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  1. Sporky

    Ask your Questions and Get YouTube vids

    Still haven't heard a peep on this one.... I have my working well, but I wonder if I could have done better
  2. Well I got her! What a difference. I can crank out the ammo faster than ever and I save a ton of time. Wish I would have done this sooner. When I went to pick it up I also impulse bought an RF 100 primer loader. It is a super lazy way to go, but it really is pretty nice to have. Now I am saving up for an AmmoBot. I saw some in action and it really seems like a nice product at a reasonable price. I also like the fact that it leaves a handle that you can manually run the press in the case of an issue. I do think it is too advanced for someone just getting into reloading. A 650 or a SDB is a better starter press. A usual reloading session would be right at 500 rounds for me with the 650. After that I was irritated with the resizing station not staying aligned and I would just stop. Now I have cranked out 1200 rounds with out any issues and I can get back to other things. Like practice or spending time with my two little monsters (kids). So to me that is totally worth the price of admission. Thanks for some of your input on the matter, I appreciate it.
  3. If you think that the 650 is "complicated" then stay away from the 1050. I had a 650 for about 4 years and about 60,000 rounds or more. I had a few issues but really if you have the bullet feeder and the case feeder all you are doing is pulling the handle. I moved to the 1050 to get better production rate and I had issues with the resizing station not staying aligned properly. I was just tired of fussing with it so I got a 1050, bullet feeder, case feeder and the auto primer loader. Problem solved. It is a more complex system but better over all. I would recommend the 650 though. Just get it tuned up and use the alignment pin that you can purchase and you will be good.
  4. Sporky

    Shielded Thumb Safety

    Has anyone used just the shield? I just recently had EGW ambi put on my Akai but now I am slowing the slide down with my thumb when I am death gripping the gun. I hate to mess with new safety now, so I was thinking that i would try just the shield. Done anyone have any opinions on that and which ones do people use? Thanks
  5. Sporky

    Delta Point Pro ??

    I just switched back to a c-more slide ride..... The bigger glass makes it easier to find the dot when I'm in weird shooting positions..
  6. Sporky

    sps vista

    I just sold one that I had for a season. That thing just ran and ran. Some of the machining on the inside was a bit rough, but I worked it out a little at a time. It never effected how the gun ran at all, just didn't like how it looked when I was cleaning it. I would highly recommend it to anyone getting into the division. Buy this gun, buy a bunch of reloading gear for it, and just shoot it! If you want something fancy when you decide if you like shooting open, then you will know what kind of things you would want on a custom/simi-custom. And you don't have to worry about replacing crappy STI parts after 5000 rounds.
  7. Sporky

    Delta Point Pro ??

    Mine has been bulletproof so far. The only issues I see are: Rust on the top metal housing After about a few months, the battery gets a small "warn" spot where the terminal contacts the battery. What I see is a dark warn spot on the otherwise shiny surface Maybe they did some sort of changes throughout the development process. Hope you get it worked out
  8. Sporky

    Dot Tracking?

    I might give that a shot. I was hoping that the 38 125's were going to be amazing, but not really. Maybe I will test them again and see what the result is. But I have a decent load that is very accurate and scares away nosy RO's.
  9. Sporky

    Dot Tracking?

    172 if I remember correctly. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. Sporky

    Dot Tracking?

    Yep. I tried HS6 and it wasn't as accurate after I finished the testing I am at 10.6 AA#7 and 124's. I tried the 125 38 super bullets from Precision and they shot left and a little bit less accurately. Truthfully though I only made 50 of them to test though. 10 for the crono, and the rest is basically one big stick worth. Maybe I should have made a 100 and tested them all at once. I still have 50 left from the sample pack and I might load them up this week and test again. I really haven't heard many people talk about using the 38 bullets and not the 9mm's, so I am assuming that most people don't see much advantage.
  11. Sporky

    Dot Tracking?

    I hopped up the load and she is running great now. And on a side note, it is super loud and blasty to anyone around me. That is a big plus as well! The dot is tracking much better now and I think I'm done messing with the load for the season. Thanks to the ones that gave some good input, and bite me to the ones that didn't.
  12. Sporky

    Ask your Questions and Get YouTube vids

    How about extractor tuning? 38sc in particular
  13. Sporky

    Big C-More or Micro Dot?

    Shot a match with the DPP and it went ok. Still need some more dryfire but I will stick with it for awhile and see how it goes.....
  14. Nice..... I think I will post up my 650 in the classifieds and see how that goes. I found a dealer that is a few hours away from me that "rebuilds" 1050's and says that he will have some ready next week. Do you think that a "rebuilt" one is a good idea?
  15. Wow, not what I had in mind. I was thinking that I could be in the room dry firing while it was doing the loading. I don't leave my kids un monitored and I would do the same for the press. Sheesh