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  1. Just ran across this thread. There's been good information given, but I'll add to it. - The nominal length for PD 147 FMJ is ~.682". Normally speaking, inside of a single lot#, tolerances will not be more than +/- .001. However, lot to lot (and machine to machine), finished length can vary from .679" to .686". This is due to tolerance stacking across materials and other intermediate processes, and is usually a function of achieving an exact weight. This is the reason, for example, that you see lot # & machine # on products like Hornady 55gr FMJ-BT projectiles. There WILL be minor dimensional differences as materials, machine setup, and tooling changes. - That said, PD has processes in place to insure customers do not receive mixed lots within single orders. This is why I implore not only PD customers, but customers of other jacketed projectile companies to order larger quantities at one time if they are very particular about dimensional specifics other than weight and dia. (The caveat being that single lots can not be guaranteed on large ~50k+ type orders). - Forming tooling, responsible for the profile of the projectile, is made to extremely exacting standards, but ogives can still vary slightly due to a number of other factors. Obviously, significant changes in ogive that will affect loading practices are not accepted. PD is unlike some other projectile companies in that a large portion of the projectiles manufactured are used in-house. Some of our ammunition assembly operators have been loading ammunition for PD for over 35 years. They are extremely picky about the projectiles they use, and they keep the projectile dept. on their toes! - The issue Paltry Poultry experienced with the defective jackets was part of a small, isolated tooling issue that was detected within the process. Unfortunately it looks like a few thousand made it through. He contacted PD this week, and we're getting him fixed up. Anytime anyone experiences issues with a PD product, always reach out by email at info@precisiondelta.com, by phone at 662-756-2810, and/or I try to make myself as available as possible here and on other popular platforms. A customer service rep will always assist and get you taken care of with as little hassle to the customer as possible. We truly strive to provide exceptional customer service.
  2. High quality foamies (32-33 NRR) inserted CORRECTLY are definitely the best option if you are only going to wear plugs. That's all I use when I'm shooting shotguns, and sometimes when I'm shooting standard pressure un-comp'd handguns for short periods of time. But... They aren't protecting you from damage from your Czechmate unfortunately. let’s assume an Open gun report is 165 dB’s, (which is at the low end). With NRR 33 plugs, using a more conservative calculation, that means your ears are still being exposed to nearly 152dB’s. More than enough to do permanent damage immediately, much less over the course of repeated exposure. Even if you don’t use OSHA’s recommended 50% correction factor, 33NRR still only provides 26dB of actual attenuation. So your ears are still being exposed to nearly 139dB. Again, more than enough to cause damage.
  3. Updated: https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/9mm-124gr-jhp/
  4. This. Period. Plugs, no matter the brand or make are not protecting you from an Open gun.
  5. 147gr 38SC for the win.
  6. 124 JHP inventory update for anyone who needs some. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/9mm-124gr-jhp/
  7. Why does it have to be Speer? .40 shouldn’t be headstamp picky.
  8. Wrong, it’s not word games. I seriously can’t believe I’m saying thing again, but it’s identical to Optics being allowed in Open. You don’t HAVE to use an optic, but since they are specifically allowed in the division (like major scoring) be silly to not use one. Wrong again. I’ll use myself as an example. I think Limited Minor as a division is nonsense. Major in Limited makes sense to me. I’m fine with shooting .40. However, if USPSA instated “limited minor” as a division, I’d move to that (as would everyone else). All Limited shooters I’ve discussed it with feel the same. Doesn’t mean they want it. And yes, tens of thousands of .40 Limited guns would be obsolete over night. Similarly, I (along with most other serious CO shooters) think allowing WMLs is nonsense. However, I strapped one onto my G34 as soon as they were allowed. You don’t have to restructure your argument, that’s your prerogative, but “Major should only exist in Open” sounds/is more logical and will garner more support than “Limited Minor”. I should have stopped after my post on page 11. It said what needed to be said. Go re-read it. Y’all have fun.
  9. Say it louder for the ones in the back!!
  10. This is where you get off track. USPSA didn’t “put them in the same divisions”, some divisions just ALLOW major power factor and thereby an advantage in scoring over minor. I legitimately don’t know what part of USPSA scoring you think attempts to make major and minor “comparable” or competitive with each other. The scoring system awards major PF by definition. They are not, and are not intended to be competitive against each other within a division. This thread has devolved into complete clown shoes. So, I’ll end my tenure in the thread with this... Defining any two otherwise identical divisions solely by major/minor scoring would 100% de facto kill the “major” division. NO ONE would choose to shoot Limited “Major”. So, you should restructure your argument into “major should only exist in Open” or something along those lines. That at least sounds logical.
  11. WHO says Major is rewarded too much? You? I say it’s rewarded just the right amount. Where did you dream up the idea that anyone ever intended for major and minor to be even remotely competitive against each other within the same division? By your own example, the IPSC/USPSA motto REWARDS "power".
  12. "DVC" is the reason Major PF scoring is advantageous. That's not super hard to grasp. Per the "DVC" motto.... More accuracy = better More power = better More speed = better
  13. What? It says nothing of the sort. "Accuracy, Power, Speed". "Power" gives nod to the fact that Cooper thought more power (major PF) was advantageous in defensive shooting (thereby it is advantageous in practical shooting). "DVC" was Coopers formula for successful defensive shooting. Nothing more, nothing less.
  14. This is the fallacy I alluded to earlier... that every pistol and cartridge combo deserves it's own comfy (competitive) place to compete in the sport. Does your idea hold up for Open too? "I want to shoot a 9mm Minor 2011 with a frame mounted optic. Why should I be handicapped by Major scoring?!??!"
  16. So your presupposition is that the "benefits" of shooting Minor should make it competitively equal to Major in all instances? To take from your "DVC" example earlier, you are rewarded for more "V". It's not SUPPOSED to be competitively equal. My wife shoots Minor in SSTK because she feels that 9MM recoil is beneficial for her compared to .40 or 45. That's her choice. You can make the same choice. OR you can choose more "V" and be rewarded for that.
  17. You're talking in circles. There ARE benefits. More capacity, less recoil, etc. Within the confines of the sport, whether or not those are beneficial enough for you to choose Minor over Major is 100% up to you.
  18. This is a backwards understanding of the rules. In Open, Limited, SSTK, & Revo, Major Power factor scoring is ALLOWED. In those divisions, you are given the option to shoot Major and reap the scoring benefits associated with it. It is no different than an optic being ALLOWED in Open. You are given the option to use an optic, and not doing so is ill-advised.
  19. That is exactly the point.... Kind of. It really doesn't matter how many guns exist that don't fit perfectly into a USPSA division. That should have little bearing on the division requirements themselves. Sure... Slowly, over time, divisions may need to be modified slightlyk to include or preclude certain types of equipment, modifications, accessories, etc, but it should not be frequent.
  20. This thread is a dumpster fire. Adding divisions and diluting the rule set and equipment is NOT healthy for an amateur competitive sport. Period. "All inclusive" is not what makes an organized sport attractive. A lot of sports have somewhat arbitrary rules that you have to abide by. This is no different. If you want to shoot an iron sighted 2011 in USPSA and be competitive, you shoot .40. "Well I want to shoot a new fancy 2011, but .40 is stupid!?!" Sorry, this isn't BK. You can't "have it your way". Handicap yourself in Limited or find another division. I'm really over this whole "we need to have a spot for everyone and what they want to shoot" idea. Stop it. That's not now competitive sports work, and that's not what makes them attractive to COMPETITORS.
  21. Appreciate the positive feedback. We’re (PD) doing everything we can to make the process seamless for everyone.
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