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  1. I really just want a Kadet to shoot, but my only CZ is a CTS and they don't fit. I figured if I got a new CZ gun in .40 then I could maybe run it as a backup in limited class USPSA matches. I don't really want another 9mm. I'd like a flat trigger, and a trigger job (preferably single action only), but the hammer spring can't be so light that it won't ignite the .22 rounds. Any advice on which CZ to pick?
  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to measure the mag! Mine were all higher than 9.8, mostly higher than 10mm. I adjusted them to 9.8mm in the front and back, and they ran great when practicing today! I appreciate the time you took to do the measurements, as I couldn't find anything officially stating them! That was very helpful!
  3. I'm having some feed issues that may be mag related. When I try to check them with a caliper, it seems that they all have slightly different measurements. They've been dropped on concrete floors plenty of times, so I imagine they've all been slightly bent, and I want to return them to factory specs. However, I can't find what measurement they are supposed to be. What should the front and back of the mag measure on a stock TS mag when checked with calipers?
  4. I always stand at arms length at the start, and try to stay close as I can during the run. I guess it just bothers me that there may be a situation that i can’t stop. But if I’m aware of a new shooter, I always review what I expect them to do at each command. That may have helped. I will certainly make it a point to tell new shooters to holster slowly. No point in racing at that step. Come out of the holster fast, sure, but put it back slow and safe.
  5. I wasn’t there, but one of the local clubs had a guy with a negligent discharge while holstering with his finger on the trigger and he shot himself through the leg. This has me spooked now to RO a new shooter. I mean, you think you have control of the situation, but if the guy holsters quickly, you only have a split second to say stop if you see a finger in the guard. I always holster really slow with my finger completely off the gun so the RO can see it. But what if someone goes from taking a sight picture to holster really quick and you don’t have time to react? Or what if you yell stop and that startles them into jerking the trigger? I haven’t been ROing for very long, and it’s typically with guys that I’ve been shooting with for awhile who I know are safe, but this situation hits close to home and makes me want to pass off the timer if an unknown or new shooter comes up. What would you do in this situation? Yell stop? Say stop in a softer and less jarring way? Do you try to grab the guys arm to keep him pointed down range?
  6. What I've seen done at the matches that do them would be to create a new name with a number on it. Your first run and the rest of the match is Bob Smith 1, your second run with just the classifier is Bob Smith 2. Both names have your USPSA number on them. But I don't know what happens with the data once it's sent to USPSA. I would assume that they take the best score, but maybe they just take the first score.
  7. I had heard that the rule changed where you can't just re-shoot a classifier into the ground until you get a good score. Most clubs that I go to have stopped letting you re-shoot multiple times, but some still offer one re-shoot while others say that you can't do that anymore. I can't find the rule in the book regarding this, and am seeking clarification before I offer it at a match.
  8. Bringing back this topic from the dead.. I saw that the NRA Visa card gives 5% cash back on "sporting goods" purchases. I wondered if online places count as sporting goods? Has anyone used this card for buying primers/powder online or making a firearm purchases from somewhere like Grabagun.com? It'd be pretty cool to get 5% cash back on my gun expenses instead of the 1% category that "other" usually falls into!
  9. For each of the stages that I design, I run through in my head to try to see how I'd shoot it with a revolver and change things if it seems like the revolver shooter has to shoot a much harder course of fire than the open guy. I had one stage that you could see a target from two shooting positions, so technically, I was within the 8 shots per position.. but a revolver shooter would have almost *had* to shoot it from the far away position due to other activators and such that had to be shot from the closer position, or else they would have had a standing reload. So I changed things up to try to make it more fair to my 8 shot shooters. In the end, I'm probably over thinking the design, and should probably quit trying to be "fair" to every division, and just make fun stages. Besides, Jerry Miculek with a six shooter would still beat me with a PCC, so it's more about the shooter than it is about the gun.
  10. Wow, this one kind of got off the rails! I wasn't necessarily looking to "handicap" the PCC shooter, I was just trying to think of a fair way to cost the same amount of time to be burned before the first shot. In my mind, the time taken for a good pistol shooter to turn and draw and fire should be matched up with a similar time consuming task for a good PCC shooter so that they are on equal footing to start the stage. Low ready and stock on belt both seemed quicker based on the matches that I've participated in, so I was looking for another PCC start option. But as has been pointed out several times, since PCC isn't really competing with the other divisions, there is no need to make the starts "equal".
  11. Could you really do that? I didn't think that I could start them off at different distances from each other, but honestly, I'm not sure.
  12. Good point. I don't think that the starting position is going to change having 6 PCC shooters in the top 10 overall at the end of the day! I was just trying to cost each shooter a comparable amount of time at the start, and after that it's up to their own trigger and foot speed.
  13. I hadn't thought about starting them a few yards away! That would be a good equalizer in terms of time spent getting on first target. I have to second the Trident stage design website. That is where I designed all the stages for our first match, and it was a very intuitive way to get stages built. I did switch to Power Point for the next match, due to some limitations with Trident, but I think I got my money's worth out of the nominal fee that Trident charges for a year of service. I'd probably still be using it if there was a way to draw straight walls! I contacted the developer about putting in straight walls and he told me to just modify my course so that the walls were diagonal. I switched to Power Point instead because it wasn't a problem putting in the straight walls, and once I got used to it and got a template page built with all of the props that I wanted, it was almost as easy to drag and drop stuff to build the stage.
  14. I haven't really seen anything else other than "low ready" or "stock on belt, muzzle pointed down range". Or if the pistol guys have hands on marks on a wall, then the PCC has their own lower mark to touch with the muzzle. Is there anything else? I've just started designing some stages, and my general rule of thumb has been that if pistol shooters start with hands at sides, then PCC shooters start is low ready. If pistol shooters start with hands in surrender position, then PCC shooters start with stock on belt (pistol shooters have to lower hands to get gun, PCC shooters have to raise stock to start shooting, so it seemed comparable in terms of time consumed). But what about if pistol shooters are facing up range, or up range + surrender? If they have to spin and draw, what should I have the PCC shooters do that is a comparable minor complication to the start? Are you allowed to specify that PCC start is "staring at your feet" or something like that? At least then, neither shooter is able to focus attention on the first target that they want to shoot, which is ultimately the objective that I'm going for on this stage. I guess I could just start everyone behind a wall that they have get around before the shooting starts, but I was trying to think of another way to do it. I just wondered if there was a another PCC start option that I haven't encountered yet. I'm not sure what else you could safely do, but I figured there might be something else that I hadn't seen.
  15. Thanks for the coupon code! I do need to order some more blue bullets. Currently running the 200 grain. 1.135" has worked fine for me for me, I was just curious as I've always seen the CZ recipes going shorter than the 2011 guys, and several times seen that longer bullets wouldn't work. I was just surprised that it worked at all!
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