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  1. This is the reason the use of no-shoots not placed directly on a target are a terrible idea. I've seen it handled a multitude of ways. Re-shoot, RO making a judgement call on which hit passed through the NS (hate this), but more often than not, I see ROs record the scoring hits, and then add a NS (wrong). I'ts an easy issue to eliminate all together, yet it is still common.
  2. Ssanders224

    sight alignment

    Wait, what? Come on guys, this is what I was talking about. So what happens when you draw in a funky position? Pick the gun up off a barrel? Put the sights in front of your eyes. Stop worrying about everything else and just stand there and put the sights in front of your eyes over and over. Your proprioception may not be perfect at first, but that's what your eyes are for. After a while, it will get better, and the sights will be closer to where they need to be without much correction from your vision.
  3. Easier to just modify the followers. Take the side off the gun, insert a mag. See where the follower is contacting the slide stop, and remove that material.
  4. Ssanders224

    sight alignment

    I'm not sure I understand "normally aim"? Don't over complicate it. Align the sights with your eyes. Your grip should subconsciously auto adjust for what you need to see. As previously stated, 15 minutes of dry fire should correct any grip habits that are causing the odd sight alignment.
  5. Eh, why not just shoot ammo that doesn't tumble?
  6. What the OP is referring to is not what you are describing (or you don't really understand why your slide it moving vertically).
  7. Common in striker fired guns. Try it with a few Glocks (with no mag in) and you’ll see the same. A lot of 320s/X5s just have more play, so it’s more apparent.
  8. To you and me. But I’ve learned not to assume much mechanical inclination. That’s not a jab at the OP at all. Just how I initially approach these types of things.
  9. Your new top end is just loose on the frame. The vertical movement is just the “sear” pushing up and down on the vertical face of the striker when you pull/release the trigger. Put a loaded mag in and you’ll notice to movement stops (top round pushing up on the slide and taking out the slack of the loose fit).
  10. And I mean that I’ve seen things like that on machines MUCH MUCH more expensive than an Mk7. Ive run-off &signed off on very expensive machines and when they got to the production floor, had to change parts, make adjustments, etc. Even just from the disassembly/assembly process from shipping. I’ve had these experiences in the ammunition industry, and also as an Engineer in other manufacturing industries. I would NEVER assume any piece of commercial manufacturing equipment will arrive at the plant and run 100% out of the gate. I know of specific instances in this industry in which big companies basically rebuild new machines before they ever are released to production. Like I said. Part of the game will be learning to deal with bad parts, things out of adjustment, etc.
  11. There will ALWAYS be issues. From a commercial / business mindset, it’s naive to think otherwise. Learning how to work through them/ correct them/ learn from them effectively is the key. And yes, if you do decide to go that route, he is correct. Your machine run-offs and sign offs should be done in the EXACT same manner as you will be using them. Same components, speeds, quality checks, etc...
  12. Also, this is a great place for the recreational shooter and reloaded, but you aren’t going to get the kind of real information you need here. Your best bet is to form a few good relationships with people/companies that have been in the industry a long time, and been successful at it. The information and contacts they will probably share, will be more valuable than 99% of what you can get here. (That’s not a Knock on these forums at all)
  13. I can give you some insight on some of your issues. I manage a pretty decent sized ammunition and projectile company that’s been doing it for over 30 years. However, I’m not going to get into the details here. Shoot me a PM. Processing large quantities of rifle brass on 1050s is going to be trying. (100k doesn’t really fall into that category) Your Camdex should hold somewhat better than .4gr tolerance (depending on powder, and I assume you mean +/- .2?). Even still, in that category of machine, I like AmmoLoads much, much better than Camdex’s, and we don’t load rifle ammo on either one. Put a lot of thought into why you think you can produce quality ammo so much cheaper than the “other” guys. Assume the worst. Assume things are going to break, you are going to have growing pains, etc. Don’t devalue your time.
  14. It will be priced better.
  15. Yea, It's pretty cut and dry as the rules are written. I'd have to put a little more thought into it, but at first glance, it does seem odd that you would retroactively take away (or not score) hits on a visible target due to not "completing" a stage. Ie, a shooter shoots a stage, engages and puts two hits on a swinger that is visible pre-activation, then breaks a firing pin and cannot shoot the steel to activate it. Two M and an FTSA, even though it was shot at. Rules are rules, and that's fine, but it does feel a bit odd.
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