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  1. Yeah well...if you would have let go of that Briley with a 20/21 rd mag............. but At least I got the Nitro fin. ............And a Ruger gun rug.
  2. I have a nitro-fin that I got with a gun purchase.....and have been refraining from using it. Figure ..If I like it then ill need more. Ill try it one of these days.
  3. WaJim

    X-line/Geppert triggers

    . I removed those triangles and had to reduce overall height by ~.008" I have a small milling machine so It was easy. >.004" off each surface. I'm fitting both a medium flat and long curved. Distance from the back of the bow to trigger surface is within .020" between the two screwed all the way in.
  4. WaJim

    Replacing rear sight on STI 2011

    I've driven the hinge pin out....Twice as a matter of fact, first time was @ Nationals in a hotel room. You have to build a dummy pin to retain the detent ball and spring so you can re-insert the hinge pin correctly but its worked for me / little dab of epoxy on both sides of the hing pin for safe keeping. Or you could re-stake it. My STI/Dawson about 15yrs old as well. The sight base was stuck.
  5. WaJim

    Flat or curved trigger

    Thank You.
  6. WaJim

    Flat or curved trigger

    Silly question but .... if a guy was going to go flat and had an Atlas adjustable trigger would he also set the flat @ the same distance from the bow that the Minimum distance the curved was?
  7. WaJim

    Forward grip screw, the teeny one.

    I will try Blue.... I'll get some fresh Blue as well. I'm afraid not to run a screw in that position......even if a couple of the Pros do. My luck something else will wear ...and cost me $$. Ill keep the fingernail polish as a back up fix. Thanks Guys.
  8. So I changed my poly grip to a stainless steel grip on my STI Limited 40 a couple matches ago. The first match shot was two weekends ago and after @ the Safe table I notice the barrel and screws were gone. The ones in the front of the trigger guard of my STI. Shot my second match with it last weekend with a new spare barrel and screws in the forward grip hole. The teeny allen wrenches keeps a guy from overtightening but I went as hard as I dared. Saw on stage 6 yesterday that the barrel was missing again...went to my Back up gun to finish the match. I have 2 new sets and barrels coming from SSI. I'm afraid if I use loc tite ill never get the sucker apart if I need to. What has been others fixes. I was thinking maybe silicone over the top of the teeny allen screws so the wont fall out if they loosen.? Any Magical thread lock compound that wont make the screws so tight that the allens will strip before the teeeeeeny bolts break loose if I need to? Thank You...
  9. WaJim

    Atlas Trigger

    Yup, the SV trigger shoe is a tad bit wider than the STI. And if the Atlas is SV width itll fit just fine in my new Cheely.
  10. WaJim

    Atlas Trigger

    K guys thanks....I have a Stainless Cheely grip which is normally cut for a SV shoe width so Im GTG buying a Atlas. Thanks again!
  11. WaJim

    Atlas Trigger

    Are the Atlas X-Line Geppert Vario Triggers STI width or SV width.? I'd like one but my frame is SV width. Cant find any web info.....$60 plus shipping gamble. Anyone here using them with any feed back would be welcomed as well.
  12. WaJim

    Shooting a Double Stack in states like NJ

    Also 10 Major rds vs 8 in Single Stack may also make it a bit more fun. Does L10 give a guy 11rds (one barney) non unloaded start?
  13. Or shorten the barrel length.... Aren't there also muzzle brakes that direct noise sideways. Buddy of mines 223 is way louder than mine. Make a equipment check like a PF ammo check...the PCC needs to pass a Decibel level ...Level TBD
  14. Yeah well, PCC or Open or other. there are stages where it either isnt safe or even advisable for the RO to follow the shooter closely. Take a U shaped stage for instance where the shooter starts in the forward section of one of the legs. Would it be advisable or safe for the RO to be on the coattails of the shooter as he is trying to navigate the stage backwards so the timer picks up each shot?. Some of these new kids are really fast. Not all RO's are young spry athletes. Timer lays down the start signal and picks up last shot......... IMO FWIW. And some of those 'last shot' timer pick ups on a PCC with a long barrel are slightly unsafe . You know where the RO is holding the timer slightly forward and to the side of the shooter so it picks up last shot. Also My opinion.
  15. WaJim

    New Classifier Percentages

    Yup...I've been pushing classifiers with more of a hero or zero attitude since the change. Normal match speed isn't cutting it. I was @ 59.1487 before the change. I've collected one since the change that was over 60%. Is it just me or does it Seem like the par time ones were adjusted the other way. Like 09-01 with 66hf Uspsa shows a 63.8298% Calssifier Calc shows a 54.9686%