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  1. The good thing about them is there adjustable, but you have to take it all apart to adjust it. I shot a couple matches with mine, and Area 4, never had any problems. I do like the feel over the curved that I had for a couple years. I shot the STI gunsmith blank in my limited set up, and was wanting that feeling again. It’s German steel so supposedly it makes the trigger bow stronger.
  2. I got the long flat trigger from Atlas, and it’s awesome
  3. I have used BBI for years. Can’t beat them!
  4. Why would you even dremel the comp in the first place? What were you trying to accomplish?
  5. Wow. That pretty short, but I bet you never have any problems running that. How much powder do you use? Also with my CZ and my DVC not only was it not throated enough it didn’t like certain bullet profiles. I opened the STI up because I did not want to only be able to shoot certain Bullets. I wanted to have a choice. Most open shooters run a length of 1.160 to 1.170, but in a CZ its a different story. I found it was 1.135 to 1.145 at the most.
  6. When I had that problem with mine it was because my loads were to long. I could only run them at 1.140 reliably. I had to get a 9mm throat reamer to get it to not want to hold onto the rounds when ejecting them, or running them a little longer.
  7. Your CZ lets you run them that long?
  8. I got a 9mm DVC and it runs great after I replaced the ejector and extractor because the metal they were made of turned out to be to soft and they would both bend. Seen it happen to two friends of mine also.
  9. Try another load and see if it still does it. Never know may help.
  10. BBI is all I run on my open guns and the are great!
  11. I spray some One Shot in the comp before a match, and it works great.
  12. Man that's looks bad ass! Have any video of it in action? I would like to see how it moves.
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