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  1. Give Adam a call and he will answer all your questions. Don’t quote me but I think my Chaos is a PT frame ( that’s what they sell on their website). They use KKM barrels. I personally am a big fan of Atlas and am very happy with my Chaos. I haven’t had any reliability issues at all with it. You won’t be disappointed with an of the higher end gun manufacturers. If you want more of a custom gun with really fancy cuts and what not, you might want to lean more to SV. Atlas does do custom guns but I can’t speak to how custom they with make them. When I was shopping I was looking for a gun that just flat out runs and has great customer backing it. Wait time also played a role in my decision making.
  2. I run 4 on both my open and CO rigs. I start with the 4th mag. I like to have a back up mag incase one falls out while running or gets caught on a wall. Plus if you fumble a reload this will leave you with one extra mag just Incase.
  3. It’s 100% silicone, food coloring, and cornstarch. Took about 2 hours to cure. Look up proto putty on YouTube for instructions.
  4. I mounted the 510c to my open gun and used Proto Puddy aka Oogoo. It’s a mixture of silicone, food coloring, and cornstarch. Tapped off my optic and formed this moldable rubber around it. After it’s cured you can take it off trim to your liking and you have a rubber scope cover.
  5. I am also considering going to the Guga Ribas pouches. I’m not a fan of the DAA racer pouches I currently have.
  6. If you don't mind posting a picture I would appreciate that. Did you shoot it much without the blast shield and how dirty did it get?
  7. I have an atlas mount on order as well. Please update of your thoughts on the blast shields and maybe some pictures if possible
  8. Atlas makes great guns! Their customer service is top notch! If you ever have a problem you can give them a call and they will get it taken care of. The wait time is minimal compared to other companies, but you are not sacrificing quality.
  9. I have SV mags, STI gen2 mags, and MBX mags. They all work as long as you have them tuned right. Yes the sti mags need tuned when you get them. The mbx mags were good to go right away. But after a few months they all need retuned anyway so to me it’s not a big deal. My most recent mags are the STI mags because they are a better deal after their price drop.
  10. This why I just picked up a Holosun 510c. The window on the DPP is just to small. So hopefully the Holosun will fix that problem for me.
  11. I guess the other question is how confident are you that your chrono is right? Also if you shot on a sunny day the chrono can give you some wrong numbers.
  12. If I were going to put a new dot on my gun I would look at the Holosun 510c. Sig is coming out with a new optic also that has a massive window.
  13. Personally I like a smaller dot. The 2.5 DDP has been great! I did have a 6 MOA RTS2 and it was good as well. But I find that on further targets and steel plates I get better hits with the smaller dot.
  14. I just tried it in my Atlas Chaos and I’m going to start using it over HS-6. The only problem is finding the Shooters World.
  15. If you could take a picture of the tilted case that would be helpful. When I was having problems with 650 it was because the timing of the shell plate was off. So the case wasn't lining up with the die and would hang up on the side of it. I ended up fixing this problem by adjusting my roller cam.
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