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  1. Give Precision Delta's a shot. I think you'll be very pleased.
  2. But..... I thought the point of Enos was arguing over meaningless minutia???
  3. Terrible info. He's obviously new. You want a Ghost 4.5# spring. YYUUUUGE difference.
  4. I'm a terrible example. Don't be like me. I haven't dry fired in probably close to two years, and honestly (because of me and my wife having a baby) I haven't spent any time practicing in 8-10 months. I think I originally classified as M, and It took me about a year or year and half to make GM? That timeline could be a little off. About 85-90% of (my) shooting ability is somewhat like riding a bike, and doesn't take much to maintain. However, that 10-15% is super critical, and is where the small nuances that it takes to win reside.
  5. Eh, I wouldn't (and didn't) notice if banners were there or not. It won't have a bearing on my stage performance. Just not something that is worth my observation or thought.
  6. How about axshun pics??
  7. Me and my wife both have them. Shot SC Sectional and Area 6 with them. I shoot mine in Limited, and love it. My wife shoots Open (38 barrel) and has 6000+ rounds through hers with zero hiccups.
  8. Yea. I skipped a bullet off the ground when I shot the low target, and it activated one of the swingers. Actually didn't hit the cable, but rather the "prop" that held the swinger. The stomp pads are interesting, and worked well for 99% of the shooters. HK got kinda screwed. His first "stomp" was sufficient, and unfortunately we will never know exactly why it didn't activate. The plight of the ROs, is that the pads did need to be COMPLETELY depressed to activate, so in real time it would be tough to know for sure whether there was an issue, or if someone just wasn't depressing them sufficiently. HK's seems pretty obvious on the video, but in real time it's harder to tell.
  9. Billy, We set up the morning of our local. 6-7 stages. We start setup at about 7:15, and hammer down at 9. You get a discount on your match fee if you arrive before 7:30 to setup. I think we have about 10-15 people helping usually. Have stages planned/designed before hand for sure. 1 or 2 people that are experienced & good at critiquing stages should be mobile and making rounds to keep setups legal/ correct. It is good to let everyone know that these people will be coming by and critiquing. I assume you take the trailer around and drop all necessary props in each stage in one pass? This is important so that people aren't searching for props. Pre-organized bags /buckets for each stage. Stapler, hammers, stakes, pasters, paint, etc. Little thought or effort should go into those buckets the morning of. Just drop them in the bays as you distribute props. (during breakdown and cleanup is when the bags are re-stocked/organized). It doesn't hurt to kind of have an idea of who the "type As" are that help setup, and use them accordingly. Too many Indians and not enough chiefs is one of the biggest efficiency killers.
  10. A 115 JHP lends itself to setback when loaded to major lengths, due to so little of the bullet touching the case. You are using a U-die, so sizing shouldn't be the issue. However, some brass headstamps of late (from large manufacturers) have known issues with case neck tension. Best I can tell, it is probably due to an alloy issue. I know what bullets you are using, so I'm certain it isn't a bullet dia. issue I like to see a minimum of 40 lbs of pressure to move a bullet in a case. This is usually easily achievable in 9mm with standard loading practices and good components. It is perfectly fine to leave a very light ring in a jacketed bullet with a taper crimp. Not NECESSARY, but is OK. Just be sure not to make a measurable difference in the dia. of the bullet. However, as has been stated, crimp is NOT the solution to bullet setback. 9mm JHP bullets have thin noses, and it is easy to deform them slightly. Upon measuring, people will sometimes interrupt it as bullet setback. .003" could definitely be bullet nose deformation, and if you are pushing the nose against your bench with much force, then re-measuring, it is very probably that is what you are experiencing.
  11. 2.5-3 lbs with a very crisp break, and a nice positive reset is my preference. I've seen so many shooters brag or talk about their 1lb triggers, then I pick the gun up and the break is sloppy, and the reset is like molasses. No thanks. Are there great, really light triggers out there? Sure. But there is only a limited few people I'd trust to set them up.
  12. Hum. Thats REALLY hideous??
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