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  1. Conflicting advice, most suggested shorter OAL. I think I will try an experiment, I did file off some “slag” in my Glock mag. I will rerun some 1.150 and reprocess a 100 rounds to shorten them to around 1.060 OAL. See if there is a difference.
  2. Was not a “Steel Challenge” but the Berry’s Steel Open. Kind of a USPSA format but steel only. 20 stages 600 rounds.
  3. Just finished a Steel Open Challenge with 20 stages using my JP GMR-15 carbine. Very frustrated in that 70% of the stages I had failure to feed malfunctions from my Glock magazine with a TF extension (41 rounds). It seemed like the 3rd round into the stage failed to feed each time so I started to back off and load 3 less rounds into the magazine. This helped but I still experienced occasional failure to feed. I was shooting Delta Precision 124 gr JHP bullets loaded at 1.150 OAL. Anyone have these problems with TF mag extensions in a Glock magazine fed PCC and if so, what is the fix?
  4. Chrono at 1,100 fps. I’m thinking I over crimped plated bullets. I just ordered 124 gr JHP’s from Precision Delta and will give them a try.
  5. Thought I had a good couple of loads for my new 9mm PCC ( 3.9 gr VV n320 using 124 gr Berry’s coated bullets COL 1.150; 4.0 gr TiteGroup with 124 gr Berry’s coated bullets) 1.5” to 2.0” groups at 25 yds and minimal recoil/dot movement. However, when sighting in these same loads at 50 yds, hits were all over the map, no group consistency whatsoever. What do I need to do to get a decent group size at 50 yds? I currently don’t sort my brass or do anything special as far as brass prep goes. Maybe I’m crimping plated bullets too light or too tight? Most of my USPSA shooting is <15 yds so this has never been an issue until I tried to push beyond 25 yds. Factory rounds will give me 2+” groups so I know it’s something I’m doing/not doing in the reloading process. Help,please?
  6. Darqusoull13, you offered in a previous post to provide your build list for a PCC 9mm.  I'm a novice to AR and carbine platforms so I could use all the help I can get.  If you are willing I can provide my email address.


    Greg F

  7. You may want to start a new thread as I think most won't follow this one after this long of time. I am tumbling my loaded rounds in corncob media based on replies received above. I'm "assuming" residual lube may attract dirt/powder residue and gum up your gun?
  8. I just tried lubricating my brass this morning using a 1:10 ratio of lanolin to 99% IPA. It worked Great! My Dillon 550 press ran so smooth with no problems. I also sorted my .40 brass for the first time (loading Federal casings) and got much more consistent OAL's. Not sure if accuracy will improve with this (probably not); however, I did enjoy how smoothly my reloading session went.
  9. I'm running a STI Edge .40 in Limited Major. I currently have loads using both Titegroup and Win 231 powder with Berry's 180 gr plated bullets. I've seen alot of info from people running VV n320 powder, Unique and e3 powders. I can't seem to find good data using these powders in the loading manuals or manufacturers websites. Anyone competing in Major PF using .40 cal guns that would be willing to share their load data along with where they got their start/max powder fill reference? Thank you.
  10. Thanks everyone. Just bought some lanolin and alcohol from Amazon, will give this a try.
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