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  1. I got a BCM SPR build in 556 & a Compass Lake .22 LR upper built like the BCM. I bought the CL 22 upper as a cheap way to practice on my SPR lower without spending a fortune on ammo, but I am questioning the merits of my decision. I mostly shoot at simulated distance targets at 25 yards designed to simulate targets at 50, 100, and 200 yds. But obviously the recoil and possibly the wind drift and drop are very different. Would I be better off selling the 22LR upper and just buying more 556 to practice with? Thanks.
  2. Your assumption is correct. Sorry I forgot to mention in original post.
  3. I have been thinking about jumping into the PCC division and have a few questions. I have pretty much settled on the JP GMR-15, however I am not sure which optic or magazines to get. Currently I am leaning towards a Aimpoint Comp M5 for the optic because I want something that is not made in a developing country (China, Philippines) as I don’t trust the quality control of optics made in those countries. I also want an optic that takes a readily available battery (AAA for the comp m5). Is the Comp M5 competitive in PCC? For magazines I was thinking of running a 33 round Glock mag with the Taylor Freelance +20 extension as my starter magazine with 3 additional Glock 33 rounders on the belt for stages with mandatory reloads. This would give me back up “big mags” in case the mag with the +20 extension failed. I will use the DAA Glock extended mag-pouch spacer in my DAA racer mag pouches. Would this mag set-up be competitive? Thanks.
  4. What make & model of grips do you have on your TS?
  5. I have been contemplating sending off my TS to have the frame reduced by removing the checkering on the front and back strap and by undercutting the trigger guard and beaver tail to make the TS grip more similar to the SP-01 shadow grip. For those of you that have done the frame reduction on your TS, do any of you regret doing so? Thanks.
  6. I can feel a noticble difference in the DA stroke when going from a 15 to 18 lb mainspring, did you try it in DA? SA is much harder to discern, but I can tell.
  7. I didn't 100% ignition with federal bulk pack 22lr until I went up to a 18lb spring.
  8. Adding this kit and dawson precision sight cut my group sizes down signficantly. The trigger is much lighter and easier to shoot accurately. I would highly recommend it. I shoot my pro as good as my CZ 75 now.
  9. I am a gun tinkering novice and I did it. I would not attempt anything though until you have plenty of time. Just go slow and follow the directions in Randy's video.
  10. Anyone get any light strikes with this spring kit with factory ammo?
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