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  1. "Never heard of that happening. 3k through mine, only issues were self-induced, broken tube spring or caked gas piston." I have less than 1k through mine, I had one failure to feed. The shell came out of the magazine tube, and the bolt pushed it up against the bottom of the barrel, where it lodged. A friend of mine was shooting it at the time, pulled the round out and it had a bent out piece on the front of the shell. Could have been like that out of the box, but most likely happened from getting smashed against the barrel by the bolt. The gun had over 400 rounds through it without a cleaning, it was brand new, so this was during its break in period. Haven't had any other problems with it.
  2. Make sure you buy the EXTENDED Optima HP chokes. If you haven't already, you'll end up putting a mag extension on there. Once you do, getting the flush mounts in and out becomes a pain. They are a little more expensive, but not by much.
  3. Thank you, Southpaw. A while back I replaced the stock connector in the 34 with a Zev race connector. Couldn't tell a bit of difference from the stock one, not one single bit. I put the stock one back in the little bag the new one came from and put it....somewhere. So now all I have to do is find it. At least now that I know the springs are the same, I don't have to mess around with the firing pin spring again...
  4. Pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but I'm going to ask it anyways - I put a Zev spring kit in my 34 I use for USPSA/Steel matches, and my EDC is a G19 (both gen4). I like the factory G34 trigger a lot better than the factory G19 trigger, and don't really want something as light as the Zev set in my carry gun. So, first - I want to confirm that these springs are interchangable between the two models, and second - will those springs make the 19 trigger feel like the original G34 trigger, or are there additional parts that make the 34 trigger better than the regular glocks?
  5. EvaninMS

    Magpul question

    If you live near me on the gulf coast I'll sell you all of mine cheap. I had some steel cased rounds at a steel challenge match, had three strings with stoppages. The same rounds worked just fine with the factory mags. Also had them fail to drop free when empty a couple times. This was on a completely stock G34. Never had an issue with the 15 rounders in my 19, but after those few instances I don't use them anymore. YMMV, as others seem to like them.
  6. Maybe you guys can give me some ideas. Im shooting a PSA 18 in/rifle gas w/ reciprocating side charger. Only put about 200 rounds through it. Went to the range after installing optic, and after about 5 shots, it was basically a bolt action. When I first bought the gun, it was throwing brass straight back in my face. Im a lefty, and these things have no shell deflector due to the side charging handle. I installed a BCM extractor spring, and it started ejecting at 3 oclock like it should. It then sat in my safe for several months because all Ive been doing is shooting pistols. Took it out today, shooting perfecta 223, and the bolt doesn't cycle but maybe halfway back. After the first couple rounds, it quit coming back far enough to eject the spent case, and only resets the trigger on the empty chamber maybe half the time. Every now and then, when charging it, it seems really hard to cycle the bolt by hand. I can't see anything that its hanging up on. I know perfecta is on the weaker side as far as ammo goes, but i have shot nothing but that through it, and the last time I shot it, it worked just fine.
  7. Anyone know when Glock is releasing other Gen 5 models? I got to handle a 17 today and liked it. Im a lefty, and am interested in the ambi slide release. I shoot production with a 34, and would like to pick a 34 up with the ambi slide release. Haven't been able to find anything about other models though. Gun shop I was in didn't have a clue either.
  8. Make sure the gun is empty/clear (obviously) and have your son square up to an imaginary target like he is ready to shoot. Grab the slide and cycle it in his grip a few times each day between range trips, slowly at first, whenever you have time. This will help him both learn the mechanics of recoil and make him a little stronger, and show him exactly how much he needs to lean into it. A lighter spring would (probably) fix it too, but I'd try the free way first.
  9. Never had any issues with the factory mags dropping free. The magpul ones, yes, plus FTFs, but the metal inside the glock mags makes them drop right out for me. Could be a little faster, I suppose, but my hands aren't fast enough for it to effect me
  10. If you are going with a magazine extension, might as well go ahead and order a second spring for it. They are cheap, and this way you only have to pay for shipping once, vs ordering one by itself later. Keep it in your range bag.
  11. Good to hear. I took off a the base plate and tried to switch them, and it didn't work, which I had heard was the case. The gen3 almost fits the gen 2, but the gen2 doesn't even start fitting on the gen3, which isn't surprising considering the slight size differences. They just slide right on the Gen2s with no issues at all, huh?
  12. I just bought one, so this info is good to know. I was on the fence between this and an M2, but based on how I felt after shooting a Montefeltro and A400 side by side, went with the Beretta. I have a +5 nordic on mine, any of you guys running this, and if so, how much spring did you leave out the end uncompressed? I went a little longer than most places recommend, since I can always cut more off but can't put it back, but it feels super tight, the 10th round barely fits.
  13. I read on TTI's website that the +5 base plates are made for Gen3 pmags, but are "reverse compatible" with Gen 2s. I've never cared about Gen2 vs 3 on these things as neither of them have ever given me a bit of trouble (not so with their glock mags, but I digress), but I have mostly Gen2 Pmags. What, exactly, does 'reverse compatible' mean? Do I have to do anything with a dremel or something liek that, or do they slide on. All the videos on the website say Gen 3, and they show installing them on Gen 3, so Im wondering if any of yall have used them on Gen 2 pmags?
  14. Beretta makes extended Optima HP chokes. I get why people recommend extended chokes, I have the 24" model with nordic +5, so my tube is about an inch and a half past my barrel, I was just curious why no one seems to use the beretta brand chokes. They are only a couple dollars more than the others, and when it comes to this kind of thing, I much prefer to use factory brand stuff when possible. Just got the skeet choke. It is exactly as advertised. I like to have most of whats available for a barrel, at least skeet through IM, so I started open. Haven't shot it yet, but i highly doubt I will have any problems. Haven't before with anything that said beretta http://www.gamaliel.com/berettaoptimachokes/beretta_optima_choke_extended_12_gauge.asp
  15. Just joined here, first time posting, but I've read here a lot lately. I just bought a Beretta 1301 24", and everywhere I read everyone is recommending Briley or Carlson's chokes, but not the ones made by Beretta. Is there anything wrong with the Beretta OEM extended chokes? The price difference isn't all that much, and I've always thought it wise to buy the ones that were made to go with the gun, by the same people who made the gun when possible.
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