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  1. Since it has night sights I am not sure why the price is lower than the standard version. Am I missing something? I hope they haven't cheaped out on components.
  2. I think you can use the ported models in open but you would probably be at a big disadvantage compared to most of the dedicated open guns.
  3. Glad to hear it's finally working OK. I thought Remington already extended the lifter on the comp or are you just adding a little more?
  4. Glad to see no permanent damage or injury was done. I guess this is a brand of ammo I will be marking off my list. Dirty ammo is bad enough but one that has a higher potential of squibs puts it on the no-go list for me.
  5. Have you found the Aero to be stable? Especially if the placement in the drop bucket in a 3 gun match is a little rough.....
  6. I assume you are talking the 2.0 core model. I have seen pictures and some of the LEOs have already have them but they have not been announced for public consumption yet . Supposedly they're on the way.
  7. One thing I was wondering about looking at the pictures of the V3. Is there a high chance of accidentally catching and engaging the mag cut off when using a load 2 method therefore creating an extra set of issues? Haven't tried a V3 so I am not 100% sure how it works.
  8. Okay now that I have decided pretty much on a Steiner what would be the best mount for it?
  9. I was talking to a friend at work today who is a benchrest shooter. Even though it's not an exact comparison he was saying a lot of rifle shooters tried moly coated bullets and gave up on them due to loss of accuracy due to the moly putting a residue in the barrel. And he added it took a LOT of scrubbing to get it out. I wonder if this is the same condition.
  10. Yes, it'll be on a 5.56. Right now I am leaning towards the PX4i, seems to be more of a proven commodity and I would rather just buy once than to blow $200 and then end up buying the PX4i anyway.
  11. That's the kind of life I'm hoping for!!!
  12. After you use the lead remover and scrub the barrel well I would do a quick sanity check by getting just a couple of boxes of factory loads such American Eagle 124gr and just see how they perform. If it still is bad after that them maybe time for a new barrel. I am interested in this since I have an almost new M&P 2.0 and want it to last a long time.
  13. I know I used Bayou Bullets with my Shadow and HP38 powder and occasionally would have to scrub to get the coating out a little, not too bad just some extra work with a copper brush. I never used Blue Bullets but I am assuming the coating is somewhat similar. And the combo of HP38 and Bayou coatings made a bad smell during shooting......
  14. Very much doubt that you would wear the rifling early with those. Just for curiosity I would be tempted to run a Lewis lead remover and see if anything comes out. Not necessarily lead but maybe some of the coating used on the bullets building up in the corners of the rifling. I would like to think Smith designed the barrel and slide to last longer that 15K rounds and will be very disappointed if it can't.
  15. I also forgot to ask what kind of ammo are you using? Some fouls worse than others and I just don't feel the new solvents are as good of getting rid of copper fouling as Sweet 7.62 or old formula Hoppes with ammonia in them. I just don't get the patches coming out green from the copper dissolving like I used to. I used to scrub the barrels until that discoloring on the patch went away. I would have to clean my national match barrel M1A very thoroughly with a nylon bore brush and Sweets if I wanted to keep my accuracy good. And that was every 100 rounds. I just hope you don't need a new barrel this early. That would be a pain to have to change that often.
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