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  1. Depends how many shotgun targets there are. It differs every time. I go with two Invictus 12rd caddies on the belt plus a 24rd vest. Usually I get to choose which I am going to use instead of wearing them all at the same time. It's nice to have options
  2. I have been shooting this comp for a while and found that actually drilling out the holes wasn't necessary for really good recoil management. Shoot it before you drill it and decide for yourself?
  3. Saturday 2 December 2017 After not posting for over a year, I want to summarize what happened in 2017 1) I opened a training company called Origin Shooting LLC 2) I partnered with Peacemaker, NRA and Green Ops to do some great classes 3) 56 people came through my program and learned some great stuff 4) I went to 3 major 3-gun competitions and had fun (3GNSC, 3GNAL, and Topton) Overall I'm pretty happy and looking forward to 2018
  4. If the targets you're going to shoot are small, then a barrel that gives tighter groups are going to be more important than a velocity gain if your max is 200 yards
  5. Monday 22 August 2016 After not posting for months I'm going to lump my recent experiences together. 1) NRA had another 3-Gun class which was great. The USMC Combat Shooting Team attended and the new recruits have serious potential. I taught the pistol portion of the class again and brought these guys out of their shell, they learned alot, and their performance gains were noticeable before and after. 2) The only major match I shot all year was Topton's 3 Man 3 Gun and it was glorious. On the first course of fire I shot a VTAC barricade rifle position fast & furious, wish I had video! Hell, I wish I had video of the whole day! My goal was to shoot a clean match and we crushed it. I was very happy with my performance. 3) Recently I went to Echo Valley and had a zeroing day where I took an experienced shooter and we re-zeroed his stuff to take the guesswork out of his gear. Irons is a different animal and having the best gear goes a long way. Figuring out how to maximize the performance envelope of what you're running is a must. 4) Recently I went to Bill's farm with another shooter and we did the same thing! Very good day. I expect one day this shooter to surpass me. 5) I took a shooter to the range for her first time ever and started with a .22 pistol. We focused on safety, gun handling, and the fundamentals of marksmanship. It was a good day. 6) I took the same new shooter back to the range to try a 9mm pistol. She shot my CZ Tactical Sport 9mm and proceeded to cut the bullseye out of the target at 5 & then 10 yards. Then she switched to a Glock 34 for the rest of the night and liked that even better! 7) I assembled my ground hog gun. The .223Rem 18 inch stainless Colt rifle that I won USCA Irons with, a Leupold 3-9x scope that I picked up off a prize table, a Vortex mount, and switched the Colt's muzzle brake for an AAC Brakeout. After screwing on my M4-2000, I went to Elite Shooting Sports and zeroed the gun comfortably on a bench with 77gr PMC. So now I've got dime sized groups that are 1 inch high at 100 yards and it should be pretty easy to take their cute furry little heads off while at my parents farm!
  6. My perception of time changes relative to the visual inputs I absorb each moment, but if I change focus to the perception of time itself then I have left the moment
  7. Moltke

    Vision and Action

    Here's what it says to me By understanding what to practice, and then actually going to practice, you can change your world
  8. See your sights on every target in your head before you shoot, play that mental movie again and again, and program yourself to be looking for those visual cues. Then when its time to shoot just relax, draw, and watch your front sight lift while you call the shots as acceptable or not. Make up the ones that didn't look or feel right, move when you need to move, reload when you need to reload, and put yourself on autopilot. If you truly embrace this then there will be no room for your conscious mind to distract you from shooting.
  9. Sunday 29 May 2016 This weekend I spent Sunday on Bill's farm shooting around just for fun, with no expectation of speed or accuracy, no timer and no pressure.
  10. Moltke

    Heaviest 9mm for wife

    Does the new tactical sport orange have a smaller grip? Or is that just something I imagined? Website says it weighs in at 3 pounds (aka 48 oz)
  11. What is the reason people don't use the FN anymore?
  12. Moltke

    Heaviest 9mm for wife

    Maybe I'm going about this wrong. Should the question really be - Staying with limited minor what gun shoots the softest? I could give her what I've got now and just add a thumb rest (because I don't have one currently).
  13. Bummer and thanks for the correction
  14. This wouldn't work? http://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/front-and-rear-sights/rear-sights/sp01-shadow-75-shadow-rear-sights/zdl-shadow-adjust-rear-sight.html "Shadow Adjustable Rear Sight Fits the SP01 Shadow and 75 Shadow rear sight dovetail. Adjustable for windage and elevation. This is an UPGRADED version of the sight sold on the CZ UB web site. We contracted with the manufacturer to be the supplier for the USA and has Several Substantial change made to this sight. We added set screw, different elevation screw and a stronger more reliable pivot pin. This is the same sight we use on the SP01 Shadow 2 as sold by CZ USA distributors. Requires a 7.5mm Front sight." Personally I've never liked the sight height guessing game so I just get an adjustable rear, zero, and move on - but hey, as long as you're zeroed!
  15. Moltke

    Heaviest 9mm for wife

    Thanks for the replies so far. I put this in the CZ sub-forum because that's what I shoot now, but what about other platforms?
  16. Moltke

    Heaviest 9mm for wife

    That's not usually what happens
  17. Moltke

    Heaviest 9mm for wife

    Without optics, comps or weights I'm looking for heavy 9mm suggestions for my wife. Right now she's okay firing my CZ Tac Sport 9mm with light loads but is there a better option? I'd like her to have her own training and competition pistol, and she's happy to trade more weight in the gun for less felt recoil. Also considering Tanfo's...
  18. Why not just get adjustable sights and zero the gun for point of aim at your desired distance
  19. Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier but there's also the FN SLP Competition, an out of the box ready to go gun. Hot option for a couple years and now you can probably get one used and way below retail.
  20. As far as non custom shop guns go Versamax Competition is ready off the shelf.
  21. I use Remington gun club but Federal or Winchester, it's all the same quality stuff. Gun go bang and bb's fly out! Find something your gun likes and stick with it, dont worry too much about gauge checking your shotshells.
  22. Just as bad as when people never reload in TV or movies, when someone draws their pistol and shoots 3rds then is at slide lock...
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