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  1. I had this very thing happen with my aftec. Needless to say I was upset. I switched to a standard 9mm extractor in my open gun. After a SMALL amount of tuning it's been running for 2 years without any issue. Cheap and easy solution.
  2. I'm running 6.8 of autocomp on a 124 grain. Make 171pf and runs great on my CK arms open 9 major
  3. I fit an infinity trigger into my CK arms open pistol. With the slide off it works perfect. Nice loose trigger, no touch points. Hammer falls everytime and everything is great. The issue is when I put the slide back on. Once you rack the slide the hammer won't fall and you have manually release the sear. Is this a dimensional difference in the trigger bow from a CK arms to an infinity? Or is this a situation where I need to remove a little material from the tip of the disconnector to make sure it is as free as possible? Any suggestions would be great.
  4. Got my CK 9mm major open gun, so the fun is begining. I have my Infinity med flat trigger insert and bow on the way. I had to modify my sti polymer grip quite a bit to fit it properly. This pistol is a steel grip. Has anyone fit this trigger into a CK metal frame? If so, how much filing did it take?
  5. Can't thank you guys enough. This has been really eye opening to the absolute variance in loads. Very helpfull
  6. That sounds good. I have heard great things about hs6 but have never used it myself
  7. Recently purchased a CK arms 9mm major open gun. Question on how much powder, projectile weight, powder type. What are u all using or had experience with?
  8. I'm surprised to hear that they don't run out of the box. That is a little concerning given the costs.
  9. Not trying to get the post content up. Work has been intense and I'm on night shift this week?
  10. Are the 170mm MBX mags the best option for an open pistol or is there a better option?
  11. WTB a dvc open on 9 major. This will be my first open gun, any suggestions on where I could get one at a decent price? Or is there a better option?
  12. I have a springfield range officer that I compete in single stack with. I have been doing ok, but like any tinkerer I need to mess with stuff. I am looking for a high grip safety to just get as high as I can on the pistol. Does anyone know what grip safety would be best for this pistol. Fewest modifications to frame of course. It just has such a different frame cut than my normal government model springfields. Any advice would be much appreciated
  13. Glad to be here. Read many articles but never registered. Very excited
  14. Glad to be here. Read many articles but never registered. Very excited
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