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  1. Hmmm Did you read who's blog that this was from? I'm sure you've got just as many, probably more, National Championships as Nils, so your opinion matters most. "load right" - the guy loads ammo for a living
  2. 9mm Major Cons: 1. Erratic ejection because of mixed headstamps 2. Unreliable with upright mounted C-mores “because of #1” 3. Snappy compared to Supercomp 4. limited powder choices when making major 5. short brass life “2-3 reloads max” 6. Need to use micro dot sight or side mounted C-more https://nilsjshooting.com/2016/08/25/open-guns-9mm-or-38-supercomp/ Get a microdot. Nils knows a little bit.
  3. Powder: VihtaVouri 3N38 Primer: CCI 550 (SPP Magnum) OAL: 1.225 Bullet: Montana Gold JHP Weight: 124gn fps PF 9.4 gn 1391 172.48 1379 171.00 1394 172.86 1386 171.86 1399 173.48 1388 172.11 1393 172.73 9.6 gn 1417 175.71 1421 176.20 1416 175.58 1419 175.96 1410 174.84 1415 175.46 1406 174.34 Image show: No pressure signs 9.4 at the bottom, 0.2 increments to 10.0 at the top
  4. For those of you thinking about putting those big beautiful eyes behind the most affordable and functional 1-8x on the market... . This is for you . "WIGGINSXP8" at atibalsights.com for 20% off the XP8. That's a 1-8 for $320. Your welcome. #iloveyoutoo #rapidview #brasstip
  5. Should be good. As they said engaged not the same as hit.
  6. M2 is a beautiful thing shoots the cheap stuff and has a dope name on the side
  7. I use Competitive Edge's case. Been good for a bunch of flights.
  8. NP3 from Robar! It's sexy and will make it easier to clean.
  9. Usually there cannot be one on the gun... all must come from your belt or the ammo location.
  10. I have a weekend slot that I will be unable to attend. Willing to discuss...
  11. Speed is the divisor. Same hits, move faster.
  12. Very little when using round nose... .005ish when using JHP
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