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  1. So if the shooter forgets to chamber a round does he get a procedural for 11 in the mag at start signal?
  2. . Only speculation but... The way things are built, using only the picture provided, I would say the dirt is there in berm form so as to prevent a trip hazard when transitioning from the wiggly bridge to or from the shooting area. ................If so then there are other ways to accomplish this.
  3. This is exactly my approach to Nationals this year...shoot as fast as I feel I can and be consistent. It worked....for me. No huge mistakes. A very long drive to crash and burn. Very well said...monosapiens My 2 cents.... Id rather be 7th B than 1st C
  4. Good question. I would point out that the WSB says reload between arrays... The Arrays being either the paper or steel. And you're right my example was a poor one.
  5. Apply 2, under 10.2.4, for the 2 shots taken after engaging the cardboard (irregardless of the fact that the shooter didn't engage all 3 cardboard targets) before performing the mandatory reload? In other words considering the transition from cardboard to steel as requiring a reload, and 2 shots were taken before that reload was performed. The infraction happened when he didnt swap after paper and engaged two steel. 1 procedural Per shot fired. He swapped after steel to engage the paper....although it was remaining paper so he fufilled the WSB mandatory mag swap. So think of it like this....Say the shooter engaged the steel first then swapped mag, engaged paper, saw he missed a popper and reengaged steel.....before re-engaging he'd have to do another reload or get a procedural per shot, (except it wouldn't be per-shot if it took 2 or 3 to hit the one steel.)
  6. Have you sold the PT non agressive grip?

  7. StealthyBlagga needs banned for posting that awful pic....
  8. Yup, that's what I was thinking. Cross draw a magazine? Why... He must have been skinny.
  9. I'm weird then ...I thoroughly enjoy Baseball Standards. But I also shoot SS half the time because I like Challenge.
  10. Sooooooooo Age old question...I know But now its a little different, Especially when PCC are so Quiet. When ROing a Pistol, Immediately after the RO hears the audible "way less than normal" report on Pistol...kind of a Thup...they'll call stop. I've done it. But what about PCC when there is little difference between squib and long barrel PCC report. When does RO need to call stop on PCC squib... Does he Call Stop when the shooter cannot rack a round? Or Let shooter spin in the wind till he stops himself.? There has to be a point when the shooter has to admit the recoil was way less and that there was squib possibility, Right? I had a good friend with PCC have a Squib last weekend...I didnt hear it, with 9mm PCC there are other things that will stop a PCC...so I let him try and clear the rifle. I felt kind of bad when it was squib but really wanted it to be a stuck shell, blown up mag or something else he could clear and continue with the stage. I was glad he couldn't ram another round in the chamber.
  11. rowdyb.... Check rule# 6.2.4 Subject to the prior approval of the Match Director, a competitor may enter a match in more than one Division. However, the competitor may compete for match score in only one Division, and that must be the first attempt in all cases. Any subsequent attempts in another Division will not count for match recognition. Am I reading it wrong or does only the first attempt count for score.
  12. He shoots one match/classifier a month. He very well could be a High D $39.99% with some low/mid C Classifiers and then tank a classifier. That's the problem with D Class ...a 10% Classifier score counts and drags the overall average waaaaaay down and takes forever to drop off. Remember pretty much all of them (>2%) count. I'm pretty sure Dundee has a Classifier Match in the spring.
  13. Crazy.... Just talking about this same thing today with my shooting Buddys...some that are JPL customers. And i click on BE.... Query Solved
  14. Well then you jumped in with both feet...good on you. Right on! Usually, and I say "Usually" a shooter gets to a certain level before he wants to help.
  15. This... How many D's or U's are RO?
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