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  1. rowdyb.... Check rule# 6.2.4 Subject to the prior approval of the Match Director, a competitor may enter a match in more than one Division. However, the competitor may compete for match score in only one Division, and that must be the first attempt in all cases. Any subsequent attempts in another Division will not count for match recognition. Am I reading it wrong or does only the first attempt count for score.
  2. He shoots one match/classifier a month. He very well could be a High D $39.99% with some low/mid C Classifiers and then tank a classifier. That's the problem with D Class ...a 10% Classifier score counts and drags the overall average waaaaaay down and takes forever to drop off. Remember pretty much all of them (>2%) count. I'm pretty sure Dundee has a Classifier Match in the spring.
  3. Crazy.... Just talking about this same thing today with my shooting Buddys...some that are JPL customers. And i click on BE.... Query Solved
  4. Well then you jumped in with both feet...good on you. Right on! Usually, and I say "Usually" a shooter gets to a certain level before he wants to help.
  5. This... How many D's or U's are RO?
  6. Yes and the Louder than normal IF you are finished at level II can get you the RO a procedural for coaching..... 8.6.2 ,
  7. It would be a better HF than if he'd forgotten the target entirely,.... correct? Position of the RO could/would have clued him in that something was awry.
  8. Great idea....but most matches the Divisions usually cluster in squads. I know Ill tend to shoot with Limited if I'm shooting Limited. Watching a PCC or Open shoot wont help my stage execution.....LOL.
  9. This is exactly what I meant when I said in my OP that it is a double edge sword. Does the position of the RO @ the end of the COF clue in the shooter that he may have bypassed a target when the shooters PCC needs the Over The Shoulder last shot in order for it to register? So lets say the stage is a funnel shape walls with ports on either sides, open array at the end of the funnel.....The RO sees that the PCC forgets to shoot one target through a port. The RO seeing this and holds back wondering whether this port is one the shooter has forgot or that the shooter has figured this last port is where he is going to finish his COF. Either way the last shot will not be recorded unless the timer is in position. So lets say,,,,,,the shooter forgot the target, sees that the RO had hung back, the light bulb comes on, the shooter races to the port and engages the target....does this give the shooter an advantage? Should the RO be on the PCC's heels timer over the shoulder possibly causing a reshoot due to RO Interference if the perceived missed port was part of the shooters plan. It could all be fixed with an equipment change......or minimum decibel test.
  10. IIRC from my RO class the practice of asking where a shooter is headed is not proper...Level II.
  11. And this is exactly what happened. I had to get last shot then the competitor had that 'holy cr@p' moment and here I was in a full over the shoulder hug. If he was a pistol shooter I'd have been two steps back holding the timer full extension. ...waiting for the Ah Ha, Oh No moment. It all worked out but as RO running a PCC competitor on some, not all, stages where you have to be at the end of the COF can sometimes be a double edge sword.
  12. I've been an RO for 6 months so bear with me. I just finished RO approximately 150 shooters the past two days as static RO in a level 2 match. I get the draw to PCC in USPSA and have no problem with the division. But I have a question though. Is there any way we, as a collective, can make all PCC regardless of make/model/mfgr loud enough to set the timer off without the RO being in the shooters right pocket? I find myself with a long barrel PCC getting the timer forward of the shooters shoulder so itll pick up. Now I know theres a sensitivity setting on the timer....and the pitfalls of raising or lowering that setting. I also know that as an RO (Newish) when I'm running a PCC im more focused on whether the timer is picking up shots and has/will pick up the last shot than what is Supposed to be the RO job. Which is watching shooter gun handling, hard cover strikes, foot faults and whether or not the shooter has engaged every target. The PCC shooter would , I'm sure like an accurate measurement of his/her time. Nobody wants an upset shooter or reshoot if it can be avoided. The only way I can see to make this happen is an equipment change/requirement. There has to be a muzzle device for PCC that will competently run a timer set on Production Pistol setting. ????????? Like I've said..I have no axe to grind with PCC. My concern is with RO Focus. Which, in my opinion, should be with the shooters gun handling and COF and not so focused on getting the Time. OR Maybe its just me.
  13. I've never had much luck with a single stack 9mm in either IDPA or USPSA and I have tried every magazine mfg available, tried every length, weight ammo and never fail to have a serious live round jam in a couple stages each match. Dan Wesson PM9 I gave up....bought a 40, never looked back.
  14. So,......... before the Match there was no RO all stage Walk Through?
  15. Yes repeatability is an issue but steel is a great challenge.....for most of us its fun as heck. RO'd a match yesterday one stage had 4 forward falling steel one of which was set pretty heavy and would fall but it took a second. There was a second popper behind them. After it was shot successfully twice (two shooters in) I adjusted that popper and got slack from the peanut gallery. "Hey, we want reshoots." Ahhh, Nope. Steel..... is going to be steel. Peanut Gallery gonna be full of Peanuts. If they get too rambunctious....try and hand them the Timer. They want NO part of that.
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