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  1. The popple holes create down force at a different point in time during the recoil arch keeping the gun "flatter" Personally, I like it loud so bring on the noise! The real "answer" is to make a decision, stick with it, and train your face off. The holes will not matter one bit positive or negative when you practice enough. BOOM!
  2. I would like to see a mount with a blast shield.....My gun makes a mess of glass even with a shield. I can't imagine what it would be like without it. Does anyone else notice a difference in dot tracking with a single sided mount? I found that REALLY interesting.
  3. With all of that "communication", how many were NOT answered? Two replies from you about the gun when you had it. Real happy to communicate payment arrangements though. If you would have just said that it was going to take a week or two to finish and test, that would have been a bummer but I would have understood and gladly paid the bill. But you would not answer me. Really that simple. Take that for what it is worth
  4. Yeah. I get it. I felt bad every time I asked. He is a family guy with kids and I am too. So I know what a stress that can be keeping up. I didnt want to put his name out there I just wanted to vent a bit and not cause any trouble. I feel bad this got out of hand so quick. I hate pushy customers and if I came off that way, I apologize. To be fair. When I first got that gun, I asked some questions about the mounting screw size and he responded on a weekend with what I needed. So I was super pumped about that. Well that was..... interesting Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  5. Ok I didnt blast but now I will. And I didnt put your name out there you did. Your public messenger account also states that you can be contacted on that account. 7 days of no contact after you received it. Finally got a message saying "I'm trying" 5 more days pass. I asked 2 times in those 5 days for an update. Here is the response You ask every day the gun is cut, just finishing it up. Please be patient. Didnt ask every day. 2 times. 3 more days pass and I ask. He says done and we sort out payment. I pay and get radio silence again. All that I ask is can it ship so I can make sure someone is home to pick it up. No issues with the work or the price. But would it have killed you to say it is going to take a week or two? I could have sorted another gun out in the meantime. If you don't want business on that messenger account, dont do business there. Again I wasn't putting your name out there you did that. I was asking for other people's thoughts because I was a it aggravated over the situation. Wanted to know if others felt the same. Disappointed in the communication is how I feel. Maybe take that as constructive criticism and try to improve that for your business. Put your self in my shoes after you miss your local match you help run and set up, then miss a major a few weeks later. This would be a "thing" if you said hay man, this is a mess and I will get it fixed. Give me a week or two and I will let you know. I would be bummed, but that is something I would understand. But radio silence (for the most part) isnt good business practice. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. My gun is from a big name builder. I sent it off to have it worked on. When I contacted him, he was thinking a couple of days. Turns out that it has been gone for 29 days. Just got the shipping info today after asking for it 5 times. I understand that things take time, and I was willing to pay extra to have overnight shipping, but there was next to no communication. When he did communicate, it wasn't exactly "nice". I missed a major match (that i paid for) and 3 weeks of the season. So needless to say I wasn't happy. I was nice every time I contacted him, but only because he had my gun and I needed it back. My question is: Do i say the name and warn others? Or do I just sell the gun when it gets back so I don't have to deal with that again? When you spend over $5000 on a gun I would just expect a bit more. This really bummed me out pretty bad. Now I think that every time I look at it when it gets back, I am just going to be angry about this whole situation.
  7. I would disagree with that. I have had zero issues with mine. Only changed the battery one time that season. But personally i switched back the the C More Slide ride after shooting the DPP for a season. I found that I could pick up the dot from strange positions a bit easier with the bigger glass. And you can see the recoil arch much better as well. There must be a reason that everyone shot the Slideride for so long....... Just another opinion
  8. Seems like the Double Tap is out of stock. Only place I found it is from them directly, but I have never purchased anything from them so I am curious if anyone else has? Same with the PT shielded. Does anyone have a close up PIC of just the shield installed on their gun? I already have the EVO grip on my blaster if that makes any difference with installing the shield. Thanks Matt
  9. As the title says.....I need to stop my thumbs from dragging the slide when I death grip it. I just put a new EGW safety on it, but I couldn't find a shielded one at the time. So I guess it is a three part question: Seperate shield, new safety, and how hard would it be to install a shield only? PT EVO grips currently if that makes a difference. Thanks
  10. I second this.... My first and second came from the forums. You really won't know what you do and don't like until you shoot at least a whole "Season" of USPSA or whatever else you are going to shoot. In my opinion it will take that long to understand things like what safety works for your hand, what thumb rest is best for your grip type, which optic is best for you and the way you shoot, are you sensitive to recoil......and so on. Ask LOTS of questions on here, and do a bunch of searching. You will find lots of "answers" but in the end you will have to experience them for your self and make a decision as to what works best for you. Good luck, and Welcome to the Dark Side!
  11. Well I got her! What a difference. I can crank out the ammo faster than ever and I save a ton of time. Wish I would have done this sooner. When I went to pick it up I also impulse bought an RF 100 primer loader. It is a super lazy way to go, but it really is pretty nice to have. Now I am saving up for an AmmoBot. I saw some in action and it really seems like a nice product at a reasonable price. I also like the fact that it leaves a handle that you can manually run the press in the case of an issue. I do think it is too advanced for someone just getting into reloading. A 650 or a SDB is a better starter press. A usual reloading session would be right at 500 rounds for me with the 650. After that I was irritated with the resizing station not staying aligned and I would just stop. Now I have cranked out 1200 rounds with out any issues and I can get back to other things. Like practice or spending time with my two little monsters (kids). So to me that is totally worth the price of admission. Thanks for some of your input on the matter, I appreciate it.
  12. If you think that the 650 is "complicated" then stay away from the 1050. I had a 650 for about 4 years and about 60,000 rounds or more. I had a few issues but really if you have the bullet feeder and the case feeder all you are doing is pulling the handle. I moved to the 1050 to get better production rate and I had issues with the resizing station not staying aligned properly. I was just tired of fussing with it so I got a 1050, bullet feeder, case feeder and the auto primer loader. Problem solved. It is a more complex system but better over all. I would recommend the 650 though. Just get it tuned up and use the alignment pin that you can purchase and you will be good.
  13. Has anyone used just the shield? I just recently had EGW ambi put on my Akai but now I am slowing the slide down with my thumb when I am death gripping the gun. I hate to mess with new safety now, so I was thinking that i would try just the shield. Done anyone have any opinions on that and which ones do people use? Thanks
  14. I just switched back to a c-more slide ride..... The bigger glass makes it easier to find the dot when I'm in weird shooting positions..
  15. Sporky

    sps vista

    I just sold one that I had for a season. That thing just ran and ran. Some of the machining on the inside was a bit rough, but I worked it out a little at a time. It never effected how the gun ran at all, just didn't like how it looked when I was cleaning it. I would highly recommend it to anyone getting into the division. Buy this gun, buy a bunch of reloading gear for it, and just shoot it! If you want something fancy when you decide if you like shooting open, then you will know what kind of things you would want on a custom/simi-custom. And you don't have to worry about replacing crappy STI parts after 5000 rounds.
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