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  1. Curious how you like your 45acp Shield? Carry it often? Shoot well? Holsters? Ammo?
  2. Buddy just got a G34 and had it milled, turned out great. As mentioned the MOS does leave the optic just a little higher. Your call, good luck.
  3. I did both of my P320s and was a great improvement on the trigger, glad I did it.
  4. When I sent a text to my wife to tell her I would be home early because of being DQd, she said she could not figure out why DQ would cause me to be home early, if anything she thought it would cause me to be home late, the Blizzard at DQ was her thought, too funny
  5. Shooting a local IDPA match today and after many many years of shooting I was DQd today, a first. It was an indoor, low light (very low light only a small lamp on). You are sitting reading your favorite gun mag with your pistol on the the table with your flashlight on the table as well. The timer goes off and from the seated postion you engage two bad guys and the third has your wife hostage. Again all from a seated postion. Then you have to get up and go back wards around your chair and move to a hallway. Yeap going backwards got me, DQ for muzzle. Was only the third person up to shoot on the stage with many on lookers. I shoot all As using my light but had the walk of shame, embarrasement and humiliation. Did not help the way the SO announced it to all several times, not a good day on the range. But 100% my fault.
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