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  1. But it looks so good when you get good at it....
  2. I have only shot one match that minor really would have paid off and it was because the match director was shooting single stack minor. I am shooting a 40SW currently because I run 10 round Tripp 10mm mags and can declare minor if I want to. If you don't want to go 40SW I would for sure do 45ACP just to keep the major. You plan on shooting single stack just embrace the suck and practice reloads. I constantly beat B and A class Limited shooters even with the lower mag capacity. I see a lot of people leave the SS game because of reloads but I love them. Make it hard and still chase down the high cap guys.
  3. Thanks for that advice detail stripping and reassembly isn't an issue, over the last two years I have solely shot single stack in USPSA. I have fit new safety's to the guns and changed sights no dozens of handguns. I probably will buy all new EGW parts just so I the event that I do goof up somewhere I still have the factory parts. Or in the unlikely chance I sell it I can put it back to factory.
  4. I have not but that might be something I am interested in going to go check it out.
  5. The true radius tool is def on the list to purchase found a few reviews on it that were pretty impressive.
  6. It is more about learning the process and getting an understanding of the process. Making the trigger better is a plus to that process.
  7. I have a desire to learn so I would like to take a current 1911 and clean up the trigger and make is slightly lighter. I am looking for advice on jigs, files, stones. I am pretty mechanically inclined so I am not afraid to take this job on but I am defiantly looking for anyone's input that has done a trigger job or does this for a living.
  8. I have a set of DSPerman grips they are very close to my 2011... I have the PosiTec grips showing up next week to try out.
  9. I was considering this magwell on a future gun. I am curious how it would compare to using the Dawson ICE... I have pretty much fell in love with the ICE but the Chen looks so clean.
  10. Yeah that is what I thought I guess he taught my ass a lesson I think about him on every unloaded start
  11. What brand barrel did you go with shoot me a pm if you would please. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  12. Spoke with them today they said probably 15 days till they get any.
  13. I haven't tried that yet I will switch that around this am and see if it makes a difference Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  14. I had to rig a spring up to stop it from dropping 2 at a time even if the bullets were oriented in the correct direction. I have might have to fine tune the MBF a little more it doesn't happen a ton but enough that it would be concern to me. I am running 180 gr RNFP Blue Bullets with 4.8 grains of powder. I think it would be pretty hard to seat 2 in the same case but I don't have a Mark 7 as of now so I guess I am not sure if the digital clutch would catch it when it is set with enough force to resize reliably. (What I was referring to as Jam Sense idk where I got that from lol).
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