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  1. As someone who works for a company that sells to and deals with LE departments every day, and has for decades..... I’d hate to know I had to start pushing $2000 handguns. Are their niche agencies that may approve/purchase them? Probably. But you’d get looked at like you were insane at 99% of depts you walked into. Also, I have a safe full of 2011s in various configurations, and have shot & worked on them for years. I love the platform. That being said, I’d have a hard time pushing it as a duty weapon with a clear conscience.
  2. Varies wildly by agency/department and who’s at the wheel. Some small agencies spend a ton on ammo, and some large agencies buy the minimum amount of ammo possible. I think we all would appreciate more range time for officers, (especially those of us in the LE distributor industry )
  3. Ssanders224

    What happened?

    Search around for "Sig 320 out of battery" and/or "Sig 320 unsupported chamber".
  4. Not really. Lucas Xtreme works well though. Mainly just keep plenty of oil in the gun... regardless of the flavor.
  5. Your assumption would be correct. PD 147gr averages 130 PF in a G17.
  6. Off the top of my head, I think everyone on the Limited SS at nationals was shooting factory ammo.
  7. Many standard length factory .40 loads do suffer from being dirty. Slower powders and avoiding high pressures lends itself to extra gunk. However, that's not the case with PD .40 Long (if running 2011s).
  8. This is a very uninformed statement. It might surprise you that quality re-manufactured ammo, from a long standing and reputable company, can be VERY high quality and consistent ammo. Many times more so than what you are calling "factory" ammo. It can also have the benefit of being purpose built with competitors in mind (PF, recoil characteristics, etc.). Put another way.... Take Precision Delta's 147gr. re-manufactured ammo for instance. If you chose to reload yourself, your cases most likely won't be inspected, processed, sized, or proofed to the same level, you'd pay a premium to load a similar quality 147gr Jacketed projectile, every charge you throw wouldn't be checked, and your finished ammo would most likely not be gauged/inspected with any more scrutiny. That's not to say that you can't load great ammo at home. I do. But I also shoot re-manufactured ammo at pretty much every match I attend (I'm a GM if it matters). All that being said... You aren't wrong that there are companies out there producing less than satisfactory re-manufactured ammo, and you aren't wrong to steer clear of them.
  9. Precision Delta has remanufactured 130gr FMJ available, and it is priced well. The site is going through some changes, so it is not currently listed. It’s fantastic ammo. Give the office a call. 662-756-2810.
  10. While this is good advice (replace the friction plate when the pads are worn), it's not 100% accurate. The pads do not affect the de-priming process. The sizing die itself floats inside the press chassis. The pads are the only thing that stops the die from traveling upward as the case is inserted. However, the de-priming pin is fixed in place by the threads in the tool head. It's spacial relationship to the ram/shellplate does not change as the pads wear. Unfortunately, replacing the friction plate most likely won't solve your d-priming issues.
  11. This. Use your eyes. Your hands will learn how to produce the results you want. I use this example sometimes: Imagine walking up a flight of stairs while holding a cup of coffee filled to the rim. If you don't watch the coffee, it is certain to spill. Now imagine opening a heavy door with one hand while holding the coffee in the other. You don't THINK about how to move your body, or how to hold your arm... You just watch the coffee and your body automatically responds and anticipates in whatever way necessary to prevent the coffee from spilling. Shooting a pistol isn't dissimilar. Watch your sights (or dot) and let your vision keep them where they need to be. Your body will respond accordingly, just like it does with the coffee. With practice, it will become second nature, and your body will do an increasingly better job of responding to the input from your eyes, and anticipating movements. All that being said, grip the gun hard. Then work on your grip strength and grip the gun harder.
  12. ^^^ Give some PD longs a try. Order them in the "MatchPacks" and they come in a really nice mini ammo can. You'll love the ammo, I guarantee it. Even if you didn't (you will ), just ring the office any you'll be taken care of. As an FYI, PD .40 Long is also a USPSA certified ammo.
  13. *Emphases added* That is the main issue with foamies. So many people don't use them properly.
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