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  1. Shooters Connection has a compact version of their bag. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/NEW-Shooters-Connection-Tournament-Series-Shooting-Bag-PRO-Compact-P4511.aspx
  2. I have only seen one Eotech at a steel challenge match but don't think it would be a problem. Also, check out the Holosun 510C; it also has a circle-dot reticle. I use one on a PCC and RFRO.
  3. For this year's LOCAP nationals, production and limited 10 are being shot on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Then Wednesday is an off day. Single stack and revolver will be shot on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Do you guys think the stages will be "re-worked" on Wednesday and do you think they could possibly favor major more since those final days are SS and Rev only? I know it is just a guess, but curious what you guys think. I will be there shooting SS.
  4. Don't know about USPSA but saw him shooting the World Speed Shooting Championships (Steel Challenge) last year.
  5. There is supposed to be a bushing/collar on that bolt that the triangle piece rides against. Sorry for not knowing the proper terms. Dillon's website will show it in the parts diagrams. Dillon part # 13498 - case feed plunger roller.
  6. As others have said, you are never too old to start and have fun. You may be too old to start winning but not too old for fun. My Dad started shooting steel challenge at 75. He is now 77 and a B class shooter. Besides having fun, it keeps him active. It gets him out of the house and keeps his brain active. He gets a little exercise along with some fresh air and sunshine.
  7. The "Ladder Test" always worked for me. http://www.6mmbr.com/laddertest.html
  8. My dad has a performance center model 41 that he shot in steel challenge. He shot it for about a year but now shoots a Ruger 22/45 lite. Some items to note, aftermarket parts are not as readily available with the S&W and the wooden grips tended to be slippery in summer matches, even with ProGrip. If you have one, shoot it. Unless the pros are beating you by a few tenths of a second, it will not hurt you. If not, for about the same price of a stock model 41, you can have a fully tricked out Ruger, Browning, or similar.
  9. Charlotte would not be bad. Most of the drive would be interstate and according to Mapquest, would take just over 2 hours from airport to range. Unfortunately I don't know about shipping ammo there. Below is the address to the Clinton House but I would definitely contact someone before shipping it. The Clinton House Plantation 15171 Hwy 56 North Clinton, South Carolina 29325 (864) 833-0274
  10. For airports you have two choices that are about the same distance from the Clinton House: Greenville (GSP) and Columbia (CAE). GSP is about 10 minutes closer and my preferred pick but I would check both to see who has the cheapest rates.
  11. Welcome from upstate SC. What part of the state are you from?
  12. Not sure what caliber you are loading but could it be crimped primer pockets. Vibration could be another issue that could cause this is if the loader is not securely mounted to a sturdy surface. Good luck.
  13. I shoot 125gr blue bullets through several open guns. As others have said, accuracy is not equal to JHP but it is good enough for our sport. My guns shoot a group of blues about 1" bigger than a group of JHPs. They do leave a little build-up in the comp but running a full mag of JHPs through the gun tends to blow most of that away.
  14. My daughter is right handed but left eye dominant. She has only shot optics and shoots with both eyes open. What I noticed is that she simply puts the gun in front of her dominant eye. She stands facing the targets like normal but when she draws, the gun comes up in front of her left eye. One thing that will be different with optics is where you focus. Don't focus on the dot like you would the front sight. Focus more on the target and let the dot appear there.
  15. Same here Brian. Much, much faster. Thank you.
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