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  1. If you don't mind the price of VV, and can get plenty of it.... Load to 1.180, and use 4.8-5 gr of N320 under a 180gr bullet to get about 171 PF. (charge will obviously vary depending on projectile) There's no point in putting any more thought into it unless you want to squeak pennies out of the powder selection. It's a solid load that will will serve you well, and will feed just fine in any well built 2011 (given a quality projectile is used). Don't spend time and effort chasing "soft shooting", that load shoots plenty soft, and will never hinder your performance
  2. This. I see millions and millions of pieces of brass that come off LE ranges every year, and that is a textbook lawnmower hit.
  3. Understand the sentiment, and don’t disagree. But... per the current USPSA rules, just because someone’s guns goes off when they don’t intend for it to is NOT means for DQ.
  4. Here's the issue... The "10.4s" of the rule book pretty clearly define what an "AD" is. It literally states "An accidental discharge is defined as follows:" The situation in discussion simply does NOT meet any of the defined criteria. The situation DOES however satisfy the criteria for a false start. Being that the shooter began the stage (fired a "safe" shot) presumably after "stand by" and before the buzzer. For reference's sake "False start" is defined by the rule book as follows: "Beginning an attempt at a COF prior to the ""start signal"""
  5. No argument there, ha. ALTHOUGH.... No PCC start position requires you to sweep yourself, or point the gun at yourself (as do the majority of holsters used in USPSA). That fact dictates the strict mechanical safety rule for holstered pistols. A more linear comparison to PCC.... would be that Steel Challenge doesn't require the safety be engaged at all.
  6. You have to remove the "holstered" parameter from the comparison though. I'm not saying that I LIKE the fact that there is no similar condition for a PCC, but currently their isn't. You could apply a false start to a PCC shooter disengaging the safety before the buzzer... but that's about it.
  7. OP states that the safety was engaged. We can only assume the shooter flipped the safety off before/as he fired the shot.
  8. "At a target" isn't really a requirement per the rule book though. There's nothing that says "In the event of a false start, you are DQ'd if your first shot isn't close enough to a target". This is why rules like 10.4.1 and 10.4.2 exist instead of a rule that says "A shot which occurs while drawing", or "A shot which isn't in the direction of a target".
  9. I'm still curious as to whether "stand by" had been issued, and what the start position was. As to comparing it to an AD while moving (10.4.6), that's not apples to apples. The difference being that there is a specific rule addressing that type of AD, or rather, a rule classifying a discharge during movement AS and AD. In that situation the only judgment the RO can make is whether or not a target was being engaged. The same doesn't currently hold true for the situation described in the OP. There is no parameter (such as movement) defined by the rule book for the RO to
  10. You can't really interject your opinion on the position of the rifle if the round went downrange and impacted the berm. It's perfectly legal to fire a shot before the rifle gets to your shoulder/face, or before you move the rifle at all for that matter. And actually, that makes me curious as to what the start position was. OP? (To be clear, I'm really just playing devils advocate here for the sake of discussion. More than likely the guy accidentally cooked one off unintentionally, or his rifle malfunctioned. Both of which should probably warrant a DQ.)
  11. Was "stand by" issued? I know the OP states that "are you ready?" was, not sure about "stand by". And if it was.... How is it different than a competitor drawing and firing a shot after "stand by", but before the beep. That's a pretty routine scenario, and results in a reset and restart.
  12. You do realize this the "Open pistols" sub forum..... "Within SAAMI pressures" went out the window a long time ago.
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