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  1. I got a BCM SPR build in 556 & a Compass Lake .22 LR upper built like the BCM. I bought the CL 22 upper as a cheap way to practice on my SPR lower without spending a fortune on ammo, but I am questioning the merits of my decision. I mostly shoot at simulated distance targets at 25 yards designed to simulate targets at 50, 100, and 200 yds. But obviously the recoil and possibly the wind drift and drop are very different. Would I be better off selling the 22LR upper and just buying more 556 to practice with? Thanks.
  2. Your assumption is correct. Sorry I forgot to mention in original post.
  3. I have been thinking about jumping into the PCC division and have a few questions. I have pretty much settled on the JP GMR-15, however I am not sure which optic or magazines to get. Currently I am leaning towards a Aimpoint Comp M5 for the optic because I want something that is not made in a developing country (China, Philippines) as I don’t trust the quality control of optics made in those countries. I also want an optic that takes a readily available battery (AAA for the comp m5). Is the Comp M5 competitive in PCC? For magazines I was thinking of running a 33 r
  4. I would get the CZC TS magwell that fits the IPSC box. I got the large TS magwell and had to remove a lot of material from it & the CZC basepads to get the mags to lock in and drop freely. I ended up having to bead blast my basepads because they were so ugly after I was done. CZC really needs to watch the tolerances on some of their parts.
  5. Just picked up one of these scopes and need a mount for my 556 AR-15. Here are my priorities from most important to least important: 1 retain/hold zero 2 quick detach 3 won't DEFORM the rail when used properly, I understand it may leave some cosmetic marks, 3 allows the use of a folding back up iron sight 4 robust, bombproof construction 5 allows proper eye relief 6 ease of installation, will allow use of wheeler torque wrench 7 will return to zero after being removed 8 price 9 weight Right now I am leaning towards this: http://www.bobroengineering.com/view/product/18/ Thanks
  6. Ditto, if I had to do over I would have just gotten the CZUB or CZC IPSC magwell.
  7. For pouches I run DAA racer mag pouches (plastic), buy them from CED and they will include a free modified spacer for the TS. I tried CR speed, DAA universal, and ghost 360, but the DAA with the modified spacer worked the best. For holster I run a blade tech pouch on a ben stoeger boss hanger.
  8. I have not tried anything, I was always gripping the gun hard, just not to the point that I induced tremors. Per the Leatham vid and my own facilties of discernment I decided to just continue gripping the gun the way I always had.
  9. Is the factory trigger plastic or metal?
  10. Thinner grips also help with reaching the safety. http://czcustom.com/CZ-Thin-Medium-Silver-Grips.aspx
  11. Hard, my deadlift work set is 455lbs for 7 reps. I have a strong grip, but when I death grip the gun I get tremors, I would bet most people have tremors when the squeeze at 100%.
  12. I am reading Ben Stoeger's Practical Pistol: Fundamental Techniques and Competition Skills book. Ben recommends gripping the gun hard, but if I grip the gun as hard as I can, my hands start to tremor causing the front sight to move around. Is it really advisable to grip the gun so hard your hands start to tremor causing the front sight to move around?
  13. 3. What weight recoil spring should I use with a particular load? This is a very common but hard question to answer in exact terms and in most cases an exact answer is not possible. There are many factors which influence the correct weight recoil spring to use. These factors include the particular ammunition brand and load, individual pistol characteristics, individual shooting styles and your individual, subjective feeling of how the gun shoots and should feel. The factory spring weight is designed to operate the pistol with what would be considered average loads, plus or minus a little.
  14. In all my semi auto handguns I run the heaviest recoil spring I can with the ammo I use and still get 100% reliablity. For my SP-01 this means a 14lb recoil spring with a 13lb hammer with a 115gr load at 135 PF. For factory CZ mag springs I could see this causing malfunctions, but no problems for me with 10% mag springs or mecgar mag springs. CZ OEM mag springs are notoriously weak. For my 40 TS this means a 16lb recoil spring with the factory hammer spring (20lbs ?) with a 165gr load at 175PF. I probably have close to 40000 rounds or more in my CZ's and have yet to break a slide stop.
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