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  1. In addition to jpl's question, if it has the locking mainspring housing (ILS I think they call it), they have a very heavy mainspring. Many folks swap those for standard mainspring housings and springs.
  2. Used this to mount a slide ride on my Dad's black mamba. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/C-More-Rail-P139.aspx
  3. There are a few loads on this page that made major. http://www.natoreloading.com/bluedot/
  4. I shot it in 2019. There were only around 240 shooters. There were so few shooters, Instead of having 1/2 day AM and PM squads, they grouped us all together into one group.
  5. IVC, it is addressed in Appendix E and the penalty is
  6. Welcome. Beautiful examples of engraving on your website.
  7. Thanks again for an awesome match Zack. I was getting emails with my stage scores within seconds of finishing a stage.
  8. You might have to adjust the alignment pins in the toolhead. I had to do that on one of mine. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/223818-my-2nd-super-1050-head-alignment-pins-saga/
  9. Thank you for volunteering to work the match. Three generations of us (79 yr old Dad, myself, and my daughter) will be there Sunday morning. Hope to meet you then.
  10. Shooters Connection shows they have some Red Hill Tactical holsters for the X5. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Red-Hill-Tactical-Competition-Holster-P5346.aspx
  11. Got a shipping notice today.
  12. I don't have a proper way to measure but holding calipers at the holes, on my 1050 small primer slide I get a top hole diameter of about .210 and a bottom hole diameter of about .195. Again, just rough measurements. The primer should sit on the "ledge" in the hole and be pretty flush with the top of the slide.
  13. Placed an order for 9mm 125s on 6/14. Nothing yet.
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