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  1. Bullet weight/velocity/powder is such a personal choice, that it is hard to say what was preferred. Many of the shooters that tested these guns chose loads that best suited their shooting style and/or preferences. However, the Honcho just seems to eat up recoil regardless of load nuances.
  2. Yea, I'm 99% that's not possible. If it is, it will take heavy modification to the tube/pad.
  3. Just so that everyone understands what the Honcho is...
  4. Precision Delta will have 9mm Major available soon.
  5. I agree. Whether or not freight is cheaper for them is of no concern to you if the savings isn't reflected in your price. My point was just that shipping via freight IS beneficial.... but to who is the question.
  6. Well... Barrel "wobble" when the slide is locked back is inconsequential. It has no bearing on anything performance or quality related. Any wiggle at that point is per-design.
  7. Shipping 100k projectiles on a pallet (freight) IS cheaper than in separate flat rate boxes.
  8. Wobble when? When the gun is locked up? I find that hard to believe. I have two Honchos in front of me, both have been shot a lot, and neither has ANY perceivable barrel "wobble" in lockup.
  9. This. I've probably handled as many Honchos as anyone here (besides MVPFc) and not one of them had any perceivable slide/frame vertical or lateral wiggle. The barrel/to slide fits are some of the best I've seen, and extremely repeatable due to PT's machining ability, and the Honcho tech design.
  10. The Honcho platform spent a lot of time in R&D. Slide weight, structural design, comp style, popple holes, etc... Everything was considered/tested/tried. "Through holes" in slides are not necessary, and it was the consensus of many shooters testing the platform that popple holes were not of benefit.
  11. I’m not screwing around (but I will if a good opportunity arises). You called “BS” on someone else’s post, then left us with a vague “enough”. I’m asking for elaboration. Thanks for the membership tip, but I’m confident in my grip at this time.
  12. If you go FMJ, Precision Delta 180s are a solid choice. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/40-cal-180gr-fmj/
  13. Where are you located? You might be able to fondle one at a match near you.
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