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Found 5 results

  1. I didn't know where else to ask this question, so I decided to post it here. I started my membership with USPSA a while ago, but never really shot matches due to my work schedule. I'm finally starting to get some free time, so I'm shooting more. I know I want a CZ Custom Shop Shadow variant, but I don't know at what point will I see a benefit from it in my scores. I currently shoot a bone stock Glock 34 Gen4 with Proctor Y-sights. I just shot my first classifier match and based on my scores, I'm assuming I'll be a low B or maybe a high C shooter (Scores are not up yet). My carry gun is a Glock 19 and my backup match gun is a Glock 17 that I bought 5 years ago. I like that they are inexpensive, simple, low maintenance, have a consistent trigger pull, and are quick on transitions. I don't like that the trigger requires a high amount of focus to pull without shifting the gun, and mistakes are quite unforgiving - especially while shooting one handed. I mention my carry gun because I carry at minimum 95% of the time when out and about in public, and like to be proficient with my carry gun. If I change my competition gun, I would want to change my carry gun to something with an identical manual of arms. It doesn't make sense to me to practice a ton with one system and then change to a completely different system for self defense. So if/when I do upgrade, I'll need to buy two CZ Custom Shop guns. Would I be doing myself a disservice by spending money on new firearms instead of spending that same amount of money on match experience and training?
  2. As a part of my ongoing divisional tour of USPSA, I'm in the process of setting up a carry optics gun. Before I set up a Glock 17 gen 5 with one of my trusty RMRs, or join the dark side and use a 320, I thought I would solicit a few opinions on the best red dot for carry optics. I like and am relatively familiar with the RMR platform, and would use this for self defense, but the lack of dot clarity, blue lens tint, and small field of view is a bit off-putting. I'm seeing a lot of Leupold delta point pros showing up in competition lately, I like the glass quality, and lack of blue lens tint, but have concerns on battery life. Max Michel is having a great deal of success with the Sig optics Romeo 01 (but he's Max Michel), and I like the field of view, but not the biggest fan of the blue tint. Vortex optics has a great reputation and I run a lot of their optics on my more practical rifles. Their warranty is second to none, quality is always good, and I like the Razor I have as a side mount on one of my rifles. All that said I have very little hands on time with the venom, or viper. Any feedback anyone has on what you choose to use and why, or notable issues on the others would be appreciated. Thanks for your time all.
  3. Djp55

    Carry load

    Hey all, Been reloading for a bit now and am now looking to get into reloading for my carry gun as well as my competition. I know these will be different loads, so looking for input. I like carrying JHP and I shoot a m&p shield 9mm (only saying it because maybe the short barrel matters?). Any suggestion on what bullets and powders are appreciated, specific weights for both really appreciated. I know I can grab some bullets and go by book loads but just wondering what others use. Thanks
  4. I'm looking For Browning Hi-Power Carry Holster Recommendation... Probably prefer Outside Waste Band, and would consider Inside Waste Band... Concealment important. Thank you.
  5. Although some shooters use the same gun for carry and competition many of us have carry guns that differ from our normal USPSA or IDPA competition pistols. If so, how often do you practice with it?
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