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  1. Charlotte would not be bad. Most of the drive would be interstate and according to Mapquest, would take just over 2 hours from airport to range. Unfortunately I don't know about shipping ammo there. Below is the address to the Clinton House but I would definitely contact someone before shipping it. The Clinton House Plantation 15171 Hwy 56 North Clinton, South Carolina 29325 (864) 833-0274
  2. For airports you have two choices that are about the same distance from the Clinton House: Greenville (GSP) and Columbia (CAE). GSP is about 10 minutes closer and my preferred pick but I would check both to see who has the cheapest rates.
  3. s2000red

    Greetings from SC

    Welcome from upstate SC. What part of the state are you from?
  4. Not sure what caliber you are loading but could it be crimped primer pockets. Vibration could be another issue that could cause this is if the loader is not securely mounted to a sturdy surface. Good luck.
  5. s2000red


    I shoot 125gr blue bullets through several open guns. As others have said, accuracy is not equal to JHP but it is good enough for our sport. My guns shoot a group of blues about 1" bigger than a group of JHPs. They do leave a little build-up in the comp but running a full mag of JHPs through the gun tends to blow most of that away.
  6. s2000red

    Cross eye dominant

    My daughter is right handed but left eye dominant. She has only shot optics and shoots with both eyes open. What I noticed is that she simply puts the gun in front of her dominant eye. She stands facing the targets like normal but when she draws, the gun comes up in front of her left eye. One thing that will be different with optics is where you focus. Don't focus on the dot like you would the front sight. Focus more on the target and let the dot appear there.
  7. s2000red

    Forum issues

    Same here Brian. Much, much faster. Thank you.
  8. s2000red

    S&B primers good to go?

    How have you found the hardness of the Fiocchis? Similar to the S&Bs? Thanks
  9. s2000red

    Introducing kids to USPSA

    First, great job on introducing your son to shooting and teaching him gun safety. I shoot with my 10 year old daughter. I started her with a .22 pistol in steel challenge matches almost 3 years ago. She just started shooting a 9mm this summer and shot her first USPSA match a couple of months ago. I agree with Jack, stick with the .22 for now. Wait until his hands have grown big enough to control the 9mm. My daughters hands are just now getting to the size that the heel of her hand is on the back of the gun. Notice in the video that your son's hands are not quite there on the 22/45. It only takes one embarrassing DQ for it to ruin it for him for a long time. The other thing is to make it fun. We practice with reactive targets a lot. We also have little competitions to see who can shoot the best smiley face on a target, etc. We always go get ice cream or something similar after matches or practice.
  10. s2000red

    Ruger Bumper Pads

    Tandemkross Mark III magazine bumbers. I am sure there are others but these guys have them along with other accessories.
  11. s2000red

    P320 X5 Carry Opics Question

    Ck867, I apologize but I lied to you. I got home and looked at it and the adaptor plate sticks up slightly above the level of the top of the slide, about 0.09". The adaptor plate measures 0.150" in thickness, so this is how much higher it would sit versus a Romeo 1. Sorry for the wrong information.
  12. s2000red

    shooters with disabilities

    I'm probably 50 pounds overweight, so I can't move at GM speed. Approaching 50 years old is not helping either. Like Sarge said we all have limitations. Don't let your mental self convince your physical self that you can't do something. Don't tell yourself, I can't do that because of this disability. Try to find a solution. Sometimes you can and sometimes you can not. Just make the best with what you have. Look for improvements in the things you can control: your draw, transitions, and reloads. Also, to use a Steve Anderson term, think about shooting sooner. You may not be able to run fast but you can have your gun up and ready to shoot immediately as a target appears around a barricade. I shot in a steel challenge match with a man in a wheelchair. On smoke and hope he had to shoot two targets one handed because of the wide transitions and his inability to turn that far. His scores and mine were neck and neck all day. I was shooting open and he was shooting a Glock 19. He wasn't letting his limitations slow him down. Honestly, don't worry about the other shooters. At the end of the day, if you are having fun, that is all that matters.
  13. s2000red

    P320 X5 Carry Opics Question

    I have a RTS2 with Springer adaptor plate on mine. The adaptor plate fills the gap the rear sight left and the top of the plate is flush with the top of the slide. The optic then sits on top of that. So it basically sits the thickness of the adaptor plate higher than the Romeo 1 would. I can measure tonight but if I had to guess the adaptor plate is 1/8" tall/thick.
  14. s2000red

    550b Case Feeder

    I used to have a 650 with a case feeder years ago. I had zero problems out of it. I timed myself once to see what kind of speed I could get out of it. I loaded over 900 rounds of .40 in one hour. That was with me looking inside every case to check for powder. I also had all of my primer tubes full before, so I did not have to stop for that. For the 550 now, I don't know that it really sped me up any. It may have sped me up 10%????? I don't shoot nearly the amount I used to, so I really just take my time.
  15. s2000red

    550b Case Feeder

    Greg, I have one on my 550b. I have used it for about 6 months. To answer you question it does work well. Is it perfect, no. At times a case will not slide all the way into station1 and it gets crushed. Most of the time this happens, a case has a burr on the rim. The spent primer catch system is different from the original setup and it drops a few more on the floor. With all that said, I do like it and am glad I have it. If you are looking for something you can bolt on and never touch again, don't buy it. But if you don't mind spending a little time with it to tweak it, and can accept a crushed case once in a while, go for it.