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  1. I assume you are talking the 2.0 core model. I have seen pictures and some of the LEOs have already have them but they have not been announced for public consumption yet . Supposedly they're on the way.
  2. One thing I was wondering about looking at the pictures of the V3. Is there a high chance of accidentally catching and engaging the mag cut off when using a load 2 method therefore creating an extra set of issues? Haven't tried a V3 so I am not 100% sure how it works.
  3. Okay now that I have decided pretty much on a Steiner what would be the best mount for it?
  4. I was talking to a friend at work today who is a benchrest shooter. Even though it's not an exact comparison he was saying a lot of rifle shooters tried moly coated bullets and gave up on them due to loss of accuracy due to the moly putting a residue in the barrel. And he added it took a LOT of scrubbing to get it out. I wonder if this is the same condition.
  5. Yes, it'll be on a 5.56. Right now I am leaning towards the PX4i, seems to be more of a proven commodity and I would rather just buy once than to blow $200 and then end up buying the PX4i anyway.
  6. That's the kind of life I'm hoping for!!!
  7. After you use the lead remover and scrub the barrel well I would do a quick sanity check by getting just a couple of boxes of factory loads such American Eagle 124gr and just see how they perform. If it still is bad after that them maybe time for a new barrel. I am interested in this since I have an almost new M&P 2.0 and want it to last a long time.
  8. I know I used Bayou Bullets with my Shadow and HP38 powder and occasionally would have to scrub to get the coating out a little, not too bad just some extra work with a copper brush. I never used Blue Bullets but I am assuming the coating is somewhat similar. And the combo of HP38 and Bayou coatings made a bad smell during shooting......
  9. Very much doubt that you would wear the rifling early with those. Just for curiosity I would be tempted to run a Lewis lead remover and see if anything comes out. Not necessarily lead but maybe some of the coating used on the bullets building up in the corners of the rifling. I would like to think Smith designed the barrel and slide to last longer that 15K rounds and will be very disappointed if it can't.
  10. I also forgot to ask what kind of ammo are you using? Some fouls worse than others and I just don't feel the new solvents are as good of getting rid of copper fouling as Sweet 7.62 or old formula Hoppes with ammonia in them. I just don't get the patches coming out green from the copper dissolving like I used to. I used to scrub the barrels until that discoloring on the patch went away. I would have to clean my national match barrel M1A very thoroughly with a nylon bore brush and Sweets if I wanted to keep my accuracy good. And that was every 100 rounds. I just hope you don't need a new barrel this early. That would be a pain to have to change that often.
  11. Not sure, don't have a high enough round count on mine yet. Does it have more play without the recoil spring than when it was new? If it is wearing to a higher clearance what I would be afraid of is that some of the wear would be on the barrel but some would also be on the slide which would mean putting a new barrel would still not bring it to new spec. Or you could put an APEX semi fitted barrel which would almost certainly make it better.
  12. Polymer pistols seem to be what I would call "flavor of the day" with Glock being the exception. A few years ago a lot of people used the Xd, then came the 1st generation M&P, now it's the Sig P320. Most of us want the latest iteration to see if it will give us an edge. I'll admit I am guilty of doing the same sometimes even though the reality is that I would have been better buying more ammo for practice. I use an M&P 2.0 for home defense and carry so this last match I switched so I could run it to verify reliability plus get used to it in a less critical situation.
  13. I ended up buying a Gorilla wagon from Home Depot. I liked the idea of modifying a jogging stroller but then I decided I can actually use the wagon for hauling things (like retaining wall stones and bags of gravel) around the yard when necessary.
  14. I think the M&P(without the thumb safety) and Glock have one important advantage for 3 gun. That is when you place the gun in the drop box when going to rifle or shotgun you don't have to worry about the safety disengaging like a Shadow or 2011. I always have slowed down there just to make sure that doesn't happen.
  15. On my last match I went from my Shadow 1 to my M&P 2.0. I had not shot competition for over a year so I really don't think it made much difference to me since I am not that good anyway and totally rusty. But I will say I think the Shadow as a whole is easier to shoot quickly but does seem to transition slightly slower so you basically pick your poison. The reason I chose to run the M&P was I use it as an EDC gun so I wanted to practice with it, and since it is fairly new I wanted to give it a run to further verify its reliability. Overall I agree with the above posters use whatever you feel like.
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