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  1. OP, since you mentioned taking classes or training, then a backup gun is just as important. If your pistol goes down during a class, grab the backup and get back on the line. The backup should use the same mags and holster. Even though you may be able to fix your pistol, while you're doing that the class will be driving on. Fix the gun during lunch or a break, and don't miss any of the instruction you paid for.
  2. Well, as you know it'll never be a 1911. I love my 9mm Shield. All I did was an Apex duty/carry kit and put on Trijicon HD's. I carry it almost daily.
  3. I use a "Don's Guide Rod". Polished stainless steel.
  4. Aliexpress is a giant cesspool of fake, ripoff, knockoff chinese garbage. There are better strategies to save pennies, like racinready described.
  5. Tarkeg

    Carry load

    Yes. Right now I'm not reloading, (Or I would load my own) but I'm lucky that Federal AE 147 gr. mimics their 147 HST, which is my 9mm carry load.
  6. Tarkeg

    Carry load

    What he said /\. It's a bad idea to reload your defensive carry ammo. Every defensive pistol instructor I've ever worked with has said to use factory premium defensive ammo. Low flash powder, better QC, Nickel plated brass, and if you ever use it to defend yourself you don't have to explain to a jury why you developed such an awesome "man-killer" load in your basement.
  7. All the same. All are "extra power" firing pin springs.
  8. Absolutely. And it's not just about supporting matches. These dirtbag chinese companies go to events like Shotshow, photograph products made by good American companies, then go home and produce crappy knockoffs to sell on places like ebay and aliexpress (a huge "crappy knockoff" site). When people have the attitude of "Who cares, anything to save a buck" they are hurting American businesses in a major way. It's gotten so bad that knockoff Magpul gear shows up for sale before it's been released by Magpul. Buy American when at all possible.
  9. Yep, they've been like that since the beginning. But I've always put an Apex USB in mine when I first swap the sights, so it's not that big a deal to me. I generally stick with the sights I put on there, so it's a one time thing.
  10. Do you mean the way all M&P's are designed?
  11. Yep. I haven't had a chance to run it yet with the new spring. I'm hoping that fixed it.
  12. Try midwest. http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi I just replaced the same spring. Hopefully it solves the issue.
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