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Found 3 results

  1. 7 Feb - Went to Peacemaker and shot pistol & shotgun. It was a team practice focused on mainly getting 2014 gear figured out and zeroed. Pistol - Zeroed my new Dawson adjustable sights on my Glock 34 gen 3 pistol, as well as tried out the Zev standard drop in trigger unit. The lighter smoothed trigger assembly makes a nice difference from the OEM parts and barring and problems this is what I'll be running this year. My pistol is zeroed 2 inches high at 25 yards because I can't get the sights to go any lower, and shooting a 3-4 inch group while using a benchrest. I'm happy with those results for now but plan to get that group size down to a consistent 3" at 25 yards, and actually zeroed at 25 yards instead of shooting high. Shotgun - I also zeroed my Versamax Tactical shotgun to be dead on at 50 yards with Remington Sluggers. I was shooting a 5-6 inch group at 50 yards from a benchrest so there's alot of room for improvement here, however I am hitting where I'm actually aiming so its a good start. Since I had an adjustable rear sight installed on the Versamax, my slug shooting has improved vastly and I look forward to a year of shooting while not worried about slug targets. The last big match I went to was the first time I've gone 1 for 1 on all my slug targets and I could get used to that.
  2. First, I do not have a stake in this company. I have tested the imarksman DryFire app for the iPhone. I responded to a post on Facebook and was sent the app to test. As far as this program, I had also been following it online to find more information about it. There I could not locate that much information pertaining to it. I sent Andrey a few messages and he was more than happy to answer my questions. About 2 weeks later I bought it for my Birthday. My first problem I came across is that the iMarksman only works with Windows based PC'c, and all my computers are MAC's. Luckily, my wife had a Windows based laptop that I confiscated to use with it. Oh ya, I hate Windows, installing the program was easy. Dealing with the security in windows sucked. I contacted Andrey and he assisted me in dealing with the windows security. Did I mention I hate Windows. Once I got everything installed, I set everything up in my guest bedroom. After having a few issues with the calibration I decided to go back and read the instructions. Ya, I know I should have done that from the start. After spending the next few minutes reading everything I got it set up and calibrated with no problem. The current system with the IPSC software comes with the camera that captures the laser hits, tripod for the camera and the software. There are about 15 courses that come standard with the ability to create new and or modify the existing ones. You can add your own photos for the background on the stages you create. As far as targets to choose from, currently it only has the classic IPSC targets, poppers and classic no shoots. I have inquired as to USPSA targets being added. Andrey did state that he wanted to start with IPSC and add the USPSA targets in the near future. I am in the process of putting together a few stages to post videos of. When I first got everything set up and started dry firing, an hour went by before I knew it.
  3. June 7th, 8th 2014 $525 at CCC Shooting Complex, just S of College Station TX Contact Cat@cccshootingcomplex.com or 214-422-7793 All courses held at Cawthon Cartridge Club (CCC Shooters) Click here for MAP: http://www.ccctactical.com/find-us/ STAY AT THE HYATT: All guests of Cawthon Cartridge Club are able to get a discounted room rate of $89 by calling the Hyatt directly and using the promo code: CAWT Hyatt Place College Station 1100 University Drive East College Station, TX 77840 Phone: 979 846 9800 (Do NOT speak to nat’l reservations line, you MUST speak directly to Hyatt Place in College Station) The focus of the June 7th and 8th Combat Speed LLC training event at the Cawthon Cartridge Club Training Range will be the comprehensive technical and tactical use of the semi-automatic pistol. Training participants will be required to apply specific reality based safety concepts and specific training guidance that supports the continuous application of active security and safety measures for getting your pistol into action, keeping your pistol in action, and getting your pistol back into action with confidence and professionalism. Technical and tactical proficiency equals effectiveness. Effectiveness is the measure of skill. You are required to provide the minimum equipment stated herein to support the quality and smooth flow of your training; Be prepared to take notes! [This means have note-taking material…] You should have a basic first aid kit to treat yourself for minor cuts, scratches etc. to include a bottle of liquid tears / Visine for rinsing your eyes if needed. Also, you may want to have sunscreen and hand sanitizer. Have one pair of certified ballistic Eye & Ear protection. EYE PROTECTION MUST PROVIDE ADEQUATE COVERAGE OF YOUR EYES FROM THE SIDES. Prescription eyeglasses are acceptable but you must make sure they are ballistic rated.   Electronic hearing protection is recommended [but not mandatory], as it will allow you to hear the instruction better than if you are wearing earplugs and/or non-electronic hearing protection Have functional clothing that allows for a full range of physical motion, appropriate footgear and seasonal weather gear. Long pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended, you can roll up the sleeves if necessary. Open toed shoes are not acceptable nor are sandals – even if they have covered toes. They do not provide adequate protection from shrapnel and hot brass. Have a hat with a bill or brim. Ball caps and boonie hats are recommended. Flat-billed ball caps do not work to protect your face from flying brass as well as ball caps with curved bills. A bandana or shemagh can be wet down to keep you cool and also serve’s to keep hot brass from migrating down your shirt. Have a 5.11 type vest or suitable garment if you would like to incorporate aspects of working from concealment. Duty uniform & equipment is recommended for participating military personnel and/or law enforcement officers to include body armor and working gloves if your duty assignment requires them. Knee and Elbow pads are recommended. For your Pistol Training; have a reliable pistol of reputable manufacture with a minimum of 3 / 15 round magazines. Have the appropriate maintenance equipment & lubrication. Have a quality holster and 2 magazine carriers (1 double/2 singles). 1911 Single Stack Drivers have at least 5 / 8 round magazines. Have at least 10 each inert training round’s, they will be incorporated throughout training. You will need (and be loading) 1,200 rounds of ammunition over the course of 2 days. A pistol magazine loader (like the Uplula) is strongly recommended. Given the quality of this training, it would be a shame to miss out because of a serious weapons malfunction. At the very least, have the critical spare parts for the specific make & model of pistol you plan to use for training. If you can, have an identical spare pistol. For low & no light work, hand held flashlight(s) and/or attachable firearm lights will be necessary, have a primary and secondary light source. A small knapsack or assault pack to hold your first aid kit, rain gear, extra dry socks, note taking materials etc. is recommended. In addition, a small cooler for cold drinks, food, snacks etc. is very handy as is a folding chair. Please bring your lunch and eat on the range, travel to nearby local restaurants is very time consuming. We will take adequate time for dinner before the low/no-light work to allow for a hot meal. DaveHarringtonFlyerJune2014.pdf
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