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  1. . In the PNW we have a Safety Officer. Each Club keeps track of the DQ's and send the reports to this Officer. At IIRC 2 or 3 DQ in 3 months the shooter HAS to visit the Safety Officer before he can compete in the local clubs. If this shooter continues to be a problem then the Safety Officer will give the shooter a vacation from all local matches.....
  2. RO'd a Multigun Outlaw match last weekend.....pcc instead of rifle. Mall Ninja Operator seemed to be the theme. Whole lot of speed USC crap going on and a few more than normal semi irritated shooters when I said I NEED to see the show clear part of that dance. Also, lets see how many of you guys can sweep your hand/wrist bagging a PCC Gotta say...USPSA has a great set of rules. I feel much safer there.
  3. Don't know if there is an advantage to shooting either 9Maj, 357sig or 38s vs 40 or 45. Never shot a 1911 using 38s loaded major...(no Comp).... Couldn't be that much fun. As far as money 9'd be the cheapest rd, then 40 (may be a toss up) then 45 then either of the other two.
  4. Yeah, you've already said that...i get it.
  5. Thanks Memphis, the thread wasn't about changing a rule, its directive or its meaning just rewording it. A subtle change. Actually the change would make it less wordy and would affect nothing but clarity, as the case may be.
  6. Not at all. You can agree or not, of course, as the case may be. It's 2021 not 1776 and people with a keen grasp of the English language don't necessarily get or use Lawyer Speak. I'm saying the passage is not necessary and can be confusing. I also think the mere posting this concern on BE about the wording helps another RO understand a wordy rule is a positive move.. Like I said earlier...the test isn't a group effort. So if this helps that one RO...I'm good.
  7. Agreed. The rules can be modified without cutting one tree. I thought that this was the proper place for airing a concern about how a rule was written. Next time ill just PM Dirk. BTW Broadside when was the last time you used the phrase "as the case may be" ? Now that I have googled it I find out its a Legal phrase.....used in contracts.
  8. Have you taken the RO test ...? Pretty important for the rules to be easily understood. The test is not a joint effort with other ROs....or shouldnt be. The way I wrote it is clearer by far than the way it is written. My 2 cents.
  9. I guess when alone doing a test with no one to compare notes,confer with I had an issue with the way it was worded. If you take the last seven words and insert them after the first sentence. eg; Courses of fire may require ready conditions which are different to those stated above. In such cases, the required ready condition must be clearly stated in the written stage briefing. Unless otherwise specified in the stage briefing when a firearm Ready Condition requires a firearm be prepared with an empty chamber (or cylinder), the slide/bolt of the firearm must be fully forward (or the cylinder must be fully closed) and the hammer or striker must be fully down or fully forward. Like this?
  10. Just finished my RO re-cert test. Fell for a trick question and got both parts wrong. I focused on the item and shooter designation instead of the number of firearms. Read half the question and answered too quickly. Im ok with that,,,lesson learned. The other issue I also had was on Firearm unloaded condition. I knew the rule but found the wording confusing enough that I answered the question wrong. Test question was something like "Its allowed on unloaded start to have slide locked back" Rule 8.1.3 is the appropriate rule for the question but it kinda talks in a circle and ends up with the last 7 words kind of erasing the "must be slide forward Unloaded Start" part in the middle. Its like my Ex Wife wrote the rule. ..........comments? Maybe the rule needs another teeny sentence for clarity?
  11. Anyone that has RO'd PCC learns to watch the timer. First couple of shots on any stage I run I'll check the timer quickly to see that its picking up shots. If its spotty then I know Ill have to get closer at the end of the run. As far as being too close to the shooters gun at the finish? If you don't like how close I have to get to pick up 'last shot' then shorten your barrel. Directly after COF I look quickly at the timer, show scoring over my shoulder the timer screen then say "ULSC" then "range is clear" then say the time out loud. Every time. Its not hard.
  12. It'll be a while before I burn up my 40 components but I do have a back up plan if it gets really stupid. Years ago when I moved from my $800 Limited Minor 9 to a quality Major 40 pistol my buddy did the same. But he bought a 45 Edge in Chrome. Then he saw the bonus of my 40's mag capacity and said he was selling the 45. I bought it jokingly saying that Ill transition from Irons 40 to 45 when my eye sight starts to fail before I'd jump to CO. I get the feeling that the SPP's are going to be in greater demand than LPP when they finally become available. I already see where the LPP's are ~20-25% cheaper in the local gun forum sales. I feel sorry for the shooters that picked up the sport in 2019....see their ammo and components going through the roof....I bet their wives are not up for the Gun Broker $250/1k primer purchases .
  13. Nope I dont shoot CZ but this guy is on the right track...dont you think?
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