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  1. Where are you in PA? here in SEPA we have a ton of match options
  2. yeah, seem like most the clubs are on the eastern side of the piedmont
  3. Hey @Tampa-XD45did you end up finding much out in that area?
  4. Grab some of Ben Stoeger's dryfire books, and start working from them Don't worry about gear, shoot what you have an what you like that is appropriate for the game. Start a firm ammo budget based on how much you think you will shoot. The most important step is to show up to a match, talk, watch and learn. Have Fun!
  5. Along with that question, does it sit any farther back than using a plate?
  6. I have one of the of the PM V2 slides now, ~5k through it with a 11lb variable spring (pre rule change). I prefer heavier bullets with this slide. I have another one at PM right now for just he optic cut. once I have some rounds through it I'll give some feed back. One think to think about with CO is the durability of the optic you are using. With this variable there the slide weight takes on a different dynamic. Velocity is (and the resultant forces) what kills the current dots on the market (so far the SRO is appears to be the most durable). In addition increased ve
  7. if you are doing the whole package from PM, keep in mind that their forward serrations are VERY sharp. So if you rack from the front you will cut your self.
  8. The only place I would have look at it is Cajun.
  9. Ok make the assumption that they were not directly asked.
  10. I didn't ask them, and if they were I wouldn't care is they were. Local matches are all volunteer events, you know that. These are guys that shoot multiple locals a month, and have for more than a decade. They know that as well.
  11. Had this crap happen today, 2 very experienced shooters, wouldn't event look at the timer.
  12. The great thing about Sig optics, is that you get the experience of buying replacements often.
  13. Woodsk

    S2 Rear Sight

    Loving the S2, except the rear sight. I'm looking for a rear with a wider notch. The only thing I have been able to find is having the slide cut for a bomar style. Any have a line on something like this?
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