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  1. I've been using RMR 124 Gr. Match winners for a few years, tried the 147 gr version yesterday, I may switch, they felt softer to me as the same PF
  2. evild

    Shadow SP01 Frame

    Might be interested in the slide if you want to sell it.
  3. I went through 2 lbs of this powder, havec2 left but I tried Clean Shot and I'm sold on it. Side by side comparasion it feels way softer than CFE and TG
  4. You need to run a drill bit through it to open up the bullet area. After you do that it works great. Had to do both my 9 and 40. Piss poor design. I wouldn't ever recommend them.
  5. Canik TP9SFX, TG was 3.9 at 1.130, CFE was 3.5 at 1.100, don't remembers the other loads, i lost my data sheet for those probably around thecsame at TG
  6. Yes, thecGen 4 adapter is optional, i didn't like thecway it felt with out. I may switch to a Sig 320 rod because it's heavier
  7. Try for your self tho, this was just 1 aspect of it, you may like thecway the others feel or meter or consistancy...
  8. I tested these 4 powders with Blue bullets and a few that I cast and powder coat myself. Sorry if you donxt have the Facebook, but thats where the vid lives. Synopsis, they all smoke. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=450813392075125&id=1140847705979081
  9. Been running mine since January. Glock tungsten captured guide rod with 12 lb springe, Glock reduced power plunger spring and Glock 5.5 lb striker spring. Gun runs 100% with Federal spp and 99% with S&B. My trigger pull is under. 2.5 lbs.
  10. 1.130, jacketed RMR match winner, 3.9 gr TG, 131 pf from my TP9SFX
  11. Finally got to shoot a decent amount today. CFE is just as smokey as TG with coated bullets.
  12. Run of the mill fmj factory 147 os going to be about 140-150 pf. As mentioned above, there are places that make it geared toward USPSA
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