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  1. Ill take 10 mags if you have that many left.  Or ill take whats left if less than 10. 

  2. Audia6

    Load data for limcat sight tracker 5.5 40cal

    Clays 3.4 out of my 5.4 SV 200 gr BC
  3. Rifle primer is harder than pistol primer
  4. Audia6

    40 S&W Load data for 200s

    3.4 gr Clays 200 gr BC 1.185 out of my new SV
  5. Audia6

    Reloading for STI Edge 40 cal

    Bear Creek 200 grain and TG powder
  6. Audia6

    glock 200 grain with TG loads

    3.3 gr tg and 1.135
  7. Audia6

    200 or 220 grain .40?

    1.135 oal
  8. Audia6

    200 or 220 grain .40?

    200gr works better for me 220 seem slow
  9. Audia6

    How much case mouth flare for bbi

    Few thousand more than a bullet diameter to avoid shaving especially with coated bullets.
  10. Audia6

    Push Thru Die

    Works the same!
  11. Audia6

    Why load long?

    Feeds better!
  12. Audia6

    change over to Hodgdon Titegroup.

    TG and Clays are two of my fav!
  13. Audia6

    .40 major/Glock/Bayou 200

    3.3 gr clays 1.135 200 gr BC makes major out of my G35
  14. Audia6

    How slow can I get with a .40?

    3.1 Clays and i got 160pf out of G35