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  1. I have the 13.5, tuned the gas block and comp put on an optic, and it was great. The timmney trigger that comes in it is good. but I swapped it out or my favorite trigger the SD-E
  2. My 1.0 with the DCAEK apex kit, feels almost identical to my 2.0 trigger, with the slight exception that since the 1.0 has the USB as part of the kit, pushing past the striker block is a little grittier on the 2.0. But not enough for me to swap it out.
  3. with a rifle length gas, I would go with a standard gas block.
  4. Great match today Howard! And of course thanks to the staff who puts in the hard work!
  5. Battle belts and an plate carriers are not suited to 3-gun. If you are just getting started, the best way to go is the safariland ELS system
  6. Thanks - I've watched that video, however the marauder has a short dust cover with a rail, not a full rail.
  7. Thanks for the info, I'll give them a call
  8. For the life of me I cannot figure out which ALS holster to buy for my STI Marauder. I can select 2011 with short dust cover, but have also read that you need to order the one for the 5 inch tactical since the Marauder has a rail. Anyone have an ALS holster they use with a Marauder?
  9. Howard - has there been a squad list with shooting day assigned been sent out yet? not sure if I missed it.
  10. I use the midway bag, but it will not last past this season
  11. I shoot a Marauder in 3-gun. it is a great gun very accurate. but if I was to buy one today it would be a Warwick Tactical. you get a lot more for your money
  12. I have 2 versa max they run great in 3 gun. never used them for hunting. might be a bit heavy is you are humping it through the woods all day
  13. Do not go the JMpro route, you will fight it for a year, dump money into it, then buy a different gun
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