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  1. fatjoe123111


    I have used both Winchester and CCI and they both work great
  2. fatjoe123111

    First open gun

    I have a CK arms open gun for sale over in the classifieds. I have liked it and it shot great at Great Plains sectionals this past weekend. If you are interested PM me
  3. fatjoe123111

    Recoil springs

    No Buffer.
  4. fatjoe123111

    Recoil springs

    I’m running a 7lbs wolf speing in my CK arms. It works great and shoot nice and flat.
  5. fatjoe123111

    New CK Thunder Open

    My CK is just fine, running oal of 1.165 and works great. I can go longer if I wanted also.
  6. fatjoe123111

    Atlas Chaos Open Gun [Video Review]

    I currently have a CK arms open gun and it runs but im just not happy with it. Im really looking to get one of these now.
  7. fatjoe123111

    STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    Update. Got the gun open gun back from STI after a 2 month wait. Came back with a new mount and a rts2. Problems solved. Has been running great now.
  8. fatjoe123111

    STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    sent mine back to STI and it has been over 2 months haven't heard anything. They won't return calls or emails. It is ridiculous how bad of service they have!
  9. fatjoe123111

    Quad load holder

    I second taccom they have great products and are great to deal with!
  10. fatjoe123111

    170mm Open Mag options

    I also am just getting into open. I went with MBX. It seems like a toss up and luck on Mags. You might get luck and they run in your gun or you might have to do more running and changing springs and what not.
  11. fatjoe123111


    I agree CO isn’t going anywhere and it fills a gap between classes.
  12. fatjoe123111

    Need a bigger range bag

    These bags are amazing. You pay for it that’s for sure but worth it!
  13. fatjoe123111


    Yeah CO is definitely gaining popularity! I think that’s so to companies putting out red dots that are affordable and gun companies making rmr ready guns.
  14. fatjoe123111


    I said more like open not like open. You are right there are a lot of differences I agree. But I have always Called CO poor mans open because it’s like shooting open with out the things you stated above. CO in my eyes is more closely related to open than any other class. Back when it was 10 round max it was more like production. I love CO but personally I used it until I could get an open gun. For my area of shooting I was the only person shooting CO so I kind of compared myself to the open shooters maybe thats were my thinking comes from.
  15. fatjoe123111


    Yeah it is a plus for CO but it also makes CO more like open. I wish it was 10 rounds. I like CO a lot, but it wasn’t doing it for me so that’s why I switched to open.