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  1. Some “fresh” ROs and CROs agreed. One of the statements from the irate MD who is a SS was that this classifier has “been around forever”. I’m in my seventh year and it’s the first time I’ve shot it. I wonder if when PCC was added and the WSBs were updated they added the “clarification”.
  2. Shot at a local monthly today with some disagreement, MD said the stage would be thrown out. It’s Payne’s Pain. 1 string. Shot from box behind barricade. 4 shots from left side, 4 from right side, 4 from port. If if you only read the procedure on the stage diagram it sounds like the port must be shots 5-8. The WSB states “You may shoot around the sides or through the port in any order”.
  3. Nice post XDoctor. All true. My only problem going back to Limited is to remember to send them early and often and not worry because make-ups are available. With single stack there will always be enough rounds available in a view -as long as you don't miss.
  4. Every time I trouble shoot a 1911 I hear the same thing and actually believe it. The gun was designed for 45. Everything else is adaptation. I have multiple 1911s in 9, 40, and 45. 45 is the most reliable. 9 is 2nd. I love 40 but it took a lot to get it dialed in and the load has to be just right. Sorry, I know you ask about 9 or 38S but HP Jack's question is a good one.
  5. PASA would usually have a high round count stage of all steel...same points, different stage plans, and more/forced reloads for major and a clear advantage for minor. I don't think you will ever see that at Universal in Frostproof. Stage designers need to consider the fact that SS is unique in allowing multiple magazine capacities in the same division. USPSA allows 8 shots in a position but if you have a stage with an unloaded start in a box that requires 8 shots you have handicapped a portion of your shooters (slide lock, no make-up). There is no good reason to do this.
  6. My suggestion. No matter if it's an Evo or Evo Pro , if you order either one from M7, keep your Dillons until you have a working Mark 7 on your bench. Then you can decide what you want to sell.
  7. Not a big deal in my mind either, especially if I didn't have 48 lbs. of the powder, or if I didn't like the load so much. Not for nothing, I like Federal primers. Maybe a hundred K loaded and never a problem.They are the worst packaged of any primer... I also use, and like, WSP on my Limited loads. But I have had bad batches of Winchester primers in the past. Had some that were oval. I still buy them because they are reasonable and always available.
  8. Otero Man and GregJ, I'm encouraged. I lost track of how many pounds of WST I've gone through. I use it in 9, 40, and 45 when I was loading 45. Never a problem. Always available. I'm open minded but I really don't want to learn a new press and work up new loads at the same time... GregJ, Are you using federal primers on your 1050?
  9. I’ve used WST and Fed primers for 9 minor loads for all of my CZ shadows for years. Tens of thousands of rounds. Current load is the best ever under a Blue 125. Very happy with consistent velocities, accuracy, and feel and I have a large quantity of all components. I’m just now told by the manufacturer of my new automated press that my powder is too “sticky” to use and my primers are too dangerous to use. Before I put the press up for sale or just use it to process brass I thought I’d get some opinions. I planned to use preprocessed brass that I wet tumble and roll size. My 3 Shadows would need to be retuned with different springs with out the Fed primers. So are people using Federal primers and/or WST in automated presses?
  10. First of all you have cinematography skills! If the splits were included it would be a perfect experiment. What was the spring weight when you noticed your second shots were high? I liked 12lb best in the videos. Your said second shots were high on close targets. Two shots should mean two sight pics. On longer targets maybe you send the second one when you get the second pic.and get good hits. Close targets that are "imposable to miss" sometimes make me pull the trigger as fast as I can knowing that I can't miss. Amazingly enough the second shot sometimes goes before the gun settles and i see the pic. It would be high. Thats if its not a delta because my eyes and feet are already on the way to the next target. Other thing is that anticipating the sight position and starting the pull as the sights are dropping into position is great as long as your eyes stay on that target. Knowing the cadence of your shooting targets at different distances is half the fun. I vote 12 lb spring and break the shots as fast as you see the sights on the target.
  11. Ontos, Are you using the 7.5 triangle? I have a friend who loves it. He is a talented CO Master. He has his zeroed to the top of the triangle. It for sure works for him. I feel like the magic of having the dot in the first place is that it IS the point of impact- Put the dot where you want the bullet. Learning to put the triangle below my target seems like it would be like lining up a front and back sight. Admittedly I haven't tried it so I may be wrong.
  12. Looks good. It’s nice that the Venom offers choices in MOA. I think the dot size is a personal preference maybe dictated by shooting style. You have options and can experiment if you want without putting your upper in the mail. If I could dial my pace down a little I could take more advantage of the 2.5 dot on the DeltaPoint. Probably never be as accurate as the sight is. Unfortunately I seem to shoot Alpha Charlie’s as fast as I can. That’s why I’m thinking a bigger dot may suite my shooting style. I actually asked them if they have any other DPP options coming out in the near future which they said they don’t. Their only other option for a higher MOA is the triangle which works very well for a talented friend of mine but stubbornly I don’t want to learn another optic style.
  13. I'm trying to figure it all out. You will probably be happy with the DPP. Most people are. Actually I have been too but I want to try a bigger dot. Both guns are ridiculously accurate and in normal lighting, set in the mid range of brightness, its perfect. At its brighter settings it flares, still easy to acquire and still super accurate but not a defined dot any more. So if I'm shooting matches in FL sun I can't help but think a little bigger would be a little better. This is my new gun and slide by CGW. You can see their work is tight! I think there may be room to cut a CZC optic plate in deeper. I can post pics of my other gun when I get it back from my buddy. It's cut deeper to get through the deeper dovetail of the CZC lowered adjustable rear sight. I don't think there is any question that the lower the optic is mounted the better.
  14. Thanks, They are different depths. One had a lower cut by CZC for the adjustable rear iron sight. I only have one available for a pic. Try to post tomorrow. New slides (one at a time) May be the answer. I haven’t cut any other corners with my equipment in this sport.
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