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  1. I used to do a lot of rock climbing, and for hand strength training I would take a pair for 45 lb plates, place them together so that the smooth faces pointed outward, and then perform a kind of dead-lift wherein I would squeeze the smooth sides of the plates with both hands and then hold them, suspended, for a certain period of time. Reduce the weight as needed to perform the exercise, or alternate between either hand but instead hold the weight at your side. In my experience the hand / grip strengtheners don't work as well because they don't do much to train forearm strength, which is also
  2. I got around to measuring the Wolf Steel case. I'm getting between 2.238-2.245 in OAL, which doesn't seem aggressively outside the norm. I also had some PPU HPBT 69 grain sitting around and it has an OAL of 2.253. I would really love to see if that feeds reliably.
  3. I did note that the Wolf Steelcase appeared nearly too long for the Schmeisser mag. I can't provide an immediate measurement on the Wolf because I don't own calipers, but I'll put one on order and try to provide an answer to that question. I would really like for the problem to be OAL and not a functional issue with my mag. Can't disagree with that. I've seen that Lucky Gunner uber-test where they burned down a few rifles shooting steel. That stuff ain't good for you gun, but I'm currently feeding mine about half brass and half steel, which I think is a good comprom
  4. That's great news. I'm curious now to see how mine will run with brass cased ammunition this Saturday. I would like hear about some other people's experience with steel case ammunition, though. I think that's a fair request. The interesting question for me is: how much brass cased ammunition should I run through the magazine before it is deemed "reliable." If we're talking about a multi-gun / 3 Gun scenario, and you're shooting between five to six stages, then satisfactory performance would be six magazines worth of brass without stoppages. And while
  5. Apologies for the delay in the review but, through no fault of the vendor (ATI) I didn't wind up receiving the Schmeisser mag until last week and wasn't able to get out until today. Here's the bottom line: I found this magazine to be hilariously unreliable when using steelcase ammunition. It was apparent that this magazine was so far below acceptable functionality that I didn't even bother to shoot up all 500 rounds of the Wolf Polyformance that I had brought along. Let's start from the beginning though. Unloaded, my high performance kitchen scale shows the magazin
  6. Just about to say... I shoot down at ETTS in Waxahachie and will be out there Sunday morning for Falling Steel. It's great and the people there are unbelievably friendly. They recently put up some nice tarps at the competition bays so you don't get obliterated by the sun during the match. If you come out I'll be the awkward skinny guy with the Silver FJ Cruiser and the blue Pategonia hat. The Multigun scene is strong at Cresson too and I hope to get over there one of these days.
  7. Hi Rumble. I'm new to the forum as well and I'm local to central Dallas. Where are you planning on shooting?
  8. What guide rod / spring weight would you all recommend on a Gen 5 Glock 34 when I'm just shooting off-the-shelf 124 grain (Blazer or Fiocchi)?
  9. I can get 23 on my TTI mag extensions. Tight fit but has no problem feeding the round on a Glock 34. I did find out the hard way that you have to forcefully seat the magazine if you're going with 23 rounds. I made ready, went to holster and my magazine came flying out of the magwell and onto the dirty, dirty ground. Thank God I'm a complete novice or that could have been really embarrassing.
  10. Saturday, July 13th 2019 I did two things: 1. Spectated and then guest-starred in some USPSA shooting 2. Ran the five Steel Challenge stages completely unsupervised... Both types of shooting were immediately humbling. I wound up spectating the local 'super squad' at my home range (Extreme Tactics and Training Solutions) in Waxahachi TX, and was in awe of the local GMs' shooting ability. Everyone was more than friendly and were inquisitive about my interest in USPSA and shooting sports in general. After spectating a stage and a classifier, Scott,
  11. I in no way represent Schmeisser or ATI, but I noticed that their polymer 60 round mag has finally hit the street and I decided to Guinea Pig it myself to see if it's all German hype: https://www.americantactical.us/6088/detail.html Ordered today through Fed-Ex and it should arrive next week. The other big competitors in the 60 round mag category are of course Surefire and Magpul - with the hat-tip going to Magpul for uncontested reliability. These magazines typically retail for $120-$129 though can be found on sale or used for less sometimes. The Schmei
  12. Thanks! I also keep forgetting that Practiscore is a thing and I can just search for matches in my local area.
  13. Are you happy with the Franchi so far? I just took a look at the Affinity 3.5, and I like the magnum length loading port. Can you also suggest a good gunsmith for the Franchi mods?
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