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  1. zeroryde

    3 Shadow 2s after a season of shooting

    Nice write up. Wanted to ask which dawson sight height did you go with. I initially went with a 240" x 100 and I believe I fitted mine incorrectly as I filed the dovetail sides instead of the base so now after several matches I'd find the front sight working itself loose even with blue Loctite on the set screw. So I put the original back on but I'm used to the 100 and now I want to get another one but I remember when I had the 240 I had to adjust elevation a bunch of clicks. Just wondering how you like the .90?
  2. zeroryde

    Glock 33-Round Magazine Deformation?

    Forgot to mention this happened on all my Glock mags... 33rd, 17rd and 10 rd
  3. zeroryde

    Glock 33-Round Magazine Deformation?

    This literally happened to me last month during a match and rounds kept on jamming. I thought it was due to a dirty mag since the range is mostly sand. I have a match tomorrow and was going to bring the pcc out again and decided to practice reloads last night. I found out my mags weren't ejecting and I had to pull them out. I decided to load one into my G34...and it wouldn't even fit...then I saw the same time and i tapped it back into place with a small nylon hammer. I wonder if it's dragging on the bolt... I have a frankenbuild Spike's lower and stripped upper with a faxon bolt and JP barrel.
  4. zeroryde

    Brass Juice Pistol Case Lube

    Ive used this recently as a recommendation from a friend as pins are not needed and I'm throughly impressed. The insides of the cases were really clean after 3 hrs in a Frankfort wet tumbler. I bought a gallon of the cleaner and they gave me a small sample spray bottle of their case lube and I believe it works better than one shot. It has a minty smell to it as well and no sticky residue.
  5. zeroryde

    What do you recommend to get Match video

    I was happy with my Aimcam Pro 2 until it crapped out on me during Area 8 yesterday. In contact with them to get a replacement.
  6. 135 BBI TC, 3.4 gn sport pistol, Winchester primer, 1.12 oal pf 132
  7. zeroryde

    Shadow 2 mag over insertion

    Are you still running the Hennings out of curiosity? I know Patriot Defense just came out with CZ basepads just last week that prevent over insertion but Hennings are cheaper especially when bought in the same quantity. I'm currently running springers but was worried about the box... Even when everyone said they fit. Just looking for a change for 5 new mags I'm about to buy.
  8. zeroryde

    Atlas Chaos Open Gun [Video Review]

    Man.. I'm just a lousy CZ production shooter but now I want one...great video. Very well put together.
  9. zeroryde

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    Can I ask where were you able to purchase a spare slide? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. zeroryde

    Shadow 2 owners do you shoot 147 during competitions?

    I use the same, 135 TC Blue Bullets with Alliant Sport Pistol. I went from 124 to 147 then to 135 which I found was a middle ground for me in regards to snap/sluggishness. I've had 147s tumble on me before for some reason, probably my fault.
  11. zeroryde

    Shadow 2 basepads - springer or shock bottle?

    Easier to grab from the pouch in my opinion and drive up the magwell.
  12. zeroryde

    Red vs Green Fiber Optic front sight

    Green, but then again I'm color blind and red is sometimes hard for me to pick up in general
  13. zeroryde

    Boss vs Springer hanger for Production

    Very interesting... Started with the BOSS on a RHT like everyone else.. got my second RHT holster for my CO gun and decided to get the Springer hanger too and it's on my prod rig now. I'm thinking of swapping them back because I'm close to 2" after I attended an RO cert class and the instructor measured me. Boss has the option of getting shorter 1/4 spacers just in case. Might try this setup on my Springer now
  14. zeroryde

    Holusun users question

    Any reviews for the Green Dot version. I just found out about it through a 2018 shot show video and saw compared to the red one, that it's a lot brighter and helps with people with red/green color blindness. I run green fiber on my production guns and was wondering if a green dot is similar that it pops out more....of course it's all personal preference. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk