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  1. Yes, I bought some for our range. Look under the Contact Us section at the bottom of his web site and send him an email...
  2. I did the same on my two 1050's... I run two springs.
  3. I've had trouble with the firing pin channel filling up with carbon in the past... Sometimes you can see the extractor spaced away from the flat spot on the bolt where it is supposed to rest... I clean my bolt before every match... I remove the firing pin and squirt some Hoppe's 9 in the channel... Clean the rest of the bolt, then squirt a bit more down the channel... and blow it out with compressed air... I cover the two holes in the bolt with my fingers so most of the air comes out of the firing pin area. I also run a 1/16" drill bit through the firing pin hole in the bolt every time I clean it... Seems to help. I know 1/16" isn't the correct size... It's a little bit smaller... Not sure what the correct size actually is.
  4. If you press any of the front buttons on an AMG timer it will stop picking up additional shots... It helps eliminating any future shots from registering... It's useful when you are runnibg a 22 or PCC in one bay and the shooter in the next bay is shooting an Open gun... The only possible downside would be if the shooter decided to take another shot after you have pressed one of the buttons to stop picking up any shots. If you look at the front of an AMG timer, you can see the horizontal bar moving up and down when the timer is actively listening for shots... Press one of the front buttons and the timer stops scanning for shots... The bar stops moving... Kind of like the Cylons in Battlestar Gallacta...
  5. You could get a pair of ballistic glasses with the prescription that your readers have. I use the HD Gold glasses... Brian is very easy to work with... I have progressive lenses, not full readers.
  6. I purchased an FM9 bolt several months ago... Had trouble with the firing pin jamming... Sort of the opposite problem you two are having... Called FM and sent it back to them... Received a completely different updated bolt... The new bolt still has the small ball point pen style firing pen spring... Not sure why FM uses a non-standard firing pin spring... or why they don't machine the bolt internals to take the standard size springs... I'm using the replacement bolt and no issues so far. I've heard that @Maxamundouses FM9 bolts and he doesn't seem to have any trouble with them...
  7. I remember one of Max's Instagram posts mentioning a ridge inside the FM9 lower. He filed it down so he could load/reload magazines faster.
  8. Thanks, Eugene... That would be great! I have been getting bye with 11 tablets for six and eight stage matches by gathering all the tablets up during the lunch break and recharging them... We are planning to run a 10 stage State match in the future... Plus they are thinking about running the match straight through and eating after the day's shooting... And... It gets really hot down here, so I want a better battery plan. Lots of ranges down here borrow a second set of tablets and swap them out when the battery power gets low... I'd rather avoid that if possible... I've done it, but I'd rather not. Spare power banks simplify the charging process... Just plug them in and go.
  9. Missed the sale by one day... https://www.amazon.com/GETIHU-Portable-High-Speed-Flashlight-Compatible/dp/B07CZCV8FC/ Have been testing this GETIHU 10000mAh portable charger... Seems to work well and has an LED that displays the amount of available power... Do you have any experience with these chargers? I like the Anker brand... The documents say their charger displays the amount of power, but doesn't show an image of it... Do you have one of the Anker units?
  10. I understand that he has some orders held up waiting for a part that he does not make. His online email form always worked for me.
  11. Was using Ruger clear factory mags with Eley standard velocity ammo for matches... Using TK Doubles with CCI Standard Velocity ammo for practice... I assumed the Eley was better ammo, but I had more jams with it... Changed to the CCI Std Velocity ammo after a jam in a match and it was much better... Used the CCI for another match and it continued to work well. Thought about changing to the TK Double mags along with the CCI ammo during the match... Didn't want to have to remember to flip here and swap the mag out there... Simpler to keep using my Ruger clear mags as long as they continue to work.
  12. That's a good idea... Better to keep the tablets charged up from the start... Thanks!
  13. Currently have Anker 5 port wall chargers for the tablets... Used them for years... Newer 10 port models are available now... We charge the tablets 24/7 between matches so they will always be ready to use... Will need to charge all the tablets and battery packs before the match as you pointed out. Agree... PractiScore's ability to pull the battery charging percentages during sync is a great feature... Thanks for the feedback!
  14. We are planning a 10 or 11 stage level 2 match towards the end of this year... We have run level 2 matches before, but they were only eight stages and we stopped for lunch in the middle of the day... I put all the tablets on chargers through lunch and that worked fine... The plan now is to shoot all 10 stages without a break... I'm concerned about the tablets running out of power... I'm looking at portable chargers or power banks to recharge the tablets... Thinking that when a tablet shows up low, I can just plug in a portable charger and let them finish the days shooting... Here's a link to the charger I am currently testing: https://www.amazon.com/GETIHU-Portable-High-Speed-Flashlight-Compatible/dp/B07CZCV8FC/ Anyone had good results with a charger? Maybe a better way to do it?
  15. Haven't received the new issue yet... Assume it will be in the May-June issue?
  16. I found your post through a search for 'Reaction Times'... The video is very helpful... Especially for Steel Challenge shooters where the cadence for multiple strings is fixed. The author also has many interesting posts... Thanks for the link!
  17. Strange that the Tandemkross plastic feed lips require an extra step to make them function correctly... You'd think that the slicker feed lips wouldn't as much spring pressure... I've been using 8 steps onall my magazines. The standard Ruger steel feed lips seem more porous than you would expect. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Not much tuning... I wound the nut around to 8 slots. This is the first time I ran mags that had already shot six stages since I cleaned them... Guess I'll go back to cleaning them before each match.
  19. It's possible that the magazine was not inserted perfectly... Hard to say now, but I usually try to give them an extra bump to make sure they're fully seated. It does take more force than you would think to eject rounds from a magazine with the Ruger steel feed lips.
  20. Had a round jam in my 10/22 this week on a stage in a monthly SCSA match... The bullet lodged in the magazine and seemed to be jammed against the magazine's feed lip... wouldn't eject... when I removed the round it had a semi-circular notch in the top of the bullet. It's a standard Ruger clear 10 round rotary magazine... I've cleaned and shot it previously and it worked fine... After looking at the magazine I noticed that the metal feed lips are pretty rough... Wonder if it would help to polish the ramp surface with some fine sandpaper? Also wondering about the TandemKross nylon feed lips... Would they be smoother than the metal feed lips? Worthwhile upgrade?
  21. Go to the Wiland web site and click on 'Contact Us' and you will find an email form... Fill it out and send it. It always worked for me.
  22. He means that the USPSA is very ambitious about protecting their Intellectual Property (IP) rights and insuring that they are paid when people use it... That means that if you call your match a USPSA match... or use USPSA rules... or USPSA Classifier stages... or use USPSA divisions... You have to pay the USPSA for that match. @Bakerjdis jesting that when the USPSA finds out that the people/person running your matches is avoiding paying their match fees, you might become the new Match Director... Since your four classifier matches are being paid for, and the other one classifier matches are not being paid for, someone in your club knows exactly what is going on... It's possible that someone is pocketing the money, which could cause problems in your club along with the USPSA... Hence your new 'promotion' to Match Director. Find out who your Club Director is... He will be listed in PractiScore.com if that's what you use to register for matches... Or the USPSA web site... Explain this to him... He may or may not know what's going on depending on his level of interaction with your organization... Either way he should know.
  23. https://www.amazon.com/Husky-6-Compartment-Heavy-Duty-Semi-Transparent-Organizer/dp/B07FLBJ8Q8/ Here's the same Husky case without the waterproof seal and extra latches from Amazon... A lot of us use them... Works great!
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