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Found 6 results

  1. I learned the basics of marksmanship from the Army and went to a couple USPSA matches in 2016. I took a five year break from competitive shooting due to work and getting heavily involved with Jiu Jitsu. I'm still in the Army and train jiu jitsu... However, I caught the shooting bug last month and I've been competing almost every weekend, reading Ben Stoeger's book series (along with signing up for his 30-31OCT class), watched Keith Garcia's 3 gun DVD, waiting on Jerry Miculek’s 3 gun DVD, bought a Mantis X 10 etc. I plan on hopefully competing in the 2021 ALL ARMY MATCH –US ARMY SMALL ARMS CHAMPIONSHIPS 14-20 March I'll include my gear list and pictures below.. I recently bought a Sig P320 X5. I love the look and feel but I'm worried with some of the barrel/slide fit issues I've seen that have been causing accuracy issues. I've messaged a few people on this forum to get their thoughts on it. I am now very tempted to get a match barrel fitted from The Sig Armorer (along with his trigger). Here are the results of my zero range. I shot sitting and supported the weapon on the table and still generally bounced between 3-5" at 20 yards using 124 grain freedom munitions remanufactured ammo. https://imgur.com/a/s2YrdYd Gear List: https://imgur.com/a/MGzwluu Production Pistol: Sig P320 X5 Legion. Stock. Recently purchased. Will transition this pistol to Carry Optics in March of 2022 Carry Optics Pistol: Glock 34. Timney Alpha trigger (will send to Johnny Glock for competition upgrade soon), Trijicon SRO, non co witness Dawson Precision sights, Talon grip Rifle: JP CTR-02 Match Ready Rifle Billet upper and lower, Adjustable gas block .750 bore low profile, Barrel: 18" light contour 1:8 twist, Compensator: JPTRE-2S, Trigger: JP 3.5-4lb , Low mass bolt carrier, Hogue pistol grip, ACE-ARFX-QD, Skeleton butt stock with qd Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x24 with JM-1 BDC, Vortex optics cantilever ring mount with 3" offset ADR for 30mm tubes Shotgun: Benelli M2 (Accurate Iron package) Belt: Safariland 032 ELS belt, 5197 holster witth USPSA kit for the Glock 34, Ben Stoeger DOH for the Legion,3x773 pistol pouches, 3x774 rifle pouches, 2xshot gun caddies (can't remember model) Self-defense pistol: Glock 19 gen 4 with Accurate Iron trigger and grip job, TTI sights
  2. Can anyone here give me some input on using the Stoeger M3000 as a beginner getting involved with 3-Gun? While it's made in Turkey and not Italy, at around $450.00 is seems like a tremendous buy compared to the Benellis which share the Inertial Operating System. It comes in a 26" barrel which would be legal for 3-Gun matches here locally. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. New here so if this isn't the appropriate page please let me know. Does anyone have any firsthand experience with the MOA Precision AutoLoad lifter or any new info on the J Kenny Co lifter coming out soon? Thanks
  4. Apologies if this is already answered elsewhere - I did a search, and found this question asked a couple of times, but couldn't find an answer for the life of me... I recently picked up a Supernova for the remaining matches/rulesets that require a pump gun in Heavy. I didn't quite do all of the research that I'd normally do, because this was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing (a Gunbroker auction that was running lower than usual that I unexpectedly won). So, now that it's on the way, I have some questions about how to get it set for competition. My arms being a little on the short side, I typically run a shorter LOP on shotgun stocks than is common on stock guns. I've found that the LOP on the "compact" versions of Benelli and Stoeger models (both have the same LOP) is just about perfect for me. As near as I can tell, Benelli does not produce a compact 12 ga. version of the Supernova. They make a compact 20 ga. Supernova and a compact 12 ga. M2, but that's about it. That goes for aftermarket stocks as well - I can find compact stocks for a 12 ga. M2 or a 20 ga. Supernova, but that's the closest I can find to what I'd need. I could always just hack off a bit of the stock... uh, stock... and honestly might just wind up doing that anyway, given how pricey the Benelli replacement parts tend to be, but before committing to that, I might as well make sure I know what my options are. So... will an M2 stock fit on a Supernova? And/or will a 20 ga. Supernova stock fit on a 12 ga. Supernova?
  5. I've been having some issue with my main match gun. I started noticing it when I was testing some other unrelated matters, basically doing "bursts" or mag dumps. Since it was doing it then, I assumed I was "out running" the trigger, because it would be dead, the hammer uncocked. But after a bit of fiddling and more rounds, I realized that wasn't it at all, because it will sometimes do it when I fire a single shot. The odd thing (to me) is when it happens, I end up with a shell on the carrier. It's ghost loading itself. I end up with a live shell in the chamber, a shell on the carrier, shells in the tube... and an uncocked hammer. I know it's a shell latch issue because it does it with other trigger groups in the gun as well. I've had latch issues in that past, modifying them just a touch too much, or enough so that they don't last anyway. But what I don't understand is why the hammer wouldn't be cocked? For a shell to eject and live one to chamber, they bolt obviously travels far enough rearward to cock the hammer. If it were a sear engagement issue / hammer follow, it would be isolated to the one trigger group, but it's not. Anyone seen this behavior before?
  6. Hey all. I have 2 questions if like to get some info on. I have a Benell I M1 Super90 with a 21" vent rub barrel and a + 4 Nordic mag extension on it. I've only out about 200 rounds thru it since turning it into a Home Defense of 3-gun type shotgun. I haven't shot more cause none of the ranges here in the Houston area will allow me to shoot it unless I shoot ONLY SLUGS. No practice ammo shooting sessions here so I'm pretty much screwed on the shooting until I find a friendly range. The only complaint I have is that the recoil can be really painful at times even with the 100 round practice ammo boxes. I have heard the Limbsaver fitted butt pads work well. Have any of you tried one of these pads? I'd like to get some recommendations on what the best solution for me to make this shotgun somewhat enjoyable to shoot would be please Lastly, I know many really like the Stoeger M3000 shotguns for 3-gun and home defense type duty. I've never handled one. How do you think they compare or match up to my M1 Super 90 as I have it now? Which would you rather have and why? Since Stoeger is owned by Benelli I am guessing it has the inertia operating system in them like the Benelli autos do. Is it the same system or are there differences? Thank you for your time and any help or advice you care to give me. Have a good weekend everyone. BD
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