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  1. if you are doing the whole package from PM, keep in mind that their forward serrations are VERY sharp. So if you rack from the front you will cut your self.
  2. The only place I would have look at it is Cajun.
  3. Ok make the assumption that they were not directly asked.
  4. I didn't ask them, and if they were I wouldn't care is they were. Local matches are all volunteer events, you know that. These are guys that shoot multiple locals a month, and have for more than a decade. They know that as well.
  5. Had this crap happen today, 2 very experienced shooters, wouldn't event look at the timer.
  6. Woodsk

    Carry optics dot

    The great thing about Sig optics, is that you get the experience of buying replacements often.
  7. Woodsk

    S2 Rear Sight

    Loving the S2, except the rear sight. I'm looking for a rear with a wider notch. The only thing I have been able to find is having the slide cut for a bomar style. Any have a line on something like this?
  8. picked up mine this weekend. My plan is to finish out this year in production, then Co for 2020. The SRO is what I am planning to use, with the 5MOA dot. I have one on back order, so I am interested in any feedback also
  9. I am just getting into CZs I heard the AO1 was production legal, but did not find it on the list. Is it approved?
  10. Woodsk

    Why Shadow 2?

    Yeah I can get a SP01 for about 1/2 of the S2, which is probably the smart way to go, but I will always be looking at the Baller S2
  11. Woodsk

    Why Shadow 2?

    The current plan it to have Primary Machine do the optics cut (an wight reduction if i go with the Shadow 2), then send which every one I go with to CGW. The trigger reach is a concern, as I have relatively small hands, so an SRT kit will be part of the upgrades.
  12. Woodsk

    Why Shadow 2?

    I've been shooting limited for a number of years with a 2011. I put an RMR on my carry gun, due to eye surgery, an I am really liking it. I have handled a shadow 2, but have not shot one yet. I am going to focus on Carry Optics in USPSA for 2020 (planning, building and practicing for the rest of this year) The SP01 I have shot is a de-cocker version, not a shadow, and no work done to it.
  13. Woodsk

    Why Shadow 2?

    I am enjoying carry optics and want to build up a gun for it. I do not currently own any CZs, but have been shooting an SP-01 and I like it. If I am going to send the gun to CGW for their improvements is there any reason to start with a Shadow 2 as the base gun vs an SP-01?
  14. I have the 13.5, tuned the gas block and comp put on an optic, and it was great. The timmney trigger that comes in it is good. but I swapped it out or my favorite trigger the SD-E
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