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  1. 2.5-3 lbs with a very crisp break, and a nice positive reset is my preference. I've seen so many shooters brag or talk about their 1lb triggers, then I pick the gun up and the break is sloppy, and the reset is like molasses. No thanks. Are there great, really light triggers out there? Sure. But there is only a limited few people I'd trust to set them up.
  2. Hum. Thats REALLY hideous??
  3. Lol. Well, maybe someone will take heed anyway.
  4. Right. That's the point. It's human nature, but I think too many shooters get it backwards. Shooters should work on "YOU", and leave all the other stuff alone for a while. What Maximus so eloquently referred to, is that the enos verse tends to perpetuate a lot of worry, time, and effort on "loads, dots, mounts, and other stuff", when that isn't really what a new shooter should be spending time and effort on.
  5. While Maximus may, or may not be an a/Hole, ha. Im gonna have to agree. If your gun is reliable, and your current load is consistent, acceptabley accurate, and somewhere right around major PF, just go shoot as much as you can for 6-8 months and don’t put thought into anything other than how you execute the fundamentals and stage plans. We all have images in our head of how we WANT to shoot. Put all your effort into learning how to make that happen. (Hint: gear changes will play a very, very small role) Pull the trigger when the dot is where you want the bullet to go. For now, don’t worry too much about what the dot does in between. But maybe I’m not qualified to post? Who knows.
  6. As others have said, the 1100 just goes back to the shorter stroke /higher leverage greasable, needle bearing style crank that the older RLs had. I have both, and I actually kind of prefer the older style. Other than that, the little spring retainer on the primer station looks to be the only meaningful change.
  7. You're not mistaken. Plus, they better be charging/ paying FET.
  8. MBFs feed PD’s like butter. Absolutely zero compatibility issues whateosever.
  9. Like B-Rad said, you might want to give a different JHP a shot. (And you might save money while you’re at it). You shouldn’t need to deal with cob in JHPs.
  10. Shouldn’t need to pick Cob. With the right JHPs and the right cob, you shouldn’t have an issue.
  11. Lol. Yea, the day she moves to a different bullet, family dinners are going to get real awkward.
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