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  1. Precision Delta Factory loaded 9mm JHP is loaded to 1.10. This has proven to be a very universal length with PD 124 JHPs.
  2. My comment was based on the fact that many experienced shooters gave input on how the Honcho felt/shot before the design was finalized. Any consensus on how the pistol performed was addressed. If the attributes mentioned were felt to be necessary, they would have been addressed/added. The Honcho design was not limited by anything initially. It was a blank canvas. It was approached with the attitude of "this needs to be the best shooting competition platform available". The design also wasn't an overnight decision. A LOT of prototyping, testing, and evaluation went into the design. I've shot examples of all of the guns you asked about. I can honestly say that the Honcho shoots as well or better than any other Open or Limited gun I've had experience with. The design is not "limiting" to it's performance in any way. I wouldn't shoot the Honcho in Limited if I thought there was a better option (I have other guns in the safe), and same goes for Open (I have other Open guns in the safe). And I don't say that lightly. Even Tiffany & Brian know I wouldn't shoot it unless I REALLY thought it was my best option, and I expressed plenty of concerns/changes throughout the process to make sure that it was.
  3. No one ever said IPSC changed anything. The single point was that people will be interested in shooting 15 rnd Production, just like they are 10 rnd Production. Adding 5 rounds to the game doesn't make it some animal that no one would want to shoot. (As we see in IPSC) Again, do I think Production should move from 10 to 15 rnds? Nah, not really. I do think it would be a fairly insignificant change as far as affecting participation in the Division though.
  4. What's your point? My comment was a direct response to Memphis's notion of shooters leaving Production due to a change to 15 rnd capacity. While I'm not necessarily in favor of that change, I don't think it would hurt the division participation at all. We really only have one model to test that theory against (IPSC). Personally I would have been more attracted to Prod when I was new to the sport if it had been 15 rnds. That's not necessarily the case now, however.
  5. I get what you you're saying.... but Production is pretty darn popular in IPSC (with 15 rounds).
  6. You shouldn't have any concerns of how the Honcho "feels" or shoots. It it one of the softest shooting, least violent Open guns I've ever shot. Ditto in Limited config. There was a TON of time and testing (from several shooters) put into making the Honcho shoot great. If it needed or would have benefited from some of the attributes you listed, they most likely would have been included. My wife has several Open guns, some with holes, some with hybrid barrels, etc, she much prefers the way her Honcho shoots. The current included optic mount will also allow you to use the Vortex, a Cmore RTS2, or a DPP. I use an RTS, my wife runs a DPP. IF you wanted to change to a Holosun, you could swap the mount for any standard pattern optic mount. Bottom line is, you really aren't giving up ANYTHING with the Honcho, shoot-ability, function, options, or otherwise.... you are just gaining a ton of versatility and value.
  7. Old Dawson on top, new on bottom.
  8. There hasn't been any changes to that portion of the Evos. The Dawson magwells changed slightly.
  9. Weird. Between me and my wife, we probably have 5-6 rigs with Racemaster pouches. After getting everything in place, loctiting, and snugging it all down, I've never had one move. That being said, we also have the Alpha X pouches. They are GREAT pouches.
  10. Out of curiosity, what are you breaking on the Racemasters? I have them on multiple belt rigs... they've been used hard for years, fallen on, dropped, you name it... and they are going strong?
  11. Silly stage. But it was fun standing around watching everyone go for it.
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