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Found 8 results

  1. So in talking with a sponsored precision rifle shooter, he mentioned that he anneals his lapua brass and in doing so he no longer has a need to trim to length, and therefore loads ALL of his precision rifle ammo on his Dillon Progressive. Is anyone else doing this? Can someone explain the part of the annealing process that causes trimming not be needed anymore. i have decent understanding of annealing- having not done it but read many forums on it. But none mention it removing or reducing the frequency of trimming. I would love to not have to trim my rifle brass. It Would make my Dillon much
  2. I just moved my 9mm from my 650 to my 1050. In my 650 I loaded 9mm no problemo. Same gear on my 1050-problem About 1 in every 70 cases has the primer not get knocked out, Then the swagger smashes it back up into the case. Wasn't so bad at first but getting progressively worse. I called Dillon and talked with the tech, who surprisingly wasn't that helpful. his solution was that 'its a known issue, just put the die as low as you can and deal with it.' It is a factory Dillon decapping die. I've tried any combination of die as low as possible, die backed off a little, shellplate
  3. Hey guys, my brand new swager doesn't work! I tried both the large and small swaging rods and of course the 30 cal locator rod, but the Lake City .308 once-fired sparkly clean military brass doesn't have its primer pocket reamed at all! The ridge is still there and primers do not seat after multiple swagings with both rods. The rod is going the full stroke, it is properly adjusted and so is the little spacer block. It is also set screwed in place and adjusted for the lake city stuff. What's the deal?! I've looked everywhere, and posting here is my last resort. What idiot oversight am I m
  4. I have a Dillon case feeder (newish model with the blue case deflector) that I have added Immortobot upgrade motor ( https://immortobot.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=315 ) into to keep up with my roll sizer ( http://www.ipscteam.ch/shop/case-roller/ ). When running the case feeder at faster speeds I was having trouble with cases jamming to the deflector. Friend of mine designed a 3D-part that fixed the jamming with a piece of iron wire. Available at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3667370 Please remember to support our local producers of cheap beer by
  5. Is their a way to speed up the case feeder? Been searching around but have not seen mich
  6. Has anyone tried removing one of these older powder measure hoppers and replace it with the new style with the two screws holding it in place? Are the two springs necessary for the powderbar return?
  7. [TL/DR: table at bottom] I just installed the last two accessories on my Dillon 650 and I think I’m pretty much good to go after 6 months of reloading. This forum was very helpful for me as a new reloaded so I thought I’d share this info for people trying to get into it....just saw one such inquiry minutes ago. This list is grouped by level of need and then most to least expensive...highly subjective I know. It’s just one man’s opinion! If you buy the green items labeled “Base Machine” you can load ammunition if you acquire components (powder,
  8. I moved up to a 650 from a SDB a few months ago. Loaded 45ACP first with no major issues (1200 rounds). I've recently changed it to small primers and set up a tool head for 9mm with Dillon dies. I did use the primer alignment tool. First problem is the priming stage. The tab that holds the case in position will not stay tight against the case. I align it and tighten it up and 15-20 rounds later I'm having to tap SOME of the cases to get the primer to seat. I load slow so that is not a big issue, just nagging. Should I use Loctite? Second problem is more troublesome. I just ran 250 ro
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