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  1. WaJim

    Bump to Open

    HA! HA! HA! Yes you have....and I knew it was Illegal, BUT I didn't want to be that GUY! We only had 4 smallish stages and 1hr 15 minutes of light. I was trying to make do, and still try and game the stage without the last 1 rd mag swap. I knew the rule....but couldn't for the life of me find it .
  2. WaJim

    Bump to Open

    Thanks Chuck. Btw the Competitor was me. I was wanting one more round in a stage tonight. Couldn't find the rule. Was torn between thinking it was a procedural or a bump . If it was just a procedural ...I was trying to figure if the 10 point deduction was worth the one round. In the end ...I didn't load the round...I did the mag swap. But I like to know where these rules are. Especially when I need them. Thank You again.
  3. I'm a new RO. January 2019 Where in the rule book does it state that a Single Stack competitor will be bumped to Open if he pulls a mag from the front pocket or has too many rounds in his second magazine? I've gone through the rule book more than three times tonight and still cant find the "Rule" Or is it an unwritten rule that he no longer fits criteria for Single Stack?
  4. Yeah some, not all, level 2 and above I've seen are posted on a grid that 1 square =1yard. Not that hard to set up for club match practice. Pretty hard to set up all 12, 16 or 18 for a club match though. Also.... I Always get a better score when I have to re-shoot a stage...
  5. WaJim

    Rule 9.1.3

    You're going to want to pass the first try. I sat and took my test the day after Carls Class. It took me 281 minutes. One short break where I cooked dinner. The thought of doing the test over......
  6. WaJim

    Rule 9.1.3

    Pay very close attention to how the answer is inputed. An errant space or period between Eg: Appendix D3 and the line where you find the answer will result in a wrong answer. The computer cannot tell the difference between a completely wrong answer and a completely right answer that is spaced incorrectly. The rules on exactly how to enter your answer are at the beginning of the test.
  7. It's No skin off anyones keister to leave SS exactly the way it is....... I shoot SS Major in the Off Season instead of Limited. It Challenges me, makes the Game more complicated, I need more focus.....for me. And for some of us that don't hunt for HOA...find it fun and attractive. I also get a charge out of coming close to or finishing ahead of my Limited competition.
  8. Scary truth..... Wa. State included. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/12/politics/gun-control-high-capacity-gun-magazine-ban-bill/index.html
  9. WaJim

    Rule 9.1.3

    Not any more.... The test is given on line. After you are finished you submit the test to AWSA directly. In 2 seconds you get your score after you hit Submit. I took mine Jan 21st 2019.
  10. Actually its whats right with the sport. Now that we have the GREEN rule book a conversation on a site like BE that is frequented by the people from USPSA that write/make the rules will give them feedback on whats really happening at Matches since the rule changes. This in turn will hopefully let them make subtle changes to the GREEN book wording that will clarify issues. Or so I was told.
  11. Just finished putting a new Evo PT on my older Briley ...STI frame. The sucker wouldnt go all the way on. Come to find out...the front lug for the teeny bolt was bottoming in the receiver grove of the PT grip. The PT has a V notch and the STI frames front lug is square. I also had to take a bit off the angles next to the front trigger guard. IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH. The grip slides on the frame at an angle. Go slow and remove material from the grip...its the cheaper part.
  12. WaJim

    Short funny jokes

    A Bear and a Rabbit were going potty in the woods. Bear looks at the Rabbit and says "Hey, you ever have a problem with poop sticking to your fur?" Rabbit says "Nope" Bear then uses Rabbit to wipe.........
  13. Thanks all, Id like to say it was training that kept me from stupid s#!t but I'm pretty sure fear had a big hand in taking one for the team. Pistol was set up by a great NW Gunsmith as well. 2 lb trigger...jolt when I fell could have set off a lesser mans prepped 1911. Thank You, JPL.
  14. At Dundee yesterday after shooting USPSA since mid 2015 I had my first fall ..... while shooting a stage. Don't know whether it was shoe laces, my own feet or tripped on a fault line but I went full down in the gravel. It seemed like slo-mo to me and all I can remember was watching which way the gun was pointed. At some point between the trip and contact with the ground I also noted where my finger was....eject port. Falling and praying for no "pop".....It's a scary thing. Man, I felt stupid/clumsy. It also seemed like I waited minutes to hear the STOP.........nothing! Got up and finished the remaining array. Sorry to JuliAnne my RO for scaring her...I could hear her yelp/ squeek as I lost my footing. It was also nice to hear one of my competitors shout "Great muzzle discipline" when I was laying in the gravel. It was a good day.
  15. Shrek stole the line from Rodney King.... Yeah, I refrain from PCC because I don't want my Pistol classification artificially inflated. Pistol is more important to me. Right now I'm a very high C and desperately want to bump to B.... So I swapped Divisions from Ltd to SS. Maybe one day when the dust settles maybe Ill try it.
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