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  1. I've never had much luck with a single stack 9mm in either IDPA or USPSA and I have tried every magazine mfg available, tried every length, weight ammo and never fail to have a serious live round jam in a couple stages each match. Dan Wesson PM9 I gave up....bought a 40, never looked back.
  2. So,......... before the Match there was no RO all stage Walk Through?
  3. Yes repeatability is an issue but steel is a great challenge.....for most of us its fun as heck. RO'd a match yesterday one stage had 4 forward falling steel one of which was set pretty heavy and would fall but it took a second. There was a second popper behind them. After it was shot successfully twice (two shooters in) I adjusted that popper and got slack from the peanut gallery. "Hey, we want reshoots." Ahhh, Nope. Steel..... is going to be steel. Peanut Gallery gonna be full of Peanuts. If they get too rambunctious....try and hand them the Timer. They want NO part of that.
  4. IIRC you also have to ask before paper scoring or seeing the time. Ill see if I can find the rule. I cant find it... Maybe thats an Interference (bump/contact) by RO reshoot rule? Edit: Yeah thats an RO interference rule. Sorry
  5. Well, right after I started USPSA I got chewed out for NOT calling for calibration by a veteran shooter. I just hosed a steel stage...better than I ever thought I could at the time and didn't want to re-shoot it. He said I was screwing the next shooter by NOT calling for calibration. :shrug: I took the Mike....no reshoot.
  6. I keep moving mine....cant seem to find a place where during the COF I can find it. I had it up front where everyone does. Right now Ive got it at 9oclock thinking I'd be more apt to draw it from a normal mag position. I shoot SS during the off season so its normal for me to keep pulling mags from that direction. Im also trying to practice this position by using the magnet during ULSC. It works during dry fire...hasnt transfered to match yet....but I've only shot two Limited matches since the change. BTW I realize the mag at 9 oclock is further away than Noon but...If during COF Im actually fumbling around looking for the sucker ? How much time is that taking
  7. I was close enough to hear a squib during a stage yesterday. Now as a new RO ill know what they actually sound like. ...Its an odd sound.
  8. Most shooters step forward and draw simultaneously.... Rule reads significant advantage.
  9. I also would say that IF the shooter has advantage when he shoots from behind the shooting area even if his step is forward will be one shot per. EG: If the target arrays are better seen from behind the shooting area... It all depends on IF the shooter has an advantage by shooting from the out of Shooting Area position.
  10. If you're stepping forward into the shooting area closer to the targets then it would be only one procedural. There's no competitive advantage by the shooter if he chooses to shoot from a position that is further away from the array.
  11. WaJim

    Bump to Open

    HA! HA! HA! Yes you have....and I knew it was Illegal, BUT I didn't want to be that GUY! We only had 4 smallish stages and 1hr 15 minutes of light. I was trying to make do, and still try and game the stage without the last 1 rd mag swap. I knew the rule....but couldn't for the life of me find it .
  12. WaJim

    Bump to Open

    Thanks Chuck. Btw the Competitor was me. I was wanting one more round in a stage tonight. Couldn't find the rule. Was torn between thinking it was a procedural or a bump . If it was just a procedural ...I was trying to figure if the 10 point deduction was worth the one round. In the end ...I didn't load the round...I did the mag swap. But I like to know where these rules are. Especially when I need them. Thank You again.
  13. I'm a new RO. January 2019 Where in the rule book does it state that a Single Stack competitor will be bumped to Open if he pulls a mag from the front pocket or has too many rounds in his second magazine? I've gone through the rule book more than three times tonight and still cant find the "Rule" Or is it an unwritten rule that he no longer fits criteria for Single Stack?
  14. Yeah some, not all, level 2 and above I've seen are posted on a grid that 1 square =1yard. Not that hard to set up for club match practice. Pretty hard to set up all 12, 16 or 18 for a club match though. Also.... I Always get a better score when I have to re-shoot a stage...
  15. WaJim

    Rule 9.1.3

    You're going to want to pass the first try. I sat and took my test the day after Carls Class. It took me 281 minutes. One short break where I cooked dinner. The thought of doing the test over......
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