, or you can get one in three days but it will cost you more. I can't say enough good things about them.
  8. I use one buff but never tried two. I'll have to check that out.
  9. Im very sorry for what happened to you, and hope you get better soon. Please buy the right insert for your holster. The old CK grip used the SV insert. I have two open guns and both have different grips so I have two insert. If I try to put the gun in the wrong insert it does not fit good.
  10. Steelix

    Budget or Fancy?

    More balanced in the hand, it just feels better.
  11. I thought SVI stopped making 9mm open guns.
  12. Steelix

    Budget or Fancy?

    I would see if you could try someone else gun with a steel grip before you buy one. I would not shoot a open gun without a steel grip, but there are a few guys in my club that still do. Finish is up you, But you could put a finish on it now and then add the grip after you have tried someone's else gun with it. As the grip is stanless steel and I see a lot of unfinished grip's on guns.
  13. I'm shooting 38sc and HS-6. I have been all over the place with my loads to. I started out high 182pf and then 178pf shot that for awhile and then went down to 172pf liked that a lot more. I got a older lot of powder that was real slow so was trying different loads. I still haven't found anything for the old powder that I like as it's real slow, 8.7gr of the new hotter powder is 172pf the old slower powder is 160pf. And the old powder is lighter in wieght too. But I did play more with the newer powder, and found 169pf is the best shooting that gun has ever shot.
  14. If your getting a great deal on the gun you will have the extra money to buy the brass. Or you can have the barrel changed out.
  15. There's a 9mm chaos, posted up for sale in classifieds. He doesn't say why he selling it.
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