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  1. Don’t change anything other than the sizing die. Swap it to an EGW (Lee). Then pull the ratchet, and if you’re ONLY loading .40, you can pull the swaging rod. Other than that, the press will load perfect .40 Ammo with no changes.
  2. Ssanders224

    Preferred 9mm plated bullet?

    8.8 cents... but who's counting? But really, sign up for the PD newsletter, as there are deals almost every week.
  3. Ssanders224

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    I’ll expound on this, by saying that “natural talent” has even been noted to be a hindrance at times. As Basham states, natural talent allows some to pick up new skills in a very short time, or in very few reps.... Because of this, some athletes that are “gifted” never develop the true discipline and grit that it takes most people to become proficient at a new skill. When that discipline isn’t developed, it makes it very, very hard for a “naturally gifted” athlete to continue past the road block that is the peak of their “talent”. Their curve is steep, to a certain point, but then tapers rapidly. Conversely, an athlete that has needed true discipline and determination from the beginning may not ever have the steep learning curve... but it is easier for them to continue their upward trend in a sense. You will never be “elite” on talent alone, but that status CAN be reached on determination, discipline, and grit. In the instances that an athlete exhibits both the talent AND the other traits, we get the “Jordans”, “Tigers” etc.. The “Elite of the Elite”.
  4. Ssanders224

    Preferred 9mm plated bullet?

    To be clear, PDs are not plated. Rather, they are true jacketed bullets unlike Xtreme. I’d skip plated, and either find a coated bullet that works for you (if you are penny pinching), or just stick to jacketed.
  5. Ssanders224

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    PD enjoyed a fantastic program with UPS for a few years. We had many, many, less damaged bullet shipments while on the program. We do everything possible to offer projectiles at some of the most competitive pricing in our industry.
  6. Ssanders224

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    Unfortunately, UPS will no longer be used for bullet shipments. UPS decided it was a good idea to discontinue the program PD shipped under, and is no longer economical.
  7. Ssanders224

    Montana Gold vs Precision Delta

    Mmhm. PD's stepped base may also aid in obturation. The differences in jacket can play a part as well. There is more copper (less alloy) in a PD jacket. While this material is more expensive, and doesn't "shine" like a higher alloy jacket, we believe it is the right choice for sporting projectiles.
  8. Ssanders224

    Precision Delta for 9 major

    Hi guys. As has been noted, 99.9% of the time PD ships bullet orders the same day the order is placed (if placed before 2PM CST). If this is not the case, it is usually noted on the product page on the site. We absolutely try to never delay shooters, and it is rare that we don't have inventory on popular projectiles. The current delay is due to the BF/ CM sales, and the inordinate amount of projectiles that have left the warehouse in the past two weeks. If I have the correct Ben, looks like your order (placed 11/26/18) is slated to ship today. I'm the GM at PD, and try to be as accessible as possible. However, if you ever have a question, don't hesitate to give our offices a call. We have some of the friendliest customer service reps you'll probably ever talk to. They will get you fixed up. 662-756-2810.
  9. Ssanders224

    Using N340 with 180g PD FMJ Bullets (Major PF)

    You can disagree, but my opinion is based on my professional experience in the ammunition industry. There really is NO good reason to run N310 in .40 Major (and there are definitely reasons not to).
  10. Ssanders224

    Using N340 with 180g PD FMJ Bullets (Major PF)

    N310 is an extremely fast burning powder. It honestly has no place in .40. You are unnecessarily loading very high pressure rounds. N340 is fine if you are loading short (standard length) .40. But, generally speaking, stick to N320.
  11. Ssanders224

    Black friday components thread?

    Make sure it didn't go to "junk" folder.
  12. Ssanders224

    Black friday components thread?

    I know See above.