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  1. It looks promising. Is a 28" barrel good for 3 gun? If they're still around when I get back from vacation in mid-June, I will probably snatch one up.
  2. Has anyone tried the Nikon Blackforce 1-4? It looks to be reasonably priced.
  3. Looking at buying a new shotgun this summer, finally after 2 years of waiting. I was wondering would the B12 or the Versa be a better choice. I know the versa is a softer shooter but I question it's long term durability and reliability compared to the B12. I am an occasional 3 gun shooter now so I don't want to drop a huge amount on a M2. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Looking at a new shotgun myself. Is the Versa still a good option for the money or am I better with something else.
  5. Since my 1187 has run flawlessly up to now, I will take your advice and keep using it for the time being. If it starts to give me trouble I'll evaluate my option them. Thanks!
  6. I am thinking about a budget shotgun for 3gun(bank of dad is broke). If you are willing to clean it after each match is the 930 JM Pro viable or should I just go for a M3000/M3K? How do both of these hold up? Or is my old 1187 going to do as well as both of these for reliability and durability? I already have the easyloader and extended tube on it.
  7. Yes. What parts would you replace to make it compliant? I know which I replace on an AK but am unfamiliar with various shotguns. Thanks!
  8. With the exception of the VersaMax because it is made in America, do any of these others have to have mods to comply to 922R when you put on the mag tube extension?
  9. How do you plan to reload? Load 2/4? Traditional weak hand? Or? IMO. Stoeger M3K has an acceptable lifter out the box. I'm planning load 2.
  10. Just a quick question. If I wanted to buy a semi shotgun and only add a tube extension what would be the best option? Do any have an acceptable lifter off the shelf?
  11. Has anyone had experience with the 1-6X IOR Pitbull 2? I have a fixed power 4x24 IOR and like it but have read some bad reviews on IOR variable power scope but have read their quality has improved since 2008. Thanks for any info you can give!
  12. Do the CGW trigger return springs last longer than the stock 75 springs? Also are they legal for production?
  13. I'm in Knoxville. A friend from work is going down to Benton toady so he will look for me there, they supposedly have some CCI 500s.
  14. I'm from East Tennessee. No place around here that I know of has them and all of the major suppliers I internet order from are all backordered.
  15. Does anybody know where to get small pistol primers? All of my usual sources are completely sold out.
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