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  1. Can't go wrong with either.
  2. Sounds like what my 650 does when running brand new brass. Try running a little case lube like one shot and see if that smooths out your problem.
  3. Hi-Power isn't on the approved production gun list. No Production or CO.
  4. Non-Chlorinated brake cleaner (Usually a green cap or can) I buy the generic version or whatever is on sale, usually by the case. The Non-Chlorinated stuff shouldn't mess with plastics but I still try and keep it off my front site and grip. Hose it down, blow it off and oil it up is my routine.
  5. Brake parts cleaner Whatever oil I have in my bag. Those little sample bottles that people hand out at matches last quite a long time, when I run out I'll go back to using 10w30 or whatever motor oil I have laying around.
  6. 3.0 Grains of Clays 180GR Bullet that was my old 40minor load. Haven't shot it in years but it was crazy soft in my Glock22
  7. Do you just slip these under the OEM Dillon shellplate bolt? Between the bolt and the shell plate.
  8. I use a little one shot case lube now and my press is silky smooth. It makes a HUGE difference with the undersized die.
  9. Welcome, I'm about to move back to the great PNW.
  10. I was having the same issue. I knew i hadn't changed my mainspring in a long time. Replaced with a 19lb mainspring and i have had zero issues since.
  11. You need a new top end to convert your .40 to a 9mm They didn't give you a "Corporate answer" they gave you a correct answer.
  12. Brass shavings are probably from a little too much bell. Define hanging up on shell plate... Are they not getting pushed all the way into station one? I do this occasionally when I get out of my rhythm or try loading too fast. If brass is hanging up in the de-priming/resizing die try a little case lube, I used to make fun of people who lubed pistol brass until I tried it. My press runs so much smoother now with a little bit of One-Shot on my brass.
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