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  1. A While ago you had an Old style PT metal grip for sale....$425


    Did it sell?

  2. WaJim

    Shooting First in squad....

    Yeah, I avoid doing this at all cost....Being on deck I'll look at and refresh my plan from outside the shooting area but 'walking the stage' is for the next shooter. I've seen it done frequently though.
  3. At the State match this past weekend a conversation with a buddy of mine. The guy that gets to shoot the stage first gets kinda screwed on stage walk/planning. If you shoot second or any other spot you get the stage to yourself for that brief period of time that the stage is being reset from the previous shooter. Shooting first...this alone time isn't available. Maybe change the 5 minute stage walk to 4 minutes 30 seconds....so first shooter can walk the stage alone 30 seconds? Thoughts?
  4. WaJim

    Pre timer jump

    Mouth slightly open or gum usually works for me.... Anything but clenched teeth.
  5. WaJim

    Riding out the slump

    Thank you for the advice...I'm taking a break this weekend and will do just that...head shots at 15/20 yds and more. Do you think shooting steel draws your sight picture to the steel...unlike a Paper target (even momentarily) youre looking to see if it falls? I can usually call my shots (within reason) on paper.
  6. WaJim

    Riding out the slump

    Accuracy...but may be related to speed. I'm not forgetting targets so I figured my speed is ok. The killer like last weekend at Oregon State was the steel at distance greater than 15-20 yds. I seem to forget that two shots should do it...and if it doesn't fall move on. A mike is better than spending ten seconds on a popper. I get caught up...but also have that need in the back of my mind for every stage point.
  7. Anybody have any good training Ideas? I've been having / enduring a slump lately. Probably a month or so. My Classifiers have slipped and steel has become frustrating. I'm going to take the weekend off and see if I can get some steel practice but the mental game has slipped as well. I need confidence back.
  8. WaJim

    PCC and Pistol

    HOA doesnt matter at all to me either...I shoot Limited and SS. But My Pistol Classification does matter.
  9. WaJim

    PCC and Pistol

    To be clear I wasn't complaining.... Other peoples classification don't matter to me. In My OP it says I'm not partaking for my own reasons. If I do (and I have a PCC) I'll be a PCC classifier sandbagger. Just between some of my close friends we've had this conversation and thought it'd be a good BE discussion. Everyone has been with that group of shooters having late lunch after a match when a PCC guy says Hey I got High Overall and the comments and ribbing start flying...all in jest. The subject, I feel, has been avoided......unless with close groups. Could I be wrong?....Possibly.
  10. WaJim

    PCC and Pistol

    I laughed....
  11. WaJim

    PCC and Pistol

    Over the last year I've witnessed mediocre Pistol Competitors shoot PCC and become Masters in PCC. If its true that classifying in PCC will bring up your pistol classification to one level below, the why would any Pistol shooter want to shoot PCC? I compare my scores with others in my current classification after every match. Half the fun is competing with your Buddys bthat shoot at the same level for bragging rights. Why is PCC tied with Pistol classes in USPSA? I'd think the logical move for USPSA would be to divorce the two so the rifle doesn't drag the pistol upward and create Paper "A" Pistol shooters that normally shoot "C". I for one won't be partaking in PCC. I work too hard to move up in Pistol.
  12. WaJim

    New Rulebook 2017.3

    So the classifier is now the 5X5 stage only or has that stage replaced Stage 2.
  13. WaJim

    New Rulebook 2017.3

    So movement in the classifier that states forward/rearward progression is now optional? OMG :FACEPALM:
  14. WaJim

    You know you're a Super Senior when....

    You don't dare stretch before a match to loosen up because you might pull something.